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We sell Natural Health & Beauty Products such as:

- Hopi Ear Candles , Biosun Ear Candles , & Otosan Ear Cones - Special offers

- Himalayan Salt & Salt Lamps

- Light Therapy S.A.D. Units

- Joie Incense, Nag Champa & Beeswax Aromatherapy Candles

- Magnet Therapy Straps & Products

- Healthy Home - Juicers, Laundry Aqua Balls

- Healthy Body: Zapper ST, Tongue Cleaners, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Neti Pots

- EMF Radiation / Electrosmog Detection & Protection: Cellsensors

- Distilled Water, Wellness Water Filters, Water Distillers, Colloidal Silver makers

- Books , Videos and lots more!


Wellness Water Filter Range

Wellness Water Filters - Carafe

Wellness Water Filters - Carafe
Wellness Carafe Replacement Cartridges

Wellness Water Filters - Kitchen System SIII - Under Sink

Wellness Water Filters - Kitchen System SIII - Under Sink
Wellness Water Filters - Kitchen System SIII Filters

Wellness Water Filters - Shower System Filters

Wellness Water Filters - Shower System
Wellness Water Filters - Shower System Filters

Wellness Water Filters - Home System MGIII

Wellness Water Filters - Home System MGIII

Wellness Water - More Info

Wellness Water Filters - Filtration Media
Wellness Water Filters - Information
Wellness Water Filters - Wellness Water Filters - Quality Assured Q & A

More Gift Ideas

- The New Design Q-Link SRT ³

- Electrosmog Detector

- Wellness Water Carafe - Water Filter Jug


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Prices listed on these links below are subject to change and possibly out of date.

For latest prices and offers in our online shop please click here



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eg. - Water Therapy - Wellness Water Filter Range





Personal Health & Hygiene:
Ear, Nose & Sinus Care:
Ear Candles, Ear Drops, Books


Natural Hopi Ear Candles Ancient Therapy of Ear Candling. Made of 100% pure natural beeswax & pure natural essential oils. Wholesale prices. Great value for money. Made in E.U.

Hopi Ear Candles

BioSun Ear Candles - Earcandles use only pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs such as Sage, St. John's Wort, Camomile and pure essential oils. Only premium quality, pesticide-free untreated cotton is used. CE Marked.

BioSun Ear Candles

The Otosan Ear Cone is 100% natural and contains propolis which acts as a natural antibiotic, reinforcing the body's defences and fighting viruses and bacteria.Clinical Research has shown the effectiveness of the Otosan Cone in maintaining ear hygiene for adults and children alike. CE Marked.

Otosan Ear Cone

Otosan Natural Ear Drops based on an ancient herbal recipe which combines the cleansing and balsamic actions of three essential oils with the soothing and softening properties of sweet almond oil.

Otosan Ear Drops

'Hopi Candles' by Jili Hamilton This is the first book that deals in depth with Hopi Ear Candles as Jili Hamilton brings us the benefit of her experience, together with numerous anecdotes from her clients.

Hopi Candles Book

Mixed Ear Candle Packs New

Crystal Salt Products
Himalayan Salt Crystals,, Fine, Coarse, Bath Crystals,
Salt Crystal Lamps, Salt Crystal Tea Lights & Peloid
Salt Crystal Lamps The lamps are produced mostly by handicraft. No chemical additives are used. Salt crystals emit neutralizing ions, thus improving the climate of a room. A salt crystal lamp will enhance the atmosphere of any room.



Salt Crystal Tea Lights These are natural room ionisers, providing a beautiful warm glow to enhance the room's atmosphere. A beautiful gift or treat for yourself.

Salt Crystal Tea Lights

Himalayan Fine Granulated Salt - The larger Himalayan salt crystals are hand-crushed to make this holistic, natural salt small enough to be used in a common saltshaker. This salt has all the natural characteristics of the original crystals from which it comes and has a distinctive "alive" taste that's naturally delicious

Himalayan Coarse Granulated Salt Our coarse granulated Himalayan Crystal Salt is perfect for those who want to use a salt mill or grind their own salt. 100% pure crystal salt. It contains 84 minerals in a form that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body. This salt is truly wholesome and delicious!

Salt Crystal Stones These large crystals of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt look like uncut diamonds and come in various shades from pink to dark rose to absolute colorless and transparent. Locked within the crystals are the same 84 minerals as found in the blood that can be readily and easily absorbed and metabolized by your body
Crystal Salt Bath A Himalayan Crystal Salt bath is a sheer ocean of energy for us. Bioenergetic deficits are rebalanced and weak links become strengthened, reactivating our body's electric current. The organs' functions start to resonate with the natural frequency patterns of the salt water (sole).
Book: 'Water & Salt, The Essence of Life'. From the first day that this book was introduced in Germany two years ago, it was an immediate bestseller. Millions of people have changed their lives in respect to water and salt with the profound scientific information presented herein in an easy-to-read format that everyone is able to understand. Critically Acclaimed in Europe... This book started a revolution in natural healing!
Crystal Sole "PELOID" is the natural, mineral-rich, soft, wet earth that accumulates on the floor of the salt mine and recrystallizes. The Crystal Sole mud effectively supports the natural regeneration of the skin. It neutralizes skin impurities, prevents the forming of wrinkles and tightens the upper layer of your skin.
Vital Sole is a 26% pre-mixed Sole with Original Best Care Himalayan Crystal Salt. Contains 7 vials (25ml each). Take one tea spoon daily first thing every morning with plenty water.
EMF Protection:
Q Link Pendants, BioElectric Shields,
& Geopathic Stress Screens

