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Vedic Reading for Sortlifeout's Editor Greg

You have a deep intelligence and integrity, and will inspire good qualities in others. You are self-confident, bold, courageous, resolute, free, and aggressive. You are very sensitive and emotional. You are a sensitive, intelligent, anxiety prone, cautious yet courageous individual. You expressions of love and hate are colored with a lot of passion and intensity. Your mind is very sensitive and seems to be in constant turmoil. It is always in a state of transformation, able to change and morph, and take on the qualities or nature of anything that you expose it to. That can help you to develop some deep insights into the various layers of nature. Learning, researching, and probing into the unknown provides a welcomed opportunity for your mind to use its sensitive nature and brings relief from anxiety.

You prefer intellectual growth and have a bright intellect, with a sharp memory which allows you to learn easily. Your adaptability gives a profound intelligence, an ability to understand knowledge which is normally very difficult to access. You can develop profound insight that others hardly attain. You have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. Emotionally you are sensitive but quite insecure.

Maintaining a steady and happy emotional state may prove to be difficult for you. A constant restlessness, and endless search within, is there. At times you may experience worries, fears and anxieties resulting from seemingly insignificant things. At your best, your familiarity with dealing with emotional challenges makes your very courageous. You can be very sympathetic, but lack the ability to help others emotionally. You do not accept criticism about yourself and feel bad if anyone denies you something. Opposition may make you angry. You can feel a strong enmity towards your opponents.

You have a constant interest in learning, and love playfulness and adventures. Speculative activities may be of an interest to you. You are desirous of attaining spiritual love and are loyal and trustworthy to your dear ones. You are keen to make sacrifices at any cost for your love. You are happy amidst forests, hills and similar environments, and you may enjoy living in such places.

You are aware of your self-importance and good at exaggerating it. You have good mental skills. Blessed with good managerial skills, you understand how to utilize human and financial resources well. You protect yourself from getting hurt, resorting to various types of responses that keep you at a safe distance from possible threats. Life tends to go through phases of ease and struggle. You may have a sense that you are a toy or a puppet in the hands of fate. You are hardworking and devoted to your work. You strive to achieve your mission and do not relax before accomplishing it. Your stomach may give you trouble. Your health may be sensitive due to mental or emotional worries.

Sounds interesting! Much of it seems to really fit well!

birth sign is Aries - impulsive, likes adventure, to live in moment, like to experience, interested in self,

moon sign (emotions) is ruled by cancer - intuitive, emotional, sensitive, defensive, caring, likes to nurture / be nurtured, homely, tends to worry, good with finance,

So you can see that I have some inner conflict - fire (aries) with water (cancer)

And maybe that's why I've got into meditation and spirituality - to figure out how to be happy, at peace with self and others.



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