Group & Planetary Peace Meditations


We humbly invite all people of goodwill to join in the 3 simple activities of the LightShift Global Meditation Initiative. After the tragedy of September 11th and the events in the aftermath-it is critical that we redouble our efforts and join together for peace on Earth.

. First, everyday at Noon (your local time), please join 20 million people in affirming "May Peace Prevail on Earth." The World Peace Prayer society has installed over a hundred thousand "peace poles" in more than 160 countries with these words-where people gather everyday to make this affirmation. Wherever you are, even if you're in the dentist chair, please pause for a moment and transmit this thought wave. Your thoughts have wings.

By January 1, 2000, virtually every spiritual spokesperson on the planet-from Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson to the Dalai Lama and the Pope-joined in supporting these "prayer waves." It has been estimated that between 20 and 50 million people around the world participated in the 29-hour wave which empowered the awesome jubillence commencing the millennial year. Many subtle miracles resulted : No terrorism, no breakdowns, few Y2K incidents, an end to a millennium of end-time thinking. The smoothness of transition into the Millennial Year and the positive shift of attitude was the true miracle of LightShift 2000!

For 2002, it is more important than ever in history to bring our collective energies together once again for Peace. We invite everyone to unite in a critical mass of radiant human cells transmitting our inner light to all of humankind. This is a true moment of grand ignition. We humbly encourage and welcome you and all groups of goodwill with a similar vision to lay aside any differences and join together as One for this simple effort. For together, we are the hope of the future. We are participating in a positive act of planetary alchemy by activating the hologram of love at cyclical intervals. This homeopathic dose of inner light builds the core from which the entire consciousness of humanity is lifted. This planet is becoming whole and holy simply through the Goodwill each of us is willing to offer. You who read these words now are hereby empowered as a spiritual revolutionary and an agent of positive change called the LightShift. We all wish to see our children's sparkling eyes smiling at the Sun.


[Practiced each Monday by a worldwide meditation network. Hour is optional.] We come together in group intent, raising our attention as high in the head as possible, allowing energy - in the form of light - to permeate our being -- that of the worldwide group working with us - filling the Headquarters Building of the United Naitons and coming to rest in the General Assembly Committee on Financing for Development. We hold this vision for three minutes.

We visualize this light flowing toward and through a huge grey corporate monolith, transforming the grey into brilliant white light flowing toward and into the United Nations Headquarters building and coming to rest in the Committee on Finance for Development -- permeating its occupants with radiant light. We hold this vision for three minutes. The light is now directed across the miles to the conference center in Monterrey, Mexico and the hall occupied by the world's richest, most powerful funding agents. It is to this chamber that the intensity of Universal light and love is directed -- permeating the minds and hearts of all in attendance. We commit ourselves to this vision for three minutes, then intoning the chant

Let - Light -- Descend - on -- Earth


Quantum Meditations for Equinox and Solstice

Many individuals and groups will be linking up in meditation for the shift of energies during the forthcoming solstices and equinoxes. Currently, the Earth's solstices are on the same geometric plane as our Milky Way Galaxy, so the alignment of energies at these times is particularly powerful. Many diverse groups will be holding various meditations at these times, and we will post links to their websites. LightShift 2000 wishes to assist the unification of all who wish to gather in focused intent from their pure inner light to help boost the resonance of the unified field of collective consciousness. We recommend a one half to one hour meditation beginning 15-30 minutes before the time of equinox or solstice, proceding for 15-30 minutes after.

Here are the times of forthcoming events: Solstice and Equinox Times (these are Pacific Time)

World Peace Day

Global Times:

see links below for

Please share this message with everyone.

Since 1995 I have been the instigator for a global Solar Meditation called The Solar Wave that takes place on Equinox. I don't think I have felt more impassioned about this Meditation than this year. With the insanity and threats of mass disharmony penetrating our minds, I don't think there is a more important time to work with Heaven and Earth to help awaken humanity. I invite you, and all your relations, to come together at sunrise in a place of power of your choice on March 21, 2003, and focus on a positive future for our families, communities countries and planet. I decided to be in the most harmonious and peaceful place I know of, Palenque Mexico. Where will you be?

