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"There is only one water that is clean - steam distilled water.  No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as water does." Dietary Wellness © 1993 James F. Balch, MD

The Hallelujah Diet promotes drinking distilled water to aid the body in removing toxic substances from our bodies.  Distilled water is the world's best solvent, removing inorganic minerals and toxic chemicals that have accumulated over the years of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  It also is best at hydrating cells and providing the body with vital fluids necessary for good health.





WaterWise 4000
Water Distiller



Waterwise Distillers use the most effective method of water purification : distillation. Water is boiled, killing bacteria and viruses, then vaporized to separate out minerals, lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. The vapor is then condensed back into liquid form that is 99.9 percent pure . Distillers eliminate the cost and inconvenience of buying bottled water, and help maximize the life of water-using appliances such as coffee makers, steam irons and humidifiers by preventing mineral build-up.

Our compact countertop distiller produces a 1 gallon batch of clean, pure water in just 4 hours! Providing enough water for up to 4 people, the 4000 requires no assembly or installation and is as easy to use as a coffee maker.

Simplicity by design makes the 4000 simple in operation! Just fill the stainless steel boiler with ordinary tap water and plug into any standard electrical outlet. Then push the start button and walk away. The 4000 stops automatically when the cycle is complete. With its clean lines, powder-white finish and space saving size, the Waterwise 4000 will complement any kitchen decor.

The Distiller 4000 comes with a 1 gallon Polycarbonate collector/storage bottle which fits easily inside your refrigerator. For travel convenience, the bottle goes inside the distiller! This unique portable design is ideal for RVs, campers, mobile homes and dorm rooms. The 4000 is available for all worldwide electrical requirements and includes a detachable power cord.

The Waterwise 4000 virtually pays for itself when compared to bottled water purchases and eliminates the inconvenience of lugging cumbersome bottles home.


Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as bacteria, particles, dissolved solids and VOCs


  1. Ordinary tap water is heated to 212°F, (100°C) killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present
  2. Steam rises leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances
  3. Low boiling light gases are discharged through the gaseous vent
  4. Steam is condensed in a stainless steel coil
  5. Distilled water then percolates through a coconut shell carbon filter, enhancing quality by absorption of VOCs
  6. The purified drinking water is collected in the one gallon Lexan storage bottle (included)






ww4000 glass container

Filter Replacement

After 1-2 months spout filters should be replaced. See below for ordering & payment options.

Distiller Cleaner

Boiling chamber should be cleaned as needed with distiller cleaner. eg. Citric Acid, available at chemists.


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Prices on this page are subject to change without notice.
Please see our Online Shop for up to date prices,
availability and delivery times, Thank you


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WaterWise 4000
incl. VAT & delivery within mainland UK
- £249.95 GBP
Out of Stock

Waterwise 4000

Out of Stock

Polar Bear Water Distiller
~Model 26-M

(Similar to the newer Precision PWS 8-M / PWS 5-3)

Please note - The Polar Bear Distiller company has been taken over by Precision water distillers. So we now supply Precision Commercial Water distiller that are very similar or equivalent to discontinued Polar Bear models.

All Polar Bear Water Distillers are constructed of high grade polished stainless steel. Built to last a life time, there is a ten-year warranty on stainless steel components. Low density incaloy sheathed heating element: Lasts longer due to extra length of elements which dissipates the heat over a larger surface. The incaloy sheath protects against corrosive chemicals in the water. Charcoal Filter: After the steam is condensed by fan cooling, the distilled water produced then passes through a granulated coconut charcoal filter. This aerates the water, giving it a "fresh" taste and traps any volatile gases that may have escaped in the distilling process. Polar Bear distillers have a refillable stainless steel filter canister between the distiller and the holding tank. Standard automatic start/stop float system prevents the boiling tank from boiling dry and extends the life of the heating element.

Distilling Capacity 3.8 Litre / 3 hrs.
Holding Tank Capacity 10.5 Litre
Size 13" (33 cm) high,
(18.5" (47 cm) with tank,
18.5" (47 cm) wide,
10" (25.5 cm) deep
Shipping Weight 25.5 lbs. (11.5 kg)
Electrical 220 Volts, 5 AMPS, 1100 Watts

We also sell the whole range of commercial / industrial Polar Bear Distiller / Precision Distillers & Accessories - see here


Countertop Precision Distillers Similar to Polar Bear Model 26 M

For similar countertop distillers by Precision Distillers please see below

eg. Either

1) PWS 8-M + optional holding tank,
2) PWS 5-3 or
3) PWS 8-5

2) PWS 5-3 capacity = 18.9 L / 24 hours, holding tank = 11.3 L

1) & 3) The PWS 8-M and PWS 8-5 have 30.0 L per day approx. capacity (more than the PB 26 M @ 22.8L / 24 hrs).

1) The optional holding tank for the PWS 8-M is similar at 11 L.

