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If you suffer from any medical or psychological condition please do not attempt any of these exercises before seeking medical, professional advice or teachings from a genuine master / teacher. If you are pregnant, have austism or suffer from aspergers syndrome please do not attempt any of the related exercises.



Proving the Power of the Mind / Soul

by Craig Miller
Special to ParaScope

Have you ever sat in your car at an intersection, willing the light to turn green? Or stared at a slot machine, trying to create a match with wishful thinking? According to the results of recent psychokinesis experiments, you should keep trying. FATE Magazine Associate Editor Craig Miller examines ground-breaking research in psychokinesis, or PK -- the supposed ability of the human mind to affect inanimate objects, discussing possible proof for PK and current ideas about the nature of this phenomenon.

Reprinted with permission from FATE Magazine.

(c) Copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.


(click on image or here to see Ninel Kulagina movie
as well as many more amazing Psychic Power videos demonstrations added!)


Ninel Kulagina - demonstrated that she could by mental direction alone, move objects across the table, displace compass needles, and make a pile of matches explode outwards. And she could subsequently show that by PK, she could separate the white of an egg, which had been broken in a saline solution, from its yolk, and even stop the heart of a frog beating.

The concentrative effort required to move objects by PK accelerated her pulse to 200 beats per minute, dangerously raised her blood pressure and upset her EEG wave pattern, which are the type of physical changes that normally only occur when a person is suffering great stress. They left the Leningrad housewife exhausted, dizzy, and depressed, and blurred her eyesight. They were eventually to result in a heart attack; this stopped her from taking part in further experiments.

'I think only of the object and that it must move,' she told Henry Gris and William Dick, the authors of The New Soviet Psychic Dicoveries. 'I concentrate on it. I must tune myself into the object. I feel as if some kind of energy is pouring from the sides of my fingertips, and from the sides of my hands.'

Psychic Development Workbook, How to Awaken & Use Your ESP, by Rodney Davies

Ninel Kulagina - Telekinesis Video

How to move things with your will for real ?!!

- Psychic Power of the Mind

Telekinesis - Psychokinetic Power

What is it?

Personally I believe TK / PK is real and has a lot to do with our Bio-electric energy field and Qi (aura).

PHASE 1 - Feel the Chi

Exercise 1: Chi-ball

This exercise is more likely to work for people who tend to be a 'feeling person' ie. sensitive physically to touches and emotions'. If you are a more visual type of person you may find it helpful to visualise the ball and energy. Likewise if you are more of an auditory person you may wish to make internal / external sounds to accompany your exercises. Ideally use all three senses.


Relax your shoulders, face, head, and open your chest. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Smile and project unconditional love and peace. If you know how to meditate it definitely helps if you can meditate for a few minutes first.

ie. Center yourself collecting your thoughts into the here and now. Gather your energies into your body - feel alive and feel your energy throughout your body.

Feel the Chi / Life Forecei

Rub your hands together to warm them up. Hold your palms as if praying, but instead of touching, hold them an inch or two apart. Stay with this. Regulate your breathing. As you breath out, move the palms further apart, as you breath in pull your hands closer together. This is similar to as if clapping in slow motion but make sure to keep the hands apart at all times. Imagine a ball of light is growing in between your hands.

You may notice tingling sensations in your fingers and possibly a numbness in the centre of your palms. With time you may sense a magnetism between your hands.

This may work straight away or it may take 30, 60 or 90 days so be patient.

Once you can feel the chi ball, practice for a few weeks / months before moving on to actual trying to move objects.

Here is the best video I could find on how to feel the Chi Ball


Good Exercise For Learning to Feel Qi / Ki / Psi Ball

Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng, a child prodigy from the ancient Wudang Mountains.




Starting to Practice with an object


After you have practiced the Chi-ball exercise for several weeks or months and can feel a strong magnetism between your palms of your hand you can start to practice with a Psi wheel or similar object. All you need to make a psi-wheel is a paper clip / needle and some foil or thin paper and an eraser or blu tack.

The object you want to move must be light to start with and ideally have as little friction as possible, so it can move as freely as possible. However do your best to make sure there are no draughts, fans or open windows in the room and that you are not breathing onto the object or moving the table unintentionally.

Try to move your palms and fingers nearer the edge of the psi-wheel / pendulum.

Bring your mind home, and then place it on the object.

Your conscious mind does not do telekinesis it is your subconscious mind and Qi.

Where your mind goes energy follows.

Have an intention, but saying internally move, spin, pull, push etc. doesn't really help.

Experiment with different hand positions and different fingers and finger combinations.

