Manifesting with
Focus, Sounds & Visualizations


Manifestation is not magic. It is a process of working with the natural principles and laws in order to translate energy from one level of reality to another. David Spangler

"The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and then focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we've already achieved them."
- Denis Waitley

In 'Soul Psychology' by Dr Joshua David Stone - Chapter 11 - Laws of Manifestation has 59 Principles.

Visualization, concentration & Mantras are the theme that runs through most self-improvement/ self-help / self-realisation material, religions, and success strategies. eg. Vajrayana - Tantric Buddhism & Hinduism - based on visualising deities & transformation.

Dennings and Philips tell us that there is no limit to the abundance , both spiritual and material, with which we shall be blessed, through visualizing and image building.

Our power of visualisation improve with practice.

Try this out:

Step One: Stretch your right arm behind you around to your left. Turn your upper body round and see how far you can twist, noticing an object in line with your arm.

Step Two: Now visualize in your mind's eye that you can swing your arm around even further around - to another object.

Step Three: Now repeat step one. You should notice that you have exceeded your previous limit!

As C. Bristol in his famous book, The Magic of Believing,' The person with a clear goal, a clear picture of his desire, or an ideal always before him, causes it through repitition, to be buried deeply in his subconcious mind and is thus enabled, thanks to its generative and sustaining power, to realize his goal in a minimum of time and with a minimum of physical effort'.

by Jim Rohn (Excerpted from the Jim Rohn Weekend Seminar - Excelling in the New Millennium)

Have you ever wondered how to turn nothing into something?

First, in order to turn nothing into something, you've got to start with some ideas and imagination. Now, it might be hard to call ideas and imagination nothing; but how tangible are those ideas? That is a bit of a mystery. I don't believe that ideas that can be turned into a hotel, ideas that can be turned into an enterprise, ideas that can be turned into a new vaccine or ideas that can be turned into some miracle product, should be called nothing. But tangibly, you have nothing. Interesting! Think of it, ideas that become so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they seem real to you even before they become tangible. Imagination that is so strong, you can actually see it.

When I built my first home for my family in Idaho all those years ago, before I started construction, I would take my friends and associates out to the vacant property and give them a tour of the house. Is that possible? Is it possible to take someone on a tour through an imaginary house? And the answer is, "Yes, of course." "Here is the 3 car garage," I used to say, and my friends would look and say, "Yes, this garage will hold 3 cars." I could really make it "live". I would take them on a tour throughout the house... "Here is the fireplace, and look, this side is brick and the other side is stone." I could make it so real... "Follow me through the rest of the house. Take a look through the picture window here in the kitchen, isn't the view great?" One day, I made the house so real that one of my friends bumped his elbow on the fireplace. I mean, it was that real.

So, the first step of turning nothing into something is to imagine the possibilities. Imagine ALL of the possibilities. One of the reasons for seminars, sermons, lyrics from songs and testimonials of others is to give us an idea of the possibilities; to help us imagine and to see the potential.

Now here is the second step for turning nothing into something, you must BELIEVE that what you imagine IS possible for you. Testimonials like, "If I can do it, you can do it." often become a support to our belief. And we start believing. First we imagine it's possible. Second, we start to believe that what's possible is possible for us.

We might also believe because of our own testimonial. Here is what your testimonial might say, "If I did it once, I can do it again. If it happened for me before, it could very well happen again." So we believe not only the testimonials of others who say, "If I can do it, you can do it. If I can change, you can change. If I can start with nothing, you can start with nothing. If I can turn it all around, you can turn it all around." Then we also have the support of our own testimonial, if we've accomplished something before. "If we did it once, we can do it again. If we did it last year, we can do it this year." So those two things together are very powerful. Now, we do not have actual substance yet, although it is very close.

Again, step one is to imagine the possibilities. Step two is to imagine that what is possible is possible for you. Here is what we call step two - faith to believe. In fact, one writer said this, "Faith is substance." An interesting word, "substance", the powerful ability to believe in the possibilities that are possible for you. If you have faith to believe... that faith is substance, substance meaning "a piece of the real." Now it's not "the real", it's not this podium, but it is so powerful that it is very close to being real and so the writer said, "The faith is a piece of, the substance of". He then goes on to call it evidence, substance and evidence. It is difficult to call substance and evidence "nothing". It is nothing in the sense that it cannot be seen except with the inner eye. You can't get a hold of it because it isn't YET tangible. But it is possible to turn nothing, especially ideas and imaginations, into something if you believe that it is now possible for you. That substance and evidence becomes so powerful that it can now be turned into reality.