3) The PWS 8-5 holding tank is slightly larger than the PB 26 M model ie. 15.2L (not 10.5L as in the 26 M).

Please see below for images and more information.



Precision Water Distillers - Countertop Units
(Similar spec to PB 26-M)

Precision water distillers are a result of over 25 years of distillation manufacturing experience. The features and benefits provide the very best water system for steam distilled drinking water requirements. It provides safe, pure water at home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

These PWS water distillers duplicates nature's own method of purifying water. This highly reliable process for purifying water combines distillation with a high capacity activated carbon filter providing clean, great tasting water.

Each has different specifications, holding tank size and daily capacity.


PWS 8-M Commercial Countertop Water Distiller UK

Precision Model PWS 8-M
Distilling Capacity:  30.0 L ( 8.0 US gal. ) / 24 hrs*
Optional Holding Tank Capacity: 11.0 L ( 3.0 US gal. )
Shipping Weight: 13.5 kg ( 30.0 lbs .)
Optional Holding Tank  4.54 kg ( 10.0 lbs )

When manually filled, this distiller will produce approximately one gallon of pure water. Following each distillation cycle, the distiller will automatically shut off until water is again poured in the boiling chamber.

Designed with the largest lid opening in the industry and a v-bottom boiler for easy cleaning, your distiller is easier to maintain than others on the market. This distiller features high quality power and fan switches, as well as a reliable float switch that shuts off the distiller when the water level is low, protecting the heating element from burning out.

Source water is placed into the boiling chamber and brought to a boiling point. Pure steam rises to the top of the distiller and enters a baffle system, which draws steam toward a finned cooling coil system. As the steam enters the cooling coil, a gas vent releases any volatile gases from the coil. Following condensing, this hot steam becomes pure water which runs through a charcoal filter and into your storage container or optional storage tank.

Download PDF PWS 8-M Brochure Here

Owner's manual available by e-mail upon request



PWS 5-3 Commercial Countertop Water Distiller UK


Precision Model PWS 5-3
Distilling Capacity: 18.9 L ( 5.0 US gal. ) / 24 hrs*
Holding Tank Capacity: 11.3 L ( 3.0 US gal.)
Shipping Weight: 13.7 kg ( 36 lbs. )

Download PDF PWS 5-3 Brochure Here

Owner's manual available by e-mail upon request



PWS 8-5 Commercial Countertop Water Distiller UK

Precision Model PWS 8-5
Distilling Capacity: 30.0 L ( 8.0 US gal. ) / 24 hrs*
Holding Tank Capacity: 15.2 L ( 4.0 US gal. )
Shipping Weight: 17.7 kg ( 39.0 lbs. )

Download PDF PWS 8-5 Brochure Here

Owner's manual available by e-mail upon request



Precision Warranty

• 1 year parts and labour
• 15 year pro rated on stainless steel

e-mail us for more details



Current price for the PWS 8-M is £995.00* including VAT @ 20% with delivery within mainland UK.

*Please note price subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations and transportation costs so may change at any time without notice.

Owner's manual available by e-mail upon request

Shipping quote for overseas delivery or non mainland UK delivery address available upon request.

Delivery within approx. 2-3 weeks after payment received (payment via Bank transfer).



Polar Bear Warranty

Polar Bear Water Distillers Mfg. Co. Ltd. guarantees their products against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10 years pro-rated after 5 years on all stainless steel parts and 1 year only on all electrical components and other parts to the original purchaser only.

Any defects in parts or labor during the warranty period may be repaired or replaced without charge at any factory authorized service center. All defected parts shall be classified as "for warranty consideration". Polar Bear Water Distillers Mfg. Co. Ltd. will not be responsible for defects, damage or failure incurred by shipping, accidents, alterations, misuse, neglect, abuse or acts of God.

This warranty is not transferable and original purchaser is responsible for all freight costs to and from authorized repair centers. This warranty policy applies to residential systems only.

Tested and Certified by NSF International to ANSI standard 62.



Polar Bear Certifications

The following are a list of our current Certification Records. We are proudly Certified by NSF International - The Public Health and Safety Company, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and CSA International. Polar Bear Water Group (1978) Ltd. is also a proud member of the American Water Quality Association.

Being certified by NSF, UL, and CSA means the following to the consumer: Polar Bear Distillers are a safe appliance Polar Bear Distillers are constructed using certified components suitable for the task Polar Bear Distillers are built as per our published specifications Polar Bear's advertising and literature is not misleading Polar Bear Distiller reduction claims are verifiable and true Each of the three agencies (NSF, UL, CSA) regularly inspect and audit our manufacturing plant to ensure Polar Bear Products are in compliance with our approved guidelines. This certification and audit process ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained in every step of the manufacturing program.
We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

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Waterwise 4000 - Out of Stock
£249.95 incl. VAT & delivery within mainland UK

Accessories & Spares:


Please see here for Polar Bear / Precision Water Distiller accessories and spares


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