Hundreds of
Uses for Vinegar

Do you know that vinegar there are hundreds of other uses for vinegar? In his incredible new book, Maxwell Stein looks at how vinegar has come to be used around the home and as a traditional remedy.

'Vinegar, Honey & Garlic - nature's secret weapons

  • Polish the chrome on the car
  • repair scratches in wood
  • whiten whites, brighten colours and fade sweat stains
  • Ease the pain of insect bites
  • Lift stains on carpets
  • remove ink stains
  • clean brass, copper and pewter
  • banish unpleasant odours
  • dissolve chewing gum
  • soothe tired and aching feet
  • relieve headaches
  • lift painful corns & calluses
  • helps treat burns
  • Ease nausea & stomach upset
  • cure hiccups fast
  • relieve a sore throat
  • guard against food poisoning
  • disinfect almost anything
  • soothe painful sunburn

Over 325 different uses in total!

Maxwell also writes about uses of Honey & Garlic

Honey & Garlic can be used alone or togther with vinegar for the following

  • A morning treat the discomfort of asthma
  • An ancient Indian Broth used for blood pressure
  • An easy poultice which has been used to treat painful joints
  • A tasty recipe to keep cholestrol at a healthy level

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