The BioElectric Shield works in two ways: first, by deflecting and redirecting energies that impinge on you from your environment (just as a mirror deflects light), and secondly, by reinforcing your own natural energies so they are much less susceptible to outside disturbances.

Bioelectric Shield
Q-link Pendants - The Q Link harmonically strengthens the human energy field and users report: Less Stressed-out, More Energy & Vitality, Centred & Grounded, Clarity, & Body/Mind Integration.
Q Link Pendants

Totem Natural Geophatic Stress Screen Protects an area of 3 metres diameter. No side effects, natural & doesn't deteriorate. No plugs or electricity required


The Phone Dome is a device created with microcrystals which attaches anywhere to the mobile phone.It will not interfere with the antenna or the workings of the phone, and can be attached on any make or any model.


Related: CellSensor - Mobile Phone Radiation & EMF Sensor



Natural Light
S.A.D. Light Therapy Units:
Zeus Lightbox, Bright Spark & Satellite

The brand new Satellite with its adjustable angle head doubles as a top quality desk lamp and an effective SAD light therapy unit. It gives the 10,000 lux high speed treatment from close up to 50cm (20ins) thanks to the parabolic reflector which gives a searchlight effect.

Satellite Desk Lamp

Zeus is the brightest and quickest lightbox to use. Quick, easy to use and very economical, it produces light levels of 10,000 lux which means you have to use it for less time. Easily portable, with a lightweight metal cream case.

Zeus Lightbox

The new Bright Spark lightbox is an ultra portable, and stylish lightbox. Designed for people with a busy lifestyle or who need their light in a small package. It's particularly suitable if you are routinely seated doing paperwork or computer work for an hour or two each day. Also 10,000 lux.

Bright Spark Lightbox

The Light Visors are ideal for people who are unable to find time to sit down in front of a light box. Using the light visor, you are free to walk around and get your light at the same time. It is comfortable, well-balanced and lightweight to wear, and provides constant illumination to the retina.

Light Visors

The Body Clock does what nature does. Instead of the crashing sound of a normal alarm the Body Clock mimics a natural sunrise, from the first faint glimmer of dawn, gradually getting brighter and brighter to light up the room until it reaches its full intensity

Body Clock
Eye Care, Oral Hygiene & Body Care
Pinhole Glasses, Tongue Cleaner,
Natural Toothpaste, Natural Deodorant,

Pinhole Glasses. For people with short-sightedness, long-sightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, eyestrain, VDU users or tired eyes.


New Focus contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin - both are antioxidants which stop the action of free radicals, which can damage and destroy healthy cells. Most individuals report reduced glare and visual fatigue, improved contrast sensitivity, colour perception, night vision, light adaptation and visual acuity. New Focus was featured on the 'Richard and Judy Show' and recommended by Dr. Chris Steele.

New Focus Spray

The Tongue Cleaner Tongue cleaning is nowadays recommended by the British Dental Association but was first used in this country in the 18th Century. Enjoy fresh breath, restored taste and improved oral hygiene.


Amalgam Blocker Toothpaste - Stops or minimizes long-term emission of mercury and mercury vapour from amalgam fillings after brushing teeth. Reduces the emission of heavy metals from crowns, bridges and inlays after brushing teeth. Prevents periodontosis Hinders tartar formation. Does not contain colouring agents. Sold Out. Next delivery due soon.

Sold Out.

Crystal Deodrant Stone & Spray - The deodorant stone works by inhibiting bacterial growth on your skin, not by masking odour or blocking pores as many modern deodorants do. No bacteria means no odour.

Magnet Therapy
Magnetic: Insoles, Bracelets ,
Wrist Bands, Pet Collars, Pads etc.

Acupuncture Magnetic Insoles are made from durable plastic with one hundred and twenty 800 gauss multi-pole magnets strategically placed inside (96,000 gauss total). Designed with massage modules that stimulate the reflexology points to help the body's internal organs and to give a fingertip massage effect to relieve the feet.

Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Copper Bracelets. The benefits of copper have been utilised for over two thousand years and are said to have helped with a number of health problems. With these bracelets it combines the two technologies (magnetic and copper), to give you one great product.

Magnetic Copper Bracelets

The Magna Mattress Pad is a soft and quilted full double mattress (45"x 28") that simply lies over your existing mattress under the bed sheet. (80,000 gauss total). The mattress is great for increased energy levels, recovery, improved circulation and general well-being.

