Brain Balancing Exercises


Left & Right Brain

One side of the brain is not better than another. One needs both sides to fully realize God, and to clear away negative ego. The keys here are striving for balance, integration and moderation in all things at all times. Another key is to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and your own Higher Self at all times and not the voice of the negative ego and lower self. To achieve this you must maintain mastery over your energies and secondly be able to listen to the still small voice within.

The masculine side provides the power to master your energies. The feminine side will provide the ability to listen to the intuitive guidance that is always forthcoming in every situation. This will allow for the blending of the first ray and the second ray. This is the blending of the power and the love with the wisdom. Power without love is like Nazi Germany. Love without power is to become emotionally dysfunctional.

A woman likes a man who is strong, but sensitive and loving. A centered man wants a woman who is loving and sensitive, but who can be strong and powerful. More and more these two sides of ourselves, which might be considered the ultimate archetypes, are coming together. The key to our society changing is for this merger and integration to first occur within ourself.

The ultimate example of this in our universe is the Lord Melchizedek, our Universal logos.

Left Brain

Deductive Reasoning
Physically observable

Right Brain

Inductive thinking
Asking and listening

This issue of balancing of the feminine and masculine obviously relates very much to balancing ones four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and the need to balance ones three minds (conscious, subconscious and superconscious).

This need for balancing the feminine and masculine could be seen in Carl Jung's "Theory of Types" when he said there were four types of people.

People tended to lean towards one or two types within themselves. This is not a judgement, however, the ultimate ideal is forever balance.

In astrology and Chinese medicine they speak of the need to balance the elements:

In nature we see this balance again in the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.

Above excerpted by Dr Joshua David Stone, from one of his many books, 'How to clear the negative ego'


Balancing Chakras with Sound & Chanting

Sacred Sound - toning, chanting, mantras, japas, drumming, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls etc,

In my opinion if you want to feel balanced, charged and happy - there is nothing easier, quicker, cheaper and more natural than chanting some sacred sounds.

This really works, try it! you will feel amazing afterwards - even better in a group.

Hindu - Sanskrit Seed Syllables
Tones from Djwal Khul
Tibetan Buddhism
LAM middle c Root O (oh) red
VAM   Sacral SHU (shuck) orange
RAM   Solar p YA (yawn) yellow
YAM / SAM   Heart WA (way) Green
HAM   Throat HE (he) Blue Hung
OM   Brow HU (hue) Indigo Ah
AUM   Crown I (eye) Violet Om


see page on sacred sound

Abdominal Lift

Roger Jahnke O.M.D. (Author of The Healer Within: The Four Essential Self-Care Methods for Creating Optimal Health, Harper-Collins)

This technique is a traditional yoga practice called Uddhiyana bandha. Stand with feet at about shoulder width, bend the knees slightly, bend forward, exhale completely, brace the hands above the knees. Either lift and hold the abdomen upward against the spine or rhythmically contract and release the abdomen while maintaining the exhalation. Complete by returning to erect position and inhaling before needing to gasp.



Health maintenance: 3 to 4 repetitions, 2 to 3 sessions per day. Health enhancement: 3 to 4 repetitions, 4 to 6 sessions per day.
Disease intervention: Start slowly and build up to 6 to 10 repetitions, 8 to 10 sessions per day. Getting started: 2 to 3 repetitions, once or twice per day. Remember to build up slowly, if you are weak, this can be too much exertion if practiced too vigorously. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other columns provide specific instructions for the following breathing practices:


I. (a). Mind focusing (b). Breath Regulating.

II. (a). Nine Section Wind (b). Treasure Pot (c). Adamantine Chants (Tsin Kang Yung)

III. gTum mo (Ming tien, Chuo Huo Ting, Psychic Heat) ad I. Mind focusing (ie-so) And Breath Regulating

(a). Focusing attention at one spot.

This method involves focusing attention toward an external object like a deity or crystal, wooden ball, butter lamp light, candle light, bead or a secrete writing etc or focusing attention at certain part of the body to achieve mental concentration and to enter into a trance. First assume a training posture e.g. the seven branch sitting postures and maintain certain seal (hand sign). Exhale nine times to get rid of the poluted air and inhale three times to take in fresh air. Then visualize that there is a little white and bright spot as large as a seasame seed between the eyebrows. This training relaxes one's body and voice.13.1

(b). Breath Regulating

While sitting in the prescribed position, breathe at the rate of 15 breaths per minute. The number of breaths can be lowered as the training becomes more proficient.

2. Adamantine (Tsin Kang) breath counting method. 14 This method using breathing methods to control the functions of the body. ad II.

Nine Section Wind, Treasure Pot and Adamantine Chants

(a). The nine sections wind

First use the left index finger to press on the left nostril and use the right nostril to breath three times. Then use the right index finger to press on the right nostril and use the left nostril to breath three times. Use both nostrils to breath three times. When inhaling visualize that clean air of rainbow colors pass through the whole body. When exhaling visualize dark and poluted air is being breathed out. Lastly visualize the poluted air being purged from the body through all the pores.

(b). Treasure Pot (four breath methods) Treasure Pot is also called "Pot Shape Energy Training".

