Q-5. What is the main purpose of this incarnation?

A-5. To glorify the Christ Consciousness in the earth . in the lives of those with whom ye come in contact, and to live the same thyself.

Reading 2441-4

On one occasion, a thirty-eight-year-old male who primarily desired additional information on how he might better manifest his life's purpose, asked Edgar Cayce for clarification on these words "Jesus" and "Christ":

Q. What is the meaning and significance of the words Jesus and Christ...?

A. Just as indicated. Jesus is the man . the activity, the mind, the relationships that He bore to others. Yea, He was mindful of friends, He was sociable, He was loving, He was kind, He was gentle. He grew faint, He grew weak . and yet gained that strength that He has promised, in becoming the Christ, by fulfilling and overcoming the world! Ye are made strong . in body, in mind, in soul and purpose . by that power in Christ. The power, then, is in the Christ. The pattern is in Jesus.

Reading 2533-7

Above readings by Edgar Cayce


The Nag Hammadi Library... an excellent source for the Gnostic gospels that were found in the caves near Nag Hamaddi. The book of Thomas is particularly power for me. In verse 113, Jesus is asked about the end of the world as we know it:

His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?" <Jesus said,> "It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying 'here it is' or 'there it is.' Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it."

"He (Garwhali sadhu) believed that the kingdom of God is in every human being and that Jesus, after being anointed, became Christ. He held that Christ is universal consciousness and that no one can reach the ultimate Reality without reaching Christ-consciousness. This is rarely understood by Christians in general, although mystics of Christianity understood it well." Living with the Himalayan Masters, Swami Rama

Excerpt from Kirael: The Great Shift Chapter Three: The Awakening of the Christ Consciousness -

Page 58 Kirael: When Master Jesus walked the Earth plane, great crowds would come just to be within his touch. The mass consciousness of thousands of people fed into and reinforced the Christ Consciousness. With so much power being emitted from his hands how could he not but heal? Master Jesus made the claim that "Whatsoever I do, so can you." All are part of spirit, and the level of clarity you reach is the measure by which you may contribute to the healing of the world.

Christ Consciousness

Extract from Dr Joshua David Stone's "Integrated Ascension"

The concept of Christ Consciousness is truly an exquisite one. In essence it means to see the world through the heart/mind of GOD, to refrain from all judgments whatsoever, remaining in a perpetual state of unconditional love and always choosing love over fear. In truth, however, there are many subtle nuances contained within this simply stated explanation. There is also the fact, that although almost every single light worker would like to be operating out of Christ consciousness, one must be extremely "vigilant for GOD and His Kingdom" as Sananda/Jesus so perfectly puts in A Course in Miracles.

The subtleties within this glorious 'ideal' direct all of us seeking to operate from this elevated vantage point to truly keep vigilant over all that we put forth. We likewise need to observe how we process what comes into us via the four minds (Monad, Higher Self, Conscious mind, Subconscious mind) and the four-body system, as well as through the senses.

The core principle of the Christ Consciousness Quotient is that there are two philosophies or thought systems. These are the Christ/Buddha thought system and the negative ego thought system. Every person on Earth, or in the infinite universe for that matter, falls into one, the other, or a combination of both. The key to building up your Christ Consciousness Quotient is to deny all negative ego thoughts from entering your conscious mind from self or others and to keep your mind thinking, affirming and visualizing only Christ thoughts and Christ images at all times. It only takes twenty-one days to cement a habit into the subconscious mind, so the more you practice this, the more habitual, in a positive sense, it will become.

As the Bible says, "Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus." Christ consciousness is an attitude and philosophy of life that creates unconditional love, oneness, joy, inner peace, equanimity, non-judgmentalness, forgiveness and compassion in all moments and situations of life. It is a choice! So in each moment and situation in life ask yourself, "Do I choose GOD and Christ consciousness in this situation or do I choose negative ego consciousness, glamour, illusion and maya?"

To build your Christ Consciousness Quotient, keep choosing GOD, unconditional love, positivity and oneness in your thinking and interpretations of life which will lead to the creation of only positive, loving, spiritualized feelings and emotions. It is our thoughts that create our feelings and emotions and the question you must continually ask yourself in every moment of your life is whether your thoughts, interpretations and motives are coming from the negative ego or the Christ consciousness, Higher Self, Monad, Ascended Masters and GOD. It is really that simple. For a deeper explanation of how the Christ Mind and Negative Ego Mind think, please read my books How to Clear the Negative Ego and Soul Psychology. For this reason Christ Consciousness becomes one of the eight primary quotients that is deserving of our constant attention.

The ideal for all light workers in regard to this particular quotient, is to operate from the Christ Consciousness at a minimum of the 80th percentile at all times. This would mean that this mode of consciousness is so integrated within your system that even when you fall into automatic pilot, all thoughts, words, emotions and deeds will flow from the inner Christ. There will, of course, be specific situations or tests that challenge this mode of consciousness. It is during these particular crises that we have the opportunity to learn and grow. It is also estimated by the Masters that since we will be put within these situations in order to make the needed adjustments of consciousness those who are sincerely working at this quotient will at first fall out of Christ consciousness 20 percent of the time. That is why 20% is given as the basic standard. As we practice the application of this mode of spiritual consciousness within our lives, the goal is that we then come as close to the 100% quotient as possible.

