"The only real valuable thing is intuition." Einstein


"Intuition is neither the ability to engage prophesy nor a means of avoiding financial loss or painful relationships. It is actually the ability to use energy data to make decisions in the immediate moment" Carolyn Myss

'Intuition allows us to make Karmically correct choices' - Deepak Chopra

If you bring forth what is within you will save you. Jesus (Gospel of Thomas)

Definition of Intuition

[n. 1 immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2 immediate apprehension by a sense. 3 immediate insight. (Intuitionalism. Philos. The belief that primary truths and principles especially of ethics and metaphysics are known directly by intuition.]

Intuition. The ability to see any event, any object from a viewpoint of the cosmic whole, from it's culmination - the seed, the flower, the fruit in relation to the whole. The knowing of something without prior knowledge or the use of reason. All stands revealed the hearts, the motives, the causes of all events. All is open to the person.

The Inuitive Way of Life offers you many benefits

Intuition can be said to be a comprehensive grip of the principles of universality. A person who develops intuition can know anything, without the barriers of time, space and any other obstructions.

The intuitive type: Creative people, people with hunches whose chief concern is with future possibilities. They are able to sense the invisible and the impalatable. They perceive wholes and compress much into a flash. Poets and prophets are often intuitive.

Intuition is true knowledge. Intuition is beyond the logical left brain understanding. Intuition is the language of our soul

In-tuition or Inner Guidance is our birthright. It is our gift / tool box from God.

Intuition leads us on the right path, leading to enlightenment / freedom. Intuition is freedom, enlightenment

The intuition is like a second attention. Our second attention is always there, however we are hardly aware of it.

Second attention is like an alertness, a policeman constantly monitoring our untoward thoughts, feelings, actions or deeds . Our second attention brings us back to focus when our thoughts have gone astray.

Rest in the second attention. Identify with the inner peace of the second attention, instead of identifying with the body, thoughts, fears, habits etc.

We have guidance all the time, it's just that most of us are not tuned in. We need to tune in, extend the aerial, and pump up the volume!

Lets have a party with some real Soul!

Developing Insight and Intuition


Go with the flow

Commune with Nature - get in tune with nature and natural rhythms and cycles

Listen to nature. Each animal symbolizes something and we can learn something from all of the Nature kingdom.

Be aware of seeing an unusual animal, insect etc. three times in a short period eg. day or two

For detailed explanation see pages: coincidences, flow, Tao

Be aware of thoughts

Through quieting the mind. When our mind is still we can see more clearly.

Our mind could be seen as a glass of muddy water -when we keep thinking, we keep bringing up mud and thus the glass appears dirty.

However when our minds are still, even minded, undistracted, alert, mindful, not clinging to anything our thought - then we are open to inner guidance.

Often the right thing to do may just pop up. Other times it seems that nothing comes up, and then the perfect solution comes up.

Just Be. Passive awareness - fully present and mindful - watching without reaction, attachment, or mind chatte

We develop intuition, awareness of awareness or second attention through meditation.

Increase awareness, concentration, mindfulness, even mindedness

through - Meditation,

Vipissana Meditation - see mindfulness page -

Opening and balancing Chakras - especially higher ones - but need to develop lower ones first

Breathing exercises, Yoga,


Art, Visualization, Brainstorming sessions, Dance, Acting , Sports, Music, Poetry etc.

Through Meditation and healing sessions

see pages:


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Developing Intuition, Practical Guidance for Daily Life by Shakti Gawain

Write from the Heart, Unleashing the Power of Creativity, Hal Zina Bennet

A still small voice, A psychics Guide to Awakening Intuition, Echo Bodine

Celestine Prophecy Series

***** The Intuitive Way, A guide to living from Inner Wisdom , by Perrey Peirce
(read more)

This book is one of the easiest to understand on how one can become aware, in-tune-with the universe. The exercises help with intuition but even more important, her views are that of the ancient mystery schools but offered to us in ways we are sure to understand. I highly recommend it.

There is a excerpt of this book on the 'Traps on the Spiritual Path' page

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college of insight & intuition - see courses page

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