Wicca & Christianity

Similarities between Wicca and Christianity

by Sophia Fortune

Since I began the study of Wicca four years ago I have been asked many questions about the similarities and differences between Wicca and Christianity. Since I am by no means an expert on any religion I first turned to the Oxford American Dictionary for simple definitions of Christianity and Wicca, this is a pagan religion.

I first looked up Christianity, the definition being "the religion based on the belief that Christ was the incarnate Son of God and on his teachings." Ok no big surprise there. I then proceeded to look up paganism and found this definition, "a heathen". Now being a child of public schooling I was not all too clear on exactly what heathen meant so I then proceeded to look up heathen and was somewhat shocked at what I found. Heathen, a person who is not a believer in any of the worlds chief religions especially one who is neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim. An unenlightened person lacking culture and moral principals. I have to say it was the lack of moral principals that made me want to go and smack the Oxford Dictionary people. However after I repressed that urge I decided the best way to tell you about Wicca and Christianity was to answer some frequently asked questions about the two. I called upon many Christian and Wiccan friends and these are the top 10 questions most asked by either religion.

Tell me about Christianity

1.) Who are the main deities in Christianity? The main deities in Christianity are the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

2.) How does a Christian worship God? Christians worship God in many ways. By going to church on Sundays, taking Holy Communion, confession, prayer, and Hymns are just a few.

3.) Do Christian services use forms of Initiation? Yes in many of the Christian churches you must be baptized, take Holy Communion classes as well as Confirmation classes, and adult bible classes.

4.) Do Christians believe in Angels? Yes they do believe in the messengers that are angels specifically the angel who told the Virgin Mary she was carrying the Lord.

5.) What is a Christian's most important holiday? Christmas the birthday of Jesus Christ, the day in which Jesus was said to have been born in a manger in Bethlehem.

6.) Do Christians believe in hell? Yes Christians believe in hell and in Satan. Satan is often represented as a serpent as is the case in the story of Adam and Eve.

7.) Do Christians believe in reincarnation? No, Christians believe in one life and only one life.

8.) What is the Christian attitude towards Paganism? Many consider it to be sinful and evil however the attitude depends on the person. Many Christians believe their religion is the only way while others believe that there are many ways to God.

9.) Do Christians believe in a Goddess? This is considered in much controversy. Some Christians will say that there is one Supreme Being the God. Others say that in Christianity mainly Catholicism the Virgin Mary is worshipped as a Goddess.

10.) What is the Christian stance on the after life? Christians believe that to do good in ones heart your soul will go to heaven and remain there until judgement day. To do evil in ones heart without repentance is a pathway straight to hell.

Tell me about Wicca

1.) How does a Wiccan worship the Gods? Wiccans worship the God and the Goddess in many ways through spells, ritual, prayer, songs, poetry, and meditation.

2.) Do Wiccans believe in Angels? Wiccans believe in not only angels but also spirit guides. Wiccans believe that we are all put on this earth with many guardians. Angels and spirit guides are always with us and are just one way to reach the God and Goddess.

3.) What is a Wiccans most important holiday? A Wiccans most important holiday is Samhain or Halloween. Not only is Samhain the end of autumn; it is also, more importantly, the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. The eve of Halloween, the night of October 31st, is considered the most magical night of the year. The veil between worlds is thinnest and great magick can be tapped into on this night.

4.) Do Wiccans believe in Hell? No, Wiccans do not believe in Hell or Satan. Wiccans believe that we alone are responsible for our actions and that we can not blame our misfortunes on a fallen angel.

5.) Do Wiccans fly on brooms? No but I would imagine it would be a neat thing to do! Many believe that the myth that witches could ride on brooms was started in a reference to astral projection.

6.) Why is there a Goddess and a God in Wicca? Wiccans believe that the God and the Goddess are two equals parts each completing one another. The God is usually representative of the Sun and the Heavens where as the Goddess is usually represented as the Moon, Earth, and Nature.

7.) What is the Pagan attitude toward Christianity? Many pagans believe that all religions are equal and that all spiritual paths lead to god. Pagans will not preach nor will they try to convert any one of another path to Paganism.

8.) What are altars? Wiccans use altars as their sacred space to meditate and to commune with the Gods. The altar can consist of many things candles, incense, representation of the deities, a pentacle, chalice, and holy water.

9.) What is a Pentacle? A pentacle is a star used to represent the directions and the elements. A Wiccan wears the pentacle like a Christian wears a crucifix. As a symbol of your faith.

10.) What does it take to be called a Witch? To be able to call yourself a witch is a long and difficult process. One must study all aspects of the craft and have dedication to the God and the Goddess. I have studied for 4 years and still do not feel that I know enough to call myself a witch. You do not have to come from a line of witches to be a witch and is you are honestly interested in the craft there are many ways to find information.


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