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On the night of March 15th 2000, while admiring the beauty and grandeur of a tree, feeling energy between my hands, I felt like i could fly out of my body. I experienced a feeling of love and joy. I also felt no fear as something was making noises in the dark bushes.

Later that night, in bed while meditating, maintaining this warm feeling of love and Joy, I again felt like lifting off - having an 'Out of Body Experience'. I even heard a woman's voice saying 'Come On'. However my lack of knowledge about the subject kept me earth bound. Manuel Schoch suggests fear of the unknown and a sense of insecurity is normal when changing levels of consciousness.

Astral Travel - Body of Light -

by Aleister Crowley (THE MASTER THERION)

There are a great many ways of acquiring the power. Gaze into a crystal, or into a pool of ink in the palm of the hand, or into a mirror, or into a teacup. Just as with a microscope the expert operator keeps both eyes open, though seeing only through the one at the eye-piece of the instrument, so the natural eyes, ceasing to give any message to the brain, the attention is withdrawn from them, and the man begins to see through the Astral eyes.

These methods appear to The MASTER THERION to be unsatisfactory. Very often they do not work at all. It is difficult to teach a person to use these methods; and, worst of all, they are purely passive! You can see only what is shewn you, and you are probably shewn things perfectly pointless and irrelevant. The proper method is as follows: --- Develop the body of Light until it is just as real to you as your other body, teach it to travel to any desired symbol, and enable it to perform all necessary Rites and Invocations. In short, educate it. Ultimately, the relation of that body with your own must be exceedingly intimate; but before this harmonizing takes place, you should begin by a careful differentiation.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to get the body outside your own. To avoid muddling the two, you begin by imagining a shape resembling yourself standing in front of you. Do not say: "Oh, it's only imagination!" The time to test that is later on, when you have secured a fairly clear mental image of such a body. Try to imagine how your own body would look if you were standing in its place; try to transfer your consciousness to the Body of Light. Your own body has its eyes shut. Use the eyes of the Body of Light to describe the objects in the room behind you. Don't say. "It's only an effort of subconscious memory" ... the time to test that is later on.

As soon as you feel more or less at home in the fine body, let it rise in the air. Keep on feeling the sense of rising; keep on looking about you as you rise until you see landscapes or beings of the astral plane. Such have a quality all their own. They are not like material things --- they are not like mental pictures --- they seem to lie between the two. After some practice has made you adept, so that in the course of any hour's journey you can reckon on having a fairly eventful time, turn your attention to reaching a definite place on the astral plane; invoke Mercury, for example, and examine carefully your record of the resulting vision --- discover whether the symbols which you have seen correspond with the conventional symbols of Mercury.

This testing of the spirits is the most important branch of the whole tree of Magick. Without it, one is lost in the jungle of delusion. Every spirit, up to God himself, is ready to deceive you if possible, to make himself out more important than he is; in short to lay in wait for your soul in 333 separate ways. Remember that after all the highest of all the Gods is only the Magus,

See Liber 418, 3rd Aethyr.

Mayan, the greatest of all the devils. You may also try "rising on the planes".

See Infra and Appendix.

With a little practice, especially if you have a good Guru, you ought to be able to slip in and out of your astral body as easily as you slip in and out of a dressing-gown. It will then no longer be so necessary for your astral body to be sent far off; without moving an inch you will be able to "turn on" its eyes and ears --- as simply as the man with the microscope (mentioned above) can transfer his complete attention from one eye to the other. Now, however unsuccessful your getting out the body may apparently have been, it is most necessary to use every effort to bring it properly back.

Make the Body of Light coincide in space with the physical body, assume the God-Form, and vibrate the name of Harpocrates with the utmost energy; then recover unity of consciousness. If you fail to do this properly you may find yourself in serious trouble. Your Body of Light may wander away uncontrolled, and be attacked and obsessed.

You will become aware of this through the occurrence of headache, bad dreams, or even more serious signs such as hysteria, fainting fits, possibly madness or paralysis. Even the worst of these attacks will probably wear off, but it may leave you permanently damaged to a greater or less extent. A great majority of "spiritualists", "occultists", "Toshosophists", are pitiable examples of repeated losses from this cause.

The emotional type of religionist also suffers in this way. Devotion projects the fine body, which is seized and vampirized by the demon masquerading as "Christ" or "Mary", or whoever may be the object of worship.

Complete absence of all power to concentrate thought, to follow an argument, to formulate a Will, to hold fast to an opinion or a course of action, or even to keep a solemn oath, mark indelibly those who have thus lost parts of their souls. They wander from one new cult to another even crazier. Occasionally such persons drift for a moment into the surrounding of The MASTER THERION, and are shot out by the simple process of making them try to do a half-hour's honest work of any kind.

In projecting the Astral, it is a valuable additional safeguard to perform the whole operation in a properly consecrated circle.

Proceed with great caution, then, but proceed. In time your Body of Light will be as strong against spirits as your other body against the winds of Heaven. All depends upon the development of that Body of Light. It must be furnished with an organism as ramified and balanced as its shadowy brother, the material body.

To recapitulate once more, then, the first task is to develop your own Body of light within your own circle without reference to any other inhabitants of the world to which it belongs.