This is the ideal and the way in which humanity will achieve GOD consciousness. It is important to understand that minor mistakes and adjustments will always come up. The key is to make these attitudinal adjustments as quickly as possible, so what threw you off for a whole day or week in the past can be resolved in a moment or two once you get the hang of it and really see how you cause your own reality by how you think.

Let us take a look at how some of the intricacies within this mode of consciousness are meant to potentially function. One of the key choices that we all have is to choose love over fear.

Yet for many fear has become instinctive. The body reacts, the emotions react, and the mind takes off in a thousand different directions, literally scattering and fragmenting one's consciousness. In situations like this, one needs to turn to love, for "Perfect love casteth out fear." One must, however, make this turn with gentleness and ease, which boils down to essentially meaning, without judgment of any sort. This is one of the trickier aspects of maintaining Christ consciousness.

The force of judgment is very powerful. For some, the judgment turns outward and gets thrown in another's direction. For many upon the spiritual path the judgment is turned inward. When this occurs, one is shaken out of their peace through self-judgment of one's own fear; instead of turning to love, self-judgment calls in guilt or shame. These are obviously not attributes of Christ consciousness nor can love blossom within a field of judgment of any sort. What I am in essence saying, is that in order to turn fear into love, one must first be willing to cast aside the judgment of the fear itself! Fear prompting one to judgments operates on very subtle levels, such as fear of dishonor in the eyes of humanity, fear of not being seen as you see yourself, fear of intimacy and so forth. It is a fact that people do not like to be judged. Looking at us as a race as a whole I would not hesitate to say that we live in constant fear of judgment.

The fear of being judged inferior to someone else, has played itself out in the third dimensional world through guises too numerous to even begin to name here. I will, however, guide you to consider the world of business, politics or the arts, in order to see how this is manifesting in those arenas. Socially it can be seen in the continuing desire to keep up with the Jones's. The most cursory look, beloved readers, will reveal this in operation everywhere and at all levels.

Unfortunately, this all pervasive fear permeates much of the spiritual movement as well. The fear of being judged "less than perfect," actually has no basis in reality as we are all already perfect since we are Sons and Daughters of GOD, yet this fear often prompts us into the mode of judging either others or ourselves. This judgment and fear falls like a shadow across the faces of many wonderful workers of the light, and creates a divisive barrier between them and their true goal, which is Christ consciousness!

This type of fear and judgment, however, falls upon the light worker in a subtle and almost undetectable manner, which is why I have stressed the point that it takes great vigilance to maintain Christ consciousness. The higher one travels upon the ladder of evolution, the more subtler and subtler things become. The overt war between two businesses can become the silent struggle for power between two light workers. If the core of this struggle is explored it would reveal the two key elements, fear and judgment. If these can be eradicated then the consciousness can be raised up to the realm of Christ, Buddha, Melchizedek and GOD!

If you truly want to operate out of the Christ consciousness, which I hope you do as it is one of the primary keys to integrated ascension, you certainly can! To do this, however, your utmost attention is demanded in any and every situation along with absolute honesty.

There is no shame in noting where your weaknesses are; in fact, just the opposite is true. The light that reveals the muddiest spots within self is the same light that cleanses and purifies them. Courage to face self and willingness to change join with our lesser attributes when we offer them up at GOD's alter. When this is done, then that which is a block from Christ consciousness, namely fear in its many guises and judgment in its many forms, will be transcended and transmuted into divine love and light. One will then be upraised to the point where one operates from out of the Christ consciousness 99% to 100% of the time. So in truth there are only two emotions.

All negative emotions, no matter what the quality, stem from fear. All positive emotions, no matter what the quality, stem from love. Any negative emotion you may have, if you trace its roots back to its source, will come from the illusionary premise of fear which you unconsciously allowed to infiltrate your mind. This is not a judgment, but rather a keen insight to understanding the causative nature of how feelings and emotions are created. The same, of course, is also true with all the positive emotions, with the difference here being that love will be the root cause and foundation. Creating the atmosphere that is nurturing to the Christ consciousness and then keeping vigilant watch to hold to that precious and sacred space is one of the most important pieces of integration work that one can do. The Christ consciousness quotient should be built to its highest capacity and once established within the 90-100 percent range, all efforts should be given to maintaining these levels.

Actually Christ consciousness is more than just a quotient; it is a way to manifest GOD upon the Earth. It is life at its most glorious capacity, a place of pure connection with our brothers and sisters, with self and GOD. Just because a person achieves their ascension or seven levels of initiation and are now considered a Master doesn't mean they can let down their vigilance.

This is a very big mistake that a great many advanced light workers are making. The ultimate result of this is summoned up in the biblical statement, "After pride cometh the fall." One has to work with the same self discipline and single focus and commitment after ascension as one did before. It does not become easier just because you have achieved your ascension. Ascension and initiations are really just percentages of light quotients that serve as markers on an infinite journey. There are always more initiations and more light quotient as one transfers over to the Cosmic Light Quotient scale. If one really gets off track, one can lose initiatory status and can greatly fall in all the quotients mentioned in this chapter.

So never take anything for granted. Even when one becomes a Master in name, one must continue to demonstrate this mastery to truly be considered a Master in the eyes of GOD and the Spiritual Hierarchy of inner plane Ascended Masters.

It is not so much what you've done in the past that is so important (although this does hold some weight), it is what you are doing in the present moment that is most important.

Again, you may have been an incredible spiritual teacher, prophet, channel or leader in a past life, however this does not mean in the slightest that the negative ego is not running you in this life. The key here is to be devastatingly honest with self and to strive for the purity of GOD every moment of your life regardless of your initiatory status, past lives or present fame. This is the true test of a light worker.

When positions of power are achieved the light worker needs to embody the greatest vigilance so the negative ego does not take over. Take time, beloved readers, to cultivate this quotient and radiate these glorious and beautiful frequencies within you and around you. In this way, both you and the planet will accelerate in love and harmony. There is truly no greater way to uplift both self and humanity than to become a vortex of Christ consciousness. The wonderful thing is that this divine state of grace is ours just for the asking, seeking, cultivating, and claiming. When we remain vigilant within this area we will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are emissaries and embodiments of Christ on Earth!

Transcendence of Negative Ego Quotient

The sister quotient to the Christ Consciousness Quotient, so to speak, is the Transcendence of Negative Ego Quotient. Whereas the Christ Consciousness Quotient exemplifies GOD or spiritual consciousness in its highest capacity, the negative ego exemplifies lower consciousness, with all its attendant difficulties. For this reason, the transcendence of the negative ego is one of the eight major quotients. When dealing with the Transcendence of Negative Ego Quotient, what we are rating is our success in not operating out of the negative ego. In order to do this, however, one must first be aware of the negative ego itself.

This is that part of ourselves which operates solely out of selfishness, isolation, fear, and fragmentation, as well as embracing the entire gamut of lower impulses, tendencies and expressions. It is often the place from which the inner child is operating, without proper parenting. It basically functions from the level of the subconscious. This is not always the case, as many times, where people are third-dimensionally focused, it will openly operate and consciously choose negativity.

This can be seen in the conscious choices made that clearly lead to pain, destruction, hurt, harmfulness and so forth. In fact, in the third-dimensional world the ability to function selfishly is often deemed as an asset, even if that takes the form of consciously harming another being. The entertainment industry is notorious for using people as stepping stones, and the political arenas generally function shamelessly in the mode of the negative ego. These are but two very generalized examples. The truth is that the planet viewed from a higher perspective, functions almost exclusively from this negative vantage point.

Above Extract from "Integrated Ascension" by Dr Joshua David Stone


The word "Jesus" represents an individualized level of enlightenment and experience. Christ, on the other hand represents an epithet, an explanation of the quality of enlightenment reached by "Jesus". For this reason, and in the context of Western Mysteries, "Jesus" represents the Perfect Mold, the inner workings of the purified "Substance" and the vehicle in which the path of AWAKENING the level of Christ Consciousness takes place...

The word "Consciousness" (in Syriac means Messiah and in Greek Christos means the Anointed One).

As for the word "The Nazarene", the meaning is: "He who reveals what is hidden".

As for the word "Messiah", it has two meanings, "Christ or the Anointed One" and "The Measured One"

"Jesus" in Hebrew means "The Redemption" and the word "Nazara" means "The Truth". Thus, "The Nazarene" means "Truth". Jesus had attained "Nazirutha", perfect spiritual enlightenment, and that he also taught that path to others. Hence, Jesus and his disciples were Nazarenes or Nazoraeans: meaning, followers of the mystic path to God, or Pure Being.

The apostles before us used to employ the terms: 'Jesus the Nazoraean Messiah', which means 'Jesus, the Nazoraean, the Christ "The Anointed One".

Remember: The last name is "Christ", the first name is "Jesus", the middle name is "The Nazarene".

Hence the Name "Jesus Christ the Nazarene" means; The Anointed One, the Giver of Truth - The Bringer and Source of Redemption - The Revealer of what is hidden - The Enlightened One who has the gift to Awaken others... .

In the language of the Christian mysteries, we could say that the Name Yeheshuah corresponds to Jesus's existence as a heavenly power in eternity (the Perfect Model). Hence it is the transcendent Spirit beyond the realm of physical matter... On the other hand, Jeheshua, or (Jeshua) represents the immanent Spirit present within physical matter. (the Perfect Mold).

In God (pure Being) we are born
In Yeheshuah we die,
Through the Holy Sprit we rise again!

This is a Mystery... and it involves the three levels of the unfolding inner process

(1) - Ego consciousness experiences and trusts the unfolding inner process of the Soul (2) - Divine Grace reveals the Cosmic Perfect Mold in which the old self has to "enter" and "die" so that (3) - The Holy Spirit can descend to awake and manifest the Perfect Model, or Christ Consciousness


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