Magnetic Mattress Pad

Magnetic Pad. You can use this powerful magnet to put directly on to aches and pains as it comes supplied with its own velcro strap. It eases aches and pains but will also speed up the healing in the area of application.The Magnetic Pad can also be used to magnetise water.

Magnetic Pad


The Magnetic Pet Collar helps your pet when asleep, relaxes muscles and eases aches and pains. A simple and natural pain relief for all animals. The collar contains a rare earth magnet, strong enough to emit all the beneficial effects your pet needs.

Magnetic Pet Collar

The Magnetic Therapy Wrist Band - Bio North 2 South has been designed for simple wear and is extremely comfortable even in the work place and comes with a 2000+ gauss magnet that is placed directly over the pulse in the wrist.

Magnetic Wrist Band

The New MagneTech Healer creates a much stronger pure bipolar magnetic field than before. Bone fractures heal much faster, Oxygen absorption via the lung increases, Blood circulation to the body's extremities improves, Scars after an operation heal faster

Magnatech Magnetic Healer


Meditation & Tibetan Supplies:
Tibetan Healing Incense, Singing Bells,
Vajras (Dorjes), Tingshaws (cymbals)

Tibetan Incense comes from a centuries old formula of combining special medicinal and therapeutic substances (over 31 in total) derived from herbs, flowers and minerals that when burned, deliver an aroma which can help to soothe and calm a restless mind. Incense Holder also available


TIbetan Singing Bowls - Three Sizes - Made from seven base metals: Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver & Gold, these singing bowls are used by Tibetan monks for rituals, healing and meditation practices.


Tibetan Tingshaws (Cymbals) Available in three Pitches. Made from the same metals as the bowls - namely Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold, Tibetan Buddhists would prepare for meditation by using these Tingshaws.


Tibetan Singing Bells & Vajra's (Dorje's) These Singing Bells are also made of Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold. Not only can they be rung but also by rubbing a stick around the edge they produce a continuous harmonic sound.

Portable Electrical Gadgets
Zappers, CellSensor, & Colloidal Silver Maker

Zapper ST & Zapper 2000Research by an eminent American doctor, Dr. Hulda Clarke, has shown that every living creature broadcasts its presence with a radio frequency which differs with the size of the creature.

CellSensor - Mobile Phone Radiation & EMF Sensor - Are you and your children safe? Serious health risks are linked with electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.

Colloidal Silver Maker & Replacement Rods - Colloidal Silver is broadly acknowledged as a universal agent for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Colloidal Silver Maker
Home & Health
Water Distillers, Distilled Water & Juicers
Laundry Aqua Balls, Vortex Energisers & Aromatherapy Candles

Aqua Balls & Replacement Pellets: Each Aqua ball lasts over 60 washes, you get two balls and two sets of replacement pellets. This amounts to about 6p a wash. Save over 75% off your laundry bill and help save the environment.


Drinking Water Distillers - Produce the cleanest water at home with: Waterwise 4000, or 26M. Also filters , Books/Video


Distilled Bottled Water - Bottled on Demand -Cleanest Water Around, delivered to your door. Custom / Own labels available.


Commercial Water Distillers - Commercial & Industrial Use Water Distillers - for Factories, Offices, Laboratories, etc.


Polar Bear Spares - Spare Parts for Polar Bear Range of Water Distillers


Juicers Champion, Oscar GS 1000, GS 3000 - Quality juicers - ideal for Gerson Therapy


The Vortex Energiser is a spiralling copper, silver or gold plated device. It contains highly energised water, which has been prepared using an innovative new process called implosion.


Aromatherapy Beeswax Candles - Made of 100% pure beeswax, collected in natural way by beekeepers. Contain only pure natural essential oils.

Tachyon & Takionic ® Products
Starter Kit, Insoles, Cushions, Blankets, Mattresses & Eye Masks
The Takionic® Starter Kit consists of ten Takionic Beads, one roll of 1" adhesive tape, one 12oz bottle of water and a basic Acupressure Points Chart.
Takionic® insoles - If you stand or run around a lot, these insoles are a real treat for your feet. Your feet have over 7000 nerve endings and hundreds of acupressure points.

Takionic® Vision 2000 Eyemask Tired eyes? Blurred vision? Working in front of a computer all day? Studying too hard? Take a break from it all. Revive your eyes. Great for meditation, it can lead to greater focus and vision.


This versatile Takionic® Cushion can be used in numerous ways. It helps to improve circulation, relax sore and tired muscles and relieve tension and stress.


The Takionic ® mattress provides an incredible boost so your sleep and dream-state will be enhanced. Wake up refreshed and renewed. Perfect for travelling. Comes in a convenient carrying case. (6ft x 3ft x 1 in)

The Takionic® Blanket can be wrapped around you to help stimulate the meridian system on the surface of the skin. In this way it helps to increase metabolism. It also helps to improve circulation and stimulate brain activity and activate the healing potential of your body.

Audio Cassettes


Super Achievement - Audio Cassette


Secrets of Wealth - Audio Cassette



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