So the first step is to imagine what is possible, the second is to have the faith to believe that what is possible is possible for you. And now the third step is to that you go to work to make it real. You go to work to make it a hotel. You go to work to make it an enterprise. You go to work and make it good health. You go to work and make it an association. You go to work and make it a good marriage. You go to work and make it a movement; you make it tangible. You make it viable. You breathe life into it and then you construct it. That is such a unique and powerful ability for all of us human beings. Put this to work and start the miracle process today!

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn

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Set a worthwhile positive goal, for highest good of all.

You are more likely to receive your goal if your goal will benefit others.

eg. I ask for a more affluent flow of income, so that I can invest in a clinic for ........... and thus help myself, family and community.

Find the essence of that which you desire - name three reasons why you need it - make sure desire is not driven by fear, hatred, guilt, greed (negative ego & lower desire)

If not sure of a suitable goal meditate or pray for a positive goal. (you may realise you don't actually need it or you already have it!)

Visualise yourself already with the goal - visualise a picture as vivdly as possible - can be image or short movie animation - make it as appealing & attractive as possible -use glitter & bright colours - now multiply that -even brighter & more attractive

feel / smell / hear / touch / taste / see as if you already had that which you desire. eg. being on the beach - hearing waves, smelling salty fresh air, feeling warmth of sun, see yourself in the deck chair! or maybe see / feel self dancing, feeling vibrant, etc.

Feel ecstatic. Feel you need what you want. Feel you can't live without it. E-motion is energy in motion. Emotion helps to move energy to manifest. (Build manna - communicate with lower self, send energy to higher self - union of three - lower, middle, upper. see kahunas)

You can use a symbol / object to represent or associate with your goal. eg. pineapple (for cocktails!)

Feel worthy of and ready to receiving goal.

Know that you have it! Release to the Infinite Universe.

Be detached from the outcome & don't specify how, when, where.

Can also say, 'If it is Divine Will, grant my request'

So be it. So be it. So be it.

It is done.

Alternatives & Add on's

Visualise self now or with bad habit you want to eliminate - (image 2) - even exaggerate the bad characteristics - make repulsive.

Overide with Image 1 - in a swishing over motion

or visualise burning or throwing away 'old bad habit you' and replacing with new & improved you!

Align yourself with your Higher Self / Higher consciousness / Mighty I Am Presence / Christ Consciousness.

You can also ask God / Angels / etc. for signs

Violet is the colour for manifestation

Energise Pictures with Sound

Use mantras. chanting to empower your mental images. Some say everything is based on sound.

Even the mind is sounds. The mind is based on language. Language is based on sounds.

Om is said to be the sound (or superstring) of creation.

'First there was the word and the word was God' (or Aum)

Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The subconcious doesn't know the difference between reality and what is repeatedly vividly visualized .

I feel churches could improve the healing power of prayer by simply telling the congregations to visualize sending their energy to friends and family - visualizing them happier, healthier and surrounded by light. Also morphogenic field of positive intention is built up - empowering prayer. When you walk in you can feel it eg. Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi.

If you have difficulty getting yourself to do something eg, going to the gym then just visualize yourself going down there and working out. Sooner or later you will actually go and work out. It really works my brother did it!

Stages of Manifestation

Yogi's, Sages, Saints, Mystics have all said Consciousness is the base from which all is made manifest. Modern science is now agreeing with this. Quantum theory states that all arises from a field of pure potential / consciousness, and the observed is affected by the observer.

Matter arises from spirit first. All manifestation goes through at least three phases:

(unfortunately most people skip this last phase and get stuck in a cycle of mind-body-mind-body....or thinking-doing-thinking-doing - instead of taking a break and resting in pure consciousness / being and then getting the next idea/ inspiration/ vision)

For example - an inventor gets some inspiration to invent a new tool that improves efficiency. He has a vision - maybe a more efficient business, or a vision of more communication between people, perhaps a united society. Then the inventor uses logic to see what will work, drawing up plans, researching using his rational mind. Then the inventor makes a prototype ; be it a new improved electronic cash register, or a Network program for the office, or a the first telephone, or a the first car, using his / her body as a vehicle to buy components and put them together.

So the initial inspiration stimulated a whole chain of events, leading to the crystalization of an idea onto the physical plane.

Obviously the above was just an illustration

Manifesting Your Desire

I see manifestation as a mixture of attracting what you want into your life, filtering what is relevant & irrelevant and projecting onto phenomena what you want to perceive.

We manifest what we desire when our will is aligned with the Will of our soul, higher self, monad and God.

What is their will? Well only your intuition can tell you the higher will moment to moment. However generally it can be said that the will of God is that God be known and loved - meaning we should cherish and appreciate God, and since God is in all it is wise to care for our neighbours like our brothers. (as Jesus and many masters have said).