Why the Equinox?
At sunrise on Equinox the SUN is equal between Northern and Southern hemispheres and at a mid point between Heaven and Earth. This creates a sacred solar cross in the cosmos which emanates a beautifully harmonious energy that washes over the planet in a wave of light. When we work with this solar energy on a conscious level the power is accelerated. When we work with this energy in groups it is multiplied a hundred fold, but if we work with it globally its power to heal, harmonize, illuminate and create peace is UNMEASURABLE.

March 21, 2003 is the beginning of a Mayan cycle that gives us the ability to let go of the past and simply start over! In Mayan Astrology, March 21, 2003 is 1 MANIK. This is a powerfully transforming day that we can begin again with new intent and at the same time unify, bring together all that has been separate. When we join this day with our positive intent, coupled in the perfectly balanced Equinox energies, we have a awesome opportunity to change our minds on a global level. This is a opportunity to begin living peace. This day will not happen again for 52 years.

Now I know I might get into trouble here by saying this .... but praying for peace isn't going to work.... never has, and never will. Before you send me a nasty letter, just listen to my thoughts here. Do you remember the time you were beginning to understand that you were God, a part of God , co-creator with God. I'll give you a clue it was about the same time your guides seam to quit working for you? Remember when they backed up and let you flog around like a fish out of water?

If you place yourself in God's shoes, moccasins, boots, high heals... what ever, did you realize that you began to manifest as God does! Wow, neat huh? But did anyone tell you what that meant? I don't think so! Well I will let you in on a little secret… what God feels happens, simple as that. When you feel there is war, famine, illness, hate ... the God in you is put into action, and it will all come to pass. If you pray for a sick friend , what you are saying to the universe is... my friend is sick. When we arrange global peace prayers... we are telling the universe we do not have peace. If you feel the world is in turmoil.... well you are adding to that consciousness. Praying for anything is like getting half way across the bridge… If you pray for something, you believe you have a need and at the same time you belive you have the power to change it. You simply neutralize yourself. You don't have the power to get across the bridge. Bummer isn't it.

So how can you feel peaceful and abundant in seemingly tough times. Well you can do what I do. I unplug the TV, cancel the newspaper, and proceed to have a really good time. I plan my life AS IF everything is wonderful, healthy, peaceful and abundant etc. When we act as if, what we are creating is exactly what we want.

My Inca Spiritual teacher Willaru Huayta, taught me a wonderful process that literally destroys the negative and replaces it with a positive. He teaches that any negative thought or feeling is a negative ego. Willaru views these thoughts as illegal passengers in our life and understands they have nothing to do with who we really are. They are nothing but little parasites that we simply starve to death by not feeding them. In other words we simply erase it them from our minds. The negative thought is just a little mosquito to swat away.

Now keep in mind that we are still part of the collective conscious and there are a lot of folks out there preparing their hearts for drama, turmoil, war and death. So is our duty as light workers - God beings - to have a really amazingly good time and LET THE JOY OUT so fully that we literally starve out negative consciousness and undo some damage other unconsciously are doing to our collective bliss. The more Bliss we feel, the better it gets, and everyone on the planet will benefit.

I know we can starve away the desire for war, hate, lack and all the negative disharmonies in the world by just ignoring them - changing our minds. I am not asking us to put our heads in the sand and live in denial. I am asking all of us to not give these negatives any more of our precious energy. We need to quit being the mosquito’s food source after all we got better things to do with our energy right? It is so empowering when we see the evil, hate and war and consciously choose not to give them any energy. What if we just got simply bored with war and hate and gossip and drama and violence and pain... do you these things could exist? No way! The world is the way it is because of the collective consciousness and sadly enough we are a part of that conciseness, Me included... So kill the those sick little bugs that keep you thinking, feeling in the negative.

So again I invite you this Spring Equinox at sunrise on March 21. 2003. I invited you to live your bliss, to live Love, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Limitlessness and Freedom. AND do it so abundantly that all humankind will feel the shift. AND remember to have a really good time while doing so. LAUGH and SING, HUG EVERYONE and be JOYOUS for in doing so we do change the world, absolutely. ~ ~

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known speaker, author, clairvoyant, and sacred site essence formulator. Aluna guides yearly spiritual pilