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By Ramana Maharshi


Disciple: How is one to know that in the heart the Self itself shines as Brahman?

Master: Just as the elemental ether within the flame of a lamp is known to fill without any difference and without any limit both the inside and the outside of the flame, so also the knowledge-ether that is within the Self-light in the heart, fills without any difference and without any limit both the inside and the outside of that Self-light. This is what is referred to as Brahman.


Disciple: How do the three states of experience, the three bodies, etc., which are imaginations, appear in the Self-light which is one, impartite and self-luminous? Even if they should appear, how is one to know that the Self alone remains ever unmoving?

Master: The example The exemplified

1. The Lamp The Self
2. The door Sleep
3. The door-step Mahat-tattva
4. The inner wall Nescience or the causal body
5. The mirror The egoity
6. The windows The five cognitive sense-organs
7. The inner chamber Deep sleep in which the causal body is manifest
8. The middle chamber Dream in which the subtle body is manifest
9. The outer court Waking state in which the gross body is manifest

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