The only dimension that needs to be 'changed' is Love. People need to be aware of the Love available in the moment.

This starts with accepting and forgiving ourselves and others.

So we are most likely to succeed with our manifestation if our intention is positive and alturistic (for the good of others / all sentient beings).

We need to be integrated and balanced on all levels, including: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Selective Attention

Information is constant - so by asking a question - you will be using your conscious & unconscious to filter out & repel irrelevant information and select & attract useful information.

Manifestation or Precognition

Also what may seem as a miracle or amazing coincidence of manifestation - maybe our intuition (higher consciousness - understanding without reason) tapping into what is most probably going to happen next / soon / in future (pre-cognition - knowing before)

eg. When saying 'I need a ........... '

and a related sign or an advert suddenly appears - it may be because our sub / collective concsiousness or higher consciousness knew that the advert / person / object was around the corner - our intuition gave us the impression & impulse so we had the thought - then it seemed to 'manifest'.

When in the flow, manifestation / precognition / filtering happens more often, more effectively, more efficiently and more miraculously!

Miracle Cures

Miracle cures happen when the healer has strong faith in the process of healing, and when his / her intention is pure - acting as a channel of God - "Thy Will Be Done"

Dr Wayne Dyer says when the faith of the healer in healing is stronger than the disbelief of the recipient, then healing occurs.

Also when the patient has a strong belief in the practitioner / medication it is more likely to succeed.

Obviously many causes and conditions need to come together for a miracle to happen.

Purification rituals can help. Donations to benefit animals and other sentient beings build your good karma account.

Remember diseases take years to develop. Cures may not happen over night, but persistence, faith, vigilance, courage and optimism are sure to speed the process of recovery.


Some Buddhist's believe that action is a result of emotional disturbance - eg. constantly working hard - needing to prove to parents that are independent and successful. Also action is a result of past karma / cause / action.

However taking into account the above models we could say that all action is a result of God's Will. This would also comply with the philosophy of Advaita. Which states that God is all there is, and God is the only doer, and we are only mind/body organisms. According to Ramana Maharshi the only freedom we have is to become aware of our body / mind and detach from them, as opposed to being a slave of our mind / body.

Go figure?! Use your own intuition, wisdom & discernment to decide.

Conclusion - No need for manifestation?!

Rule of manifestation - how can you manifest something that is already yours. If we are all children of God, then where is the private property! Fruits of life are to be shared, with awareness.

Enlightened beings don't need to manifest or attract anything - if everything is God, then from a God realized perspective everything is already perfect and balanced - it's a matter of being aware of that inter-connectedness & balance, moment to moment - not easy!

The mystic still has good intuition of what to do next, however he/she realizes that God is the only Doer, meaning that the mystic simply fulfils God's will without thought of "I am doing this for him"

There is no thought of giver and receiver. No thought of separation

Imbalance is an illusion. God is Balance. See Divine / balance in all.

However it is said Saints & Spiritual adepts (eg. Avatars) can manifest instantly after having a thought - strong intention. Also their will is already aligned with God's will. Or they have no will / motive of their own.

The quieter the mind the more powerful it is - may be because their mind is so peaceful, focused, clear and full of pure potential.

Practice meditation - concentration meditation & insight meditation.

Desire is very often fear, envy, jealousy & greed based. eg. I want a faster car than him. I want his girlfriend. etc.

Be aware if your actions are driven by cravings & impulses or needs & intuition

Don't ask when, or how your manifestation will occur. After your practices and preparation let go, surrender and wait patiently. It is like putting water in a freezer to make ice cubes. We need to wait for the freezer to do its work.

Be receptive & aware of signs & coincidences.


it is not only about reaching goals but also about enjoying the process / journey of reaching the goal.

Also all action has karmic consequences. That is why Mystics, Yogi's, Saints, etc. choose the path of harmlessness & non-violence.




Your hoped-for aspirations are on their way to you. They may arrive in a different fashion than you expected, but the rewards that you truly desire - such as feelings of peace, security, happiness - are manifested exactly as you requested. Ask your angels to help you have faith in your ability to manifest. With this faith, you and God can do anything!

This is the process by which all thyoughts transform into tangible form: First, they begin as an idea, born of Divine sources. Then the idea meets with a feeling. If the feeling is loving and nurturing, the idea and feeling creates an embryo of the manifestation. You nourish your newborn idea by believing in it and by following the step-by-step guidance that God and the angels give to you through your feelings, dreams, and visions.

Above card reading from 'Healing With Angels Oracle Cards' - by Doreen Virtue, PH.D. (read more & buy now:- / .com) {PREVIOUS CARD READINGS

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