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Secrets Revealed - by Dr Joshua David Stone

Excerpt from Secrets of the Ages as Revealed by Spirit and the Masters - by Dr Joshua David Stone

The greatest cover up in the history of the Earth is the government of the world cover-up of the existence of Extraterrestrials. The United States government has been working with Extraterrestrials and even shares underground bases with Grays from Zeta Reticulum. Alien bases have actually been seen on the dark side of the moon. In the Roswell incident they actually found dead bodies of aliens and one live one! Hundreds of crashed ufo's and dead bodies from over 20 to 30 different races have been found.

We have been experimenting with advanced UFO technology for many years.

The ET's te United States are working with are not that evolved and spiritual in nature. These ones have been doing a lot of the abductions. Some of the other underground bases where the United States and negative ETs are working together are in Los Alamos, Dulse, and Taos, New Mexico, and Durango, Colorado, just to name a few! Some of these inderground bases are unbelievbaly large.

Ninety - five percent of the alien races contacting us are very Spiritual and Christed in nature.

"The Disclosure Project"!

A man by the name of Dr Steven Greer, who is truly a patriot of this country, and I mean that in the highest sense, has put together something called "The Disclosure Project"!

He has gotten together over 400 governement and military witnesses, who are also patriots in the highest sense of the word, to step forward publicly and on video to confirm the existence of Extraterrestials. All of these people work or worked for the governement or the military and most of them have had very high-level positions and top security clearances. What these people have said is absolutely fascinating. I am

They have given sworn testimony that the United States has found physical extraterrestial bases on the dark side of the moon. Sworn testimony has been given by people who have seen the photographs and videos of these bases. Some of the structures being as large as half a mile long!

In the 1950's, the United States had the insane idea to drop a nuclear bomb on the moon for testing purposes. They went forward with the plan and it was shot down by Exterrestrials before it could explode!

Sworn testimony has been given that Extraterrestrials landed at Wright Patterson airforce base and this occurence was filmed and has been seen.

Another governement official testified that the United States has in its possession over 24 crashed Extraterrestrial spacecraft from different species of aliens. This individual said he not only saw some of these craft, he saw dead and live aliens that were captured!

Testimony was given that there are over 36 levels above top security in the United States governent regarding extraterrestrials. This is compartmentalized for the purpose of keeping all the information secret from the American people and the world.

The President of the United States, Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon, CIA Director, FBI Director, and Congress are all "out of the loop"! This is all being controlled by a rogue government. The last president that was allowed to be fully informed was Eisenhower. Some of these people I mentioned have a very small amount of information, however, there are probably 24 people in the world who have access to all the information and these are not people we elected to the government.

This is sworn testimony of government and high-level military officials who have stepped forward to share this information. This is not channeled information, this is information given out in the Disclosure Project testimony from over 100 hours of videotaped 400 individuals working for the government, military etc.

Another high level government and military official in Dr Greer's Disclosure project has catalogued 57 different races of beings in all the contacts they have made since the 1940's.

One of the Pope's main assistants told Dr Greer that he knew all this was true and that the way he looked at it was that everyone was God's Sons and Daughters regardless of how different the these different alen races looked from our particular type of Adam Kadmon type of body that we live in. I think this is a pretty good attitude and I am quite glad to hear this coming from one of the Pope's assistants.

Secrets of the Ages as Revealed by Spirit and the Masters by Dr Joshua David Stone

Here are the contact details for Dr Greer:

e-mail -

tel - 540-456-8302

fax - 540-456-8303

The mailing address is

The Disclousure Project
PO Box 256
Crozet, VA 22932

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. This is the "smoking gun".


For - We're not alone!

100 million stars and planets in our galaxy - unlikely that there isn't some kind of life on other planet, how can we be alone?!

There have been so many accounts of Ufo sitings that it must be true - at least 5% of all ufo photos or films are unexplained

What about Area 51, Roswell etc.

Government holding back information for public security - what would happen if public found out that aliens exist!?

Programs like X-files and Star Trek are preparing people for alien contact!

Some aliens / extra-terrestrials / ascended masters may be our cosmic brothers, who are observing us, sending us some positive energy, making sure we don't blow ourselves up

Our cosmic brothers are able to appear / disappear at will. They are probably able to operater at above the 3rd dimension.

Life can be on the etheric plane not just the physical. Apparentley a probe was sent to venus, with an alternating frequency sensor - on a certain frequency / vibration they found people walking about!!



If you believe in them you'll see them! If it's not aliens & ufos it's Angels & reptillians!

Could be advanced military aircraft!

Maybe it's just a ploy so that the general public wastes their time thinking about aliens while the governments experiment with other technologies!


Other Issues

Over 60% of people believe in aliens, now the same people that see UFOs see angels...interesting?!

