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This website is dedicated to my beautiful wife & soul mate Karolina,
our Amazing Daughter's Amelia & Mia,
my Loving Mum Irene, supportive Dad and loving Brother Pete!

Also I want to thank, acknowledge and appreciate
my whole family, friends, teachers, authors and masters
that have crossed my path and influenced me
along the path since beginning-less time!

Karolina - I Love you with All my Heart and with my Whole Being
I want us to grow old together and
be a happy whole family along with Amelia & Mia!

Amelia and Mia you are Super Special,
Super Loving Rainbow Diamond Girls!
We have so much to share right now and in the future! :-)

Mum I know you are smiling from Heaven, within and without -
You are with us in many more ways than we can imagine!
Mum you will always be in my Heart, Body, Prayers, Thoughts and Deeds!

( and I thought I'd shout this out over the rooftops of the worldwide web ...or whoever happens to stumble upon this particular webpage!:)



What I have to say has all been said before,
And I am destitute of learning and of skill with words.
I therefore have no thought that this might be of benefit to others;
I wrote it only to sustain my understanding

My faith will thus be strengthened for a little while,
That I might grow accustomed to this virtuous way.
But others who now chance upon my words,
May profit also, equal to myself in fortune

(1, 2 - 3 - Shantideva - Bodhicharyavatara)



This site is for informational / educational purposes only.

This website, Sort Life Out Ltd, or any affiliates are not advocating any particular religion / sect / cult / product.

This website does not endorse or claim that any products / remedies / are cures or treatments for any degenerative diseases or viruses. If unwell, ill or in doubt always first consult with your Doctor, G.P. or medical practitioner.

If you would like to be acknowledged or if you would like images or information removed please email us

We advise visitors to this website to use their own discernment.

Many of the links were checked at original time of publishing, however many links may be out of date now.

if you feel any links are inappropriate please e-mail us.





We would like to thank and wish blessings for the numerous friends, family, colleagues, people known and unknown as well as web resources who have assisted in and contributed to the development and review of this website.

Thank you for images and articles that may have been consciously / unconsciously borrowed or linked.

Thank you and Bless you all my friends,family, teachers and all those whom - have, do, and will cross my path, on all levels of existence.

I thank God, All That IS,


Love, Light & Laughter


Be Aware

Copy if you dare! (read about karma)

Ignorance is the cause of suffering! (read about Buddha)

If you do copy - cite source & add link please

Only use info for highest good - positive intentions!

Bless You! You are forgiven!

We are One Love!

Love, Laughter, Light

Respect, Awareness, Loving Kindness

Peace, Unity, Freedom, Inter-connectedness

Warmth, Compassion, Discernment, Truth, Integrity

Virtues, Meaning, Purpose, Principles, Happiness, Abundance, Joy, Bliss


May the merit and virtue accrued from this work,
Adorn the Buddha's Pure Lands,
Repaying the Fourfold Generosity from above,
And aiding those who suffers in the Three Paths below.

May those who see and hear this,
All bring forth the resolve for Bodhi,
And when this retribution body is over,
Be born together in Ultimate Bliss.



Hi, Namaste, Aloha, Big Shout & blessings to everyone I know or used to know (in real life)!

Also hi & blessings to everyone I know and have forgot to mention (d'oh!)

If you are / were a friend of mine and would like to be disassociated with me then please email me for prompt removal. hehe :)

If you are a friend who would like to say something or be added to list please email me flux3000 @ hotmail.com (without the spaces)

PREVIOUS OUT OF DATE e-mail address: super-sonic@ i 12.com:
If you wrote to this address I apologise for not responding. The account is no longer active.


This page is for information purposes only.
This page does not represent the views of Sort Life Out Ltd.


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