The Deadly poison?

Milk : The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen, Brian Vigorita

This work maintains that milk is a toxic substance, containing hundreds of different substances, each one having the potential to exert a powerful biological effect when taken independently of the others. Milk contains proteins and hormones, fat and cholesterol, pesticides, viruses and bacteria (including bovine leukaemia, bovine tuberculosis and cow immunodeficiency virus), all combining to produce an array of ailments in humans. It investigates possible conspiracies which may have influenced the FDA and Congress as well as the scientific and medical establishment to deliberately disguise the dangers of consuming milk and dairy products.

communities that don't consume milk suffer far less incidence of disease (example given relates to breast cancer). Women in China

There is the suggestion that Mad Cow Disease is more prevalent in the World than previously believed. There is the overhanging evidence presented in The Times (UK) (23 Aug 97) that a 24 year old vegetarian had contracted the human variant of Mad Cow Disease - Cruetzfeld-Jacob Disease.

Consider a substitute for cow's milk.

Consume sources of calcium other than dairy produce. Milk from the supermarket or your friendly milkman is pasturised, homogenized and fortified, and intensive farming methods mean there are few nutrients left. Far from preventing osteoporosis, dairy produce actually accelerates the rate at which calcium is lost from the body. And cow's milk now is shot through with pesticides, hormones and trace metals and even radioactivity (WDDTY vol 5 no 1 and vol 9 no 1).

Cow's milk blocks the absorption of iron and zinc, causing anaemia. It also blocks zinc absorption. As zinc controls the appetite, children with low levels of zinc are often picky eaters. The high calcium in milk also imbalances a child's magnesium levels, making him low in energy and often irritable. Children taken off milk usually become better at eating their greens (Natural Parent, December 1997).

Whenever possible, give your children the lifelong gift of breastfeeding. Breastfeed for as long as possible-at least one year, according to the World Health Organisation. Breastfeeding has indisputable benefits. Besides providing perfect food for your child, it prevents against allergies and ear ache, and helps to improve visual acuity and IQ. Unless you must, resist the suggestions of experts to add supplemental feeds. (WDDTY)


Over the past few years, people have been boycotting Monsanto products and published a number of articles about bovine growth hormone and RoundUp and other dastardly roles Monsanto plays in the undermining of human and environmental health. The latest is just one more instance of how bad it can get:

Lies, Damn Lies. And Milk.
by Paul Schmelzer

A Florida judge decided recently that it's technically legal for the media to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast.

The decison reversed a $425,000 jury verdict in favor of TV journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, who sued WTVT-TV, a Fox affiliate in Tampa, for firing them because they refused to air false reports about the presence of synthetic bovine growth hormone (or BGH) in the area milk supply. The husband-and-wife reporting team asserts that Monsanto, maker of BGH, pressured WTVT to edit the story to be less damning to the company (some of the changes would've undermined the credibility of scientists and studies that link BGH in milk to cancer). Akre and Wilson refused, despite repeated attempts by the station to have the story altered and an offer to terminate them with full pay if they never spoke of their BGH findings. Finally, says Akre, when they threatened to report the station to the FCC for falsifying news, they were canned. The lawsuit was settled in August 2000 with the finding that Fox "acted intentionally and deliberately to falsify or distort the plaintiffs' news reporting on BGH" and that Akre's threat to blow the whistle on Fox's misconduct to the FCC was the sole reason for the termination. The station appealed and prevailed, the judge citing that there is no FCC rule or regulation that specifically makes it illegal to mislead, distort, or falsify the news. The FCC's "news distortion policy," says Judge Casaneuva, isn't enough.

To download court documents see New World Communications of Tampa v. Akre or visit Akre's website.

Cows' milk and childhood diabetes
Preventing Type 1 Diabetes: By feeding non-breastfed infants a special predigested formula...
Further information from : Melanie Finnigan, Coordinator, Media Relations, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, (412) 692-5016


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Milk : The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen, Brian Vigorita

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