That which you have accomplished with the subject you may now proceed to do with the object. You will learn to see the astral appearance of material things; and although this does not properly belong to pure clairvoyance, one may here again mention that you should endeavour to the utmost to develop and fortify this Body of Light. The best and simplest way to do this is to use it constantly, to exercise it in every way. In particular it may be employed in ceremonies of initiation or of invocation --- while the physical body remains silent and still.

In doing this it will often be necessary to create a Temple on the astral plane. It is excellent practice to create symbols. This one precaution is needed: after using them, they should be reabsorbed. Having learned to create astral forms, the next step will be at first very difficult.

Phantasmal and fleeting as the astral is in general, those forms which are definitely attached to the material possess enormous powers of resistance, and it consequently requires very high potential to influence them. The material analogues seem to serve as a fortress. Even where a temporary effect is produced, the inertia of matter draws it back to the normal; yet the power of the trained and consecrated will in a well-developed astral body is such that it can even produce a permanent change in the material upon whose Body of Light you are working, e.g.; one can heal the sick by restoring a healthy appearance to their astral forms.

On the other hand, it is possible so to disintegrate the Body of Light even of a strong man that he will fall dead. Such operations demand not only power, but judgment. Nothing can upset the sum total of destiny --- everything must be paid for the uttermost farthing. For this reason a great many operations theoretically possible cannot be performed.

Suppose, for example, you see two men of similarly unhealthy astral appearance. In one case the cause may be slight and temporary. Your help suffices to restore him in a few minutes. The other, who looks no worse, is really oppressed by a force incalculably greater than you could control, and you would only damage yourself by attempting to help him. The diagnosis between the two cases could be made by an investigation of the deeper strata of the astral, such as compose the"causal body". A body of black magicians under Anna Kingsford

Anna Kingsford, so far as her good work is concerned, was only the rubber stamp of Edward Maitland. once attempted to kill a vivisector who was not particularly well known; and they succeeded in making him seriously ill. But in attempting the same thing with Pasteur they produced no effect whatever, because Pasteur was a great genius --- an adept in his own line far greater than she in hers --- and because millions of people were daily blessing him. It cannot be too clearly understood that magical force is subject to the same laws of proportion as any other kind of force.

It is useless for a mere millionaire to try to bankrupt a man who has the Bank of England behind him. To sum up, the first task is to separate the astral form from the physical body, the second to develop the powers of the astral body, in particular those of sight, travel, and interpretation; third, to unify the two bodies without muddling them. This being accomplished, the magician is fitted to deal with the invisible.

the following is something that may be of some interest, it is from
Shamanism, Archaic Techniques of Ecstacy, by Mercia Eliade

Chapter XII. Symbolism and Techniques: Tibet, China, and the Far East

from page 448.

Ancient China already reckoned several categories of sorcerers and
sorceresses, mediums, exorcisors, rainmakers, and other magicians.
One type of magician in particular will engage our attention: the
ecstatic, he whose art consisted primarily in "exteriorizing his
in other words, "journying in spirit." The legendary history and
folklore of China abound in example of "magical flight," and we shall
soon see that even in the ancient period well informed Chinese
regarded "flight" as a plastic formula for ecstasy. In any case, if
we set aside the ornithological symbolism of proto-historical China,
to which we shall return later, it is important to note that the
man whom tradition credited with attaining the power to fly was the
Emperor Shun (2258-2208 according to Chinese chronology). The
Yao's daughter, Nu Ying and O Huang, revealed to Shun the art of
"flying like a bird."{84}(We observe, in passing, that down to a
certain date the source of magical power lay in women-a detail that,
with some others, might be considered an indication of an ancient
Chinese matriarchy.85) We may note the fact that a perfect sovereign
must have the powers of a "magician." "Ecstacy" was nolesss
to the founder of a state than his political virtues, for this
ability was equivalent to an authority, a jurisdiction over nature.
Marcel Granet has observed that the step of Yu the Great, Shun's
successor, "does not differ from the dance that induce trance in the
sorcerers (t'iao-shen).... The ecstatic dance forms part of the
procedures for acquiring a power of command over men and nature. We
know that this regulating power, in the so-called Taoist as in the
so-called Confuscian texts, is called Tao."86

And so we find that many emperors, sages, alchemists, and sorcerers
"went up to heaven."(87) Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor, was carried
heaven by a bearded dragon, with his wives and councilors who
together, numbered seventy persons.(88) But this is already an
aptheosis and no longer the "magical flight" of which Chinese
tradition offers many examples.(89) The obsession with flight found
expression in a quantity of legends concerning flying chariots and
other vehicles.(90) In cases of this sort we have the well-known
phenomenon of the degeneration of a symbolism, a phenomenon that,
broadly speaking, consists in obtaining on the concrete plane of
immediate reality "results" that pertain to an inner reality.

87- In China, as among the Thai, there is a memory of the
communication between heaven and earth that existed in mytical times.
According to the myths, this communication was broken off so that the
gods could no longer come down to oppose men (Chinese versions) or so
that man could no longer trouble the gods (Thai versions).Cf.
Maspero, Les Religions chinoises, pp. 186 ff. See also above, pp. 430
ff. The explanation given by the Chinese versions indicates a late
reinterpretation of an archaic mythical theme.


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