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Vision, Goals & Strategy

Nothing is set in stone here, these are just some initial thoughts, plans, goals, ideas, ideals when this website was being created.



Life and Society based on Simplicity, Peacefulness, Fairness, Ethics, Integrity, Balance, Justice, Sharing, Spreading Love & Joy

With people developing Compassion, Wisdom, Respect, Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Tranquility,

With equality of opportunity to express and develop Self.

Issues solved with fairness, equality and with a sense of honour

Not based on any particular religion, faith, philosophy way of thinking - afterall

'There are many paths to the top of the Mountain!'

Bridging the gap between East and West, Left Brain and Right Brain, Male and Female, Science and Religion, Heaven and Earth, Rich and Poor, Life and Death

Critical Mass reached for evolution of mankind - awakening of consciousness.

Freedom from suffering - enlightenment for all sentient beings - starting with helping self, charity starts at home.

Holistic & Integrated views on Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

  • Transcend and include (both / and) - all perspectives - holonic
  • Differentiate and integrate - natural 'holarchy'

Life to be sustainable & in harmony with ecology & environment of this planet and others.

We hope this site and products can inspire you and potentially assist you on your own particular path - transforming yourself into a refreshed being full of love, compassion, respect, responsibility, vitality, energy & bliss consciousness.

Embrace Heaven on Earth. Align with the The Way - The Tao - flow of life

Be like water / sunlight / air / earth / space / ether / (hydrogen) - spreading everywhere - all pervading - Be the mirror of GOD - Be like God, but respect the consequences and law of Karma

See lifestyle page for ideas on Good , Happy , Health living - ethically, and consciously



To create, develop and sustain:


    • Peace
    • Happiness
    • Health
    • Wisdom
    • Success
    • Power
    • Security
    • Awareness
    • Contentment
    • Clarity
    • Virtues
    • Purpose
    • Meaning
    • Bliss
    • Growth
    • Harmony
    • Love
    • Creativity
    • Vastness
    • Sponteneity
    • Balance
    • Potential


    The word anthroposophy was once defined by Rudolf Steiner as "becoming aware of one's humanity".



For the highest good of all, that the information on this website can:

  • Provide resources to help you discover inner peace and true happiness in your life, thus bringing love and light to yourself , those around you and your environment.
  • Promote the realization of your full potential as a being.....being human
  • Help people live in harmony in the short and long term - making life easier
  • Help you 'Sort your own Life Out!'

However I am not attached to the outcome, 'what will be... will be'.


How we can achieve these goals and intentions:

On Personal Level -

  • Respect all, harm no sentient beings
  • Share and spread love, light and laughter
  • Find your joy and spread joy with others
  • Practise meditation & mindfulness training
  • Develop self discipline, self respect, self esteem, self confidence
  • Know Thyself
  • Know this too shall soon pass
  • Cultivate inner potential - develop your creative abilities & talents
  • Cultivate virtues..Honesty, Patience, Generousity (virtues also arise naturally when awareness increases to awareness of others)
  • Move away from negative ego to Buddha consciousness - from serving self to serving other
  • Spend quality time with loved ones and Nature
  • Think of others - take another persons point of view
  • Develop Empathy and Intuition
  • Lead a balanced integrated life
  • Listen to your gut feeling, Listen to Inner voice, still voice inside
  • Embrace and release dark side of self, drop false acts and lies,
  • Educate self and reduce ignorance
  • read pages on: emotional mastery, meditation, ego, service to others , virtues, boosting immune system - holistically balanced

On Group Level

  • Increase group, community, society, cultural and global awareness of root of suffering (selfish craving) and the resolution ( sharing, unity - increasing awareness)
  • Read about 100th Monkey Effect, Morphogenic Fields
  • Our actions effect others - Ripple effect, Web of life - all interdependent - karma
  • Integral Business, Science and Politics
  • Integral Psychology
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Transcend and include (both / and) - all perspectives - holonic
  • Differentiate and integrate - natural 'holarchy'
  • read pages about group meditations, karma, unity , consciousness , ethical business,

On WorldWide / Web level:

Providing Many resources:

Database, Directory & Reference Guide

  • Information & articles - on integrated spirituality, religion, esoteric information, self transformation
  • Alternative solutions, tools for transformation & health and up to date information
  • Events Diary
  • Recommended Therapies & trustworthy therapists
  • Links to 100's of great related sites
  • Recommended further study / action

Actively Seeking & Searching

  • Searching for up to date information about Holistic Health, Success, Transformation, Relationships etc.
  • Investigating the Holistic Perspective & Balanced Conscious Living
  • Investigating efficacy & reviewing Alternative, Natural & Complementary therapies, therapists, events, websites, products and services
  • Investigating the True nature of Truth and Self - on as many levels as possible - with many perspectives
  • Uniting seemingly divergent or paradoxical views
  • Bringing together many faiths, facts and theories, from Eastern & Western Schools
  • We take an open-minded view. No fixed perspective.
  • Thus sifting out all the waffle - just showing you the core essence and most important aspects - maximizing your life with minimum effort


Taking Action & Participating in co-creating a sustainable & harmonious reality

  • Getting involved with Sort Planet Out
  • Offering personal advice and services
  • Increasing use of right brain - leading to increased creativity, ideas & inspiration
  • providing a space for like minded people to interact
  • Eventually setting up a retreat centre - an enlightened community









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