This method involves visualizing the body as a tea pot. After expelling the stale air from the lungs by exhaling three times, visualize the energy or air is being absolved into the body through the top of the head. After the whole body is filled with the energy from the universe, the diaphram has to be lifted and the abdomen flatten. Breath in through the nose and send the energy to one and a half inch below the navel (same as tan tien in Nei Tan Taoism).Hold the breath until unable to hold it any longer, then slowly exhale. As training becomes better, the length of time of holding the breath can be longer. Eventually the breath almost becomes undetectable. Breathing is done as if through the middle channel. At this stage one can abstain from eating and drinking fluid many days without losing weight or feel hungry.

(c). Adamantine Chants One of the mantras used is

"Om Ah Hum".

"M"s in both "Om" and "Hum" are pronounced closer to "ng" than "m". Mantras are not read but are chanted according to certain intonations and rythmn.

Ad III. gTum Mo (Che Huo Ting Psychic Heat) 16

Che Huo Ting or gTum Mo is one of the Six Doctrines (Six Yogas):

1.gtum-mo, 2.sgyu-lus, 3.rmi-lam, 4.hod-gsal,, 6.hpho-ba.

Among the Six Doctrines, gtum-mo is considered as energy training, while others are considered as religious training. Che Huo refers to sudden burst of fire in the body. The sudden burst of fire can make the body to heat up. Ting refers to deep trance achieved by advanced meditation. The term "Treasure Pot" are sometime used instead of "Che Huo Ting". Actually, Treasure Pot is the foundation of Che Huo Ting. The training method is to place a writing of half "A" or short "A" (Sanskrit) at the navel and visualize that the writing giving out a strong red light. The posture involves tilting the tail bone foward and drawing the anus upward. This method of energy exercise enables one to resist extreme cold temperature and enables one to improve one's essence of life and sexual energy.

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu



Ken Kalb

Perhaps one of the reasons sacred geometry may have been so important to your development is because of Living Light Language. Just for a moment, close your eyes and put your forefingers on the outer most upper edge of your eyelids. As you do this, you will see colors or shapes on each side of your eyes. Bring the patterns on each side together, into the center of your vision, by your nose. Keep focusing until the patterns from both sides match. This is an easy way of balancing your right and left brain. Once the pattern is balanced, keep looking and you will see geometry in sheets or like a wall coming towards you. This is the way your mind receives information. Stay focused and you will then see sheet after sheet of Living Light Language coming in. Be open to feel the message or information. By continuing to pick a point, you will start seeing through the different layers and your experience and information will become holographic. Is this perhaps a reason geometry has now become sacred geometry?

Inner Alchemy

Micro - Cosmic Orbit - Tongue touches upper palate. Breath up back of spine, over crown, forhead down to heart and lower tan tien. See Mantak Chia

Inner Smile -Mantak Chia - smile to heart, feel smile back , then lungs, and so on. Alternatively just bring your smile down to lower abdomen and rest there -feeling life from that centre for a while.

Iron Skirt Chi Kung - Mantak Chia

Sexual Alchemy - Mantak Chia, Yudelove see sexuality

Merging three centres

Fire under Water , Inversing Yin & Yang

Awakening , Balancing, Unblocking Chi / Meridians / Nadis

Feel energy in between your hands

Awakening Kundalini - better not to force kundalini awakening - let it awaken naturally

Wall squating - qi gong -Chi Lel a_quick_guide_to_wall_squatting.htm

Yoga - Hatha Yoga, Sun Salutation

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Exercises - awaken three tantiens - mid eyebrow, heart, lower abdomen

Tai Chi Chi Kung - Swimming Dragon

acupressure points on meridians - Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine , Chi Lel

Prostrations & empowerments - Tibetan Buddhism

energy balancing - Diane Stein

chakra balancing - Postures and stretches. eg root chakra - legs wide aoart, hip thrust - forward and back. - see Hands of Light - Barbara Ann Brennan

Attunements - Reiki

Read about Kundalini & gtumo (above)


Shaman Power Breath - In breath for count of 3 , hold for 3 , exhale for 4, hold out for 4

Unity Breath - Rebirthing

Merkaba Breath

Breath Retention

Some say this is good for you. Others say it isn't. Use your own gut feeling.

See 9 bottle breath / Nine Section Wind - -above

- something like - in through left nostril slowly, hold for as long as possible - out like a dart - three times - then same with right nostril 3 times, then through both nostrils 3 times - may cause problems to start with. read '25 steps to Samadhi' for full instructions. Don't attempt before proper instruction.

Brain sends and receives billions of messages per seconds

Brain Balance

Rubbing boths palms together - this rubbing action balances left and right side of body & brain.

Alternate nostril breathing - inhale in left nostril, out right nostril, in tight nostril, out left, in left and so on

Always start with left nostril in breath. Read more info on this before attempting it.

Visualize each portion of the brain, and imagine smiling to the cells, relaxing them - imagine the cells in the brian relaxing and smiling back.

Affirm - My brain is happy, healthy and balanced

Read about pranayama, Yoga Mudra. See Jonn Mumfords book

Tools - nine breath bottle breathing



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