UFO contacts bear striking similarities to Shamanic initiation experiences; and reports of 'the Other World' from cultures all over the world. The rituals of the Zuni may be how they maintain a constant contact with this astral/galactic/geomagnetic flux. (from UCS)

If alien spacecraft crashes into earth - its a race - which government can reverse engineer the technology first and replicate some weapons!!

What actually are the aliens? Spiritual beings, greys with big eyes and large heads, or humans from the future?

Are aliens in contact with humans? Yes, apparently Try

Some aliens may be good guys (sirians, pleiadians, acturians) some may be bad guys (reptoids)

Apparently there is a crystal grid around the Earth (placed by Anu, reptoid) which stops our level of conciousness and that of mother earth from ascending. Apparently now is the time to unlock the hidden knowledge and ascend!

I think that we, as humanity on Earth, need to polar integrate (transcend duality) and once we have done that, ascending to the 4th Dimension, then we prepare and live in the Golden age of peace.

Maybe after that the the polar integration cycle starts again - only this time not in between humans but between humans (or whatever we evolve to) and reptillians (or similar).

Are aliens just monitoring us?

If there are aliens, are they friendly or hostile?

Abducted people report similar accounts of telepathy - implies spiritual and mentally adept (superior?) beings

Afterwards abductees often have new talents and it seems as though they are being trained for something. One abductee swears aliens taught him how to operate an alien aircraft of some sort

The Aetherius Society claim that Dr. George King had lots of contacts with extra-terrestrials - he's written several books about it

'Contacts with Gods from Space - Pathway to the new millenium ' - George King with Richard Lawrence (

It is as if aliens are giving us a code book - a new bible to sort our lives out. The society claims that the Gods / Cosmic Masters will show us everything when mankind changes into more peaceful more spiritually aware race.

Alot of material points in the direction of a major change, afterall you need destruction before construction. Now we unless we change for the better - maybe aliens are preparing some of us for this

Who is Channie West?

"Channie West, from Sweden, was contacted when she was 5 years old by physical beings from another planet. She has continued that contact for 35 years on a daily basis. Channie works with the Light Extra-Terrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. She always says, from her direct experience, that they all work together in harmony. One aspect of her mission with them is to help Earth in its spiritual evolution that reaches out through the Whole Universe. Through the years, Channie has been educated in Extraterrestrial knowledges such as: Science, Technologies, Chemistry, and Languages, to name a few. She now speaks 36 different languages from different planets. She has been working with and helping to inspire scientists and inventors in their fields. Channie owns her own spacecrafts and collects items from different planets to share. She points out that we can easily measure and understand Extraterrestrial travels. She is the principal teacher of White Time Healing in Sweden and teaches classes. She had done medical research with doctors and professors in White Time Healing for over 5 years. The results have been astonishing. As an author, she has written books about her life encounters and the mysteries and knowledges of The Universe."

She works in many capacities and on many levels for the evolution of Present Earth into New Earth, you might say. She is a liason, a bridge, a voice and an intermediary between dimensions. The gifts and knowledge that she brings are instrumental in changing consciousness and lifting to a higher dimensional quality. Channie is a personal friend of mine and my teacher for White Time Healing on Earth. My experiences with her have been very valuable. Some of you might remember her from previous Wesaks. Her information comes from direct traveling experiences in the physical and her friendships, physically, with other dimensional beings. Sometimes people's minds have not been able to understand that she is speaking of physical encounters in physical ways. For this and many reasons, her presence in my life has opened up many doors to perception and offered me a look at the infinite possibilities that exist for Life in our Universe.


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Excerpt from Secrets of the Ages as Revealed by Spirit and the Masters - by Dr Joshua David Stone

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There is also sufficient information available in the world to suggest that you could THINK that it is POSSIBLE that an extraterrestrial/subterranean civilization has laid claim to the life forms and property of the world since the beginning of time, and may have intentionally created the human species as a race designed for their own benefit. Research information available includes the analysis Is There Anybody Out There?, the legend Aliens and Slaves: a Legend, the book The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard, the book "The Enemy Within" by "Branton" (author's real name is Bruce Walton, published by Arcturus Book Service in 1991), the book "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, and the series of books entitled "The Earth Chronicles" written by Zecharia Sitchin, including "The 12th Planet," "The Stairway to Heaven," "The Wars of Gods and Men," "The Lost Realms," "Genesis Revisited," and "When Time Began." From the available research information, some researchers may come to a sinister conclusion about the nature and identity of religious life forms such as "Yahweh," and "Jehovah," and "Baal," and "Lucifer," and "Satan," and other gods and idols that people have superstitiously honored throughout history.

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The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. This is the "smoking gun".

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