To make it spin: if you tend to be a feeling person: feel everything spinning

As much as possible stay with the feeling of energy, as in the electro-magnetic / bio-energy / aura

Taking it easy

Have a break. Do something unrelated. This aids learning by allowing your brain to assimilate data and for your Bio-electric field and DNA to adapt to your changes - This also reduces chances of overdoing it.


Some more Basic Techniques to Develop Telekinesis:
(found circulating on web).

Dancing Candle Flame

This is a very basic technique.

Light a candle. Relax and focus on the candle flame. Imagine that you are merging with a candle flame, becoming this candle flame, being this candle flame. What you're really doing is merging your energy field with the energy field of the candle.

In NLP terms, by focusing on the candle and tuning into the candle, you are "pacing" the candle, by directing the flame to move where you want it to move, you're "leading".

When you feel that you have established good enough "rapport" with the candle - imagine its flame extending and becoming longer. When you succeed with this, then imagine it shrinking back, becoming smaller and smaller; then bending to the side, etc.

When you're done experimenting, just imagine yourself returning back to your normal state or mind, "emerging" from the candle flame.


This is another basic technique. You can buy a pendulum or make it - simply attach a small object (e.g. ring) to a string. You could hold it in your hand, however, this way you'd send unconscious impulses through your hand, so it's better if you have a pendulum hanging in front of you (you can attach it to a small stand (like the one's for table lamps).

Same as in previous exercise, with a candle, focus upon the object until you create a sense of "oneness" with the object and then imagine it moving back and forth, clockwise, etc.

Visualize a Tunnel

Choose a small, lightweight object and place it on the table in front of you.

Relax, clear your mind completely and focus on your object.

Visualize a "tunnel" between you and the object. The only thing that should be present in your awareness is the tunnel and the object at the end of the tunnel.

Now, imagine your mind's hands coming out and pulling the object in. Once you feel the pull, you might want to make sounds in your head that suggest a strong magnetic field (nnnn.... nnn.... nnnn.... )

It may sound silly, but it works!



Tips for developing and succeeding with Telekinesis:



Mind Training


Mix it up

IExperiment with different:

Tips from TV shows and Movies:


Diet and cleansing




Reality Check:

For this to work you need to develop and maintain:



Right Mind-set

have the right attitude: have a beginner's mind, not an expert's mind

What you can do without:

These are hindrances at the beginning. However as ones practice progresses, these are no longer obstacles, and telekinesis can be performed even when tired, excited, or anxious.


Dream Vision


The following came to me in a dream -

I moved an apple up down etc. using conscious will & intention. It seemed as though there was an energy body 'outside' myself moving the apple to my command. I was relaxed and had no doubts in the dream.

This fits in with other teachings.

Visualize / feel your energy body extending and moving something.

However is some strict christian faiths leaving your body/ using psychic powers is regarded as a Satanic act - partly they believe God gave us the bodies to stay in. Thus moving objects is seem as using external powers (negative ego / demons etc.) to move something - Astral Travelling - riding the broomstick.

Make your own mind up

However don't do just to show off or cause harm - use your powers for highest & best intention.

If you set a positive intention (mind-set) then you are more likely to develop these powers.

Eg. I need to develop telekinesis for the highest good of all / or in order to release other sentient beings from suffering.

Be careful what you wish for.

Acquiring spiritual powers / siddhis can be a mixed blessing

The highest masters never show off - they only use their powers / invocations / mantras if asked by others in need.

For example read the article about the Lama who brought rain to a Hopi tribe who were suffering severe drought.


PHASE 3 - Advancing


Once you have attained a certain degree of success, start to move hands further and further away from the object and even put your hands down, and attempt to move the object with only your subconscious mind / aura / will.

Later on you can put the psi-wheel under a large a glass jar / container (see below)

Above all do no harm, have fun and be creative.


Psi Wheel Under Glass Container





More Advanced:


Legendary John Chang, shows Chi energy, fires, electric shocks, etc.

- For Pyrokinesis see 3 - 4 mins into this movie

"Lawrence Blair returns to find the legendary John Chang, master of Mo Pai Nei Kung, a Chi-kung system. The only two books I know of on John Chang are "The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal", and "Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages" "


Empty Force

Empty Force - Dr Shen -

Empty Force - moving person with will / chi - demonstrated by Dr Shen - requires many years training and special herbs - read more on Psychic powers page.

similar outside to inside


What's the point of Telekinesis
and other Psychic Powers?


If we believe this and find that we can feel Chi and notice that Telekinesis is actually real and works


Any Joy?


Have you had much success with any of these techniques?

Did it take you long to master? What kind of things can you move? Or has another technique that is not here worked for you? Send an e-mail to us, please include 'Telekinesis' in the subject line.



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