Energy & Esotericism

Increasingly the concept that all is energy, vibrating at some frequency, is being accepted on a wide scale and is changing many peoples view's view of life.

Scientific Fact: All living beings are all full of and surrounded by energy. Metaphysics proves that If you looked at 'matter' through a powerful microscope it is 99.999% space. Scientists can now demonstrate that energy and matter are but different states of one reality. Physical matter comes from a unified field of Pure Potentiality or void of conciousness.

Time is now refered to, by Physicists, as Space - Time. They are linked, not independant.


From very ancient times, a body of spiritual (self improvement) known as the Ageless Widsom or 'esoteric 'philosophy has been passed from generaztion to generation usually by word of mouth, from teacher to pupil.

At times of crisis this teaching is released in a wider, more open manner. For the last 100 years the Ageless Wisdom teachings have been released through individuals such as Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich.

Synthesizing both Eastern and Western philosophies, esotericism is the science of the evolutionary process in man and nature - from the energetic and conciosness standpoint. It represents a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the universe and of man's part within it. It is also the art of understanding and working within those energies which emanate from the highest sources. (Emergence Quarterly)

Auras - E- M Fields

People can see other peoples' energy fields, known as auras. Auras can also be detected and filmed using special cameras which use electricity not light to take photos.

We are all surrounded by an Electro -Magnetic energy field or a biofield. In fact diseases can be detected in our energy fields before they manifest in the physical.

Energy fields can be manipulated to heal. Areas of illness can be detected by a healer when they feel great heat in the hands

Train to Feel the Energy in your own hands!

Many years ago I was told by a family friend to hold the palms of my hands as close as possible, similar to praying, but without the hands touching.

After trying this out for a few minutes at a time, my palms started to repel each other. Much like magnets repeling each other. This repulsion soon escalated and now I can feel the energy when both my hands are waist distance apart. (17/03/00) I can now feel my bio-field - a circle around my body.

To enhance power visualize a white ball of light in between hands, growing and growing.

While in Poland, end of 2000, I had two experiences, where I felt other peoples energy, while my hands hovered over their bodies. In fact my hands became much warmer as I hovered over their stomaches - later finding out they both have stomach ulcers.

(17/03/00) I felt my mums' energy field and healed some minor pains.

I can now also feel the energy fields of plants and animals. I can also see a energy field surrounding most living beings

The next step for me is to read up develop my healing and inner potential

Healing is now widely adopted in many hospitals as a good alternative to modern medicine.

Remember: it is not you that is doing the healing it is Angels and God healing through you.

You can do this too. In fact everybody can train to do this. Remember we only use 10% of our brains.

Thoughts are energy. If you're one that believes if you can't see it it doesn't exist - what about radio waves!

Energy Conflicts

- When people argue, they try and gain energy from the other person by trying to make the 'opposition' take their own point of view. Read 'Celestine Prophecy'

Keep Energy Strong

  • Be open and feel love coming in
  • Observe beauty to increase energy
  • stop as often as necessary to build energy
  • stay in state of love as much as possible

Send Energy to others

  • Give your full attention and energy to those you meet because thay all have a message for you, and you for them
  • Remember that you don't have to use your control drama to compete energy
  • Remember that energy flowing out of you creates a current that pulls energy into you at the same rate, so you are continuously replenished

Where Attention goes..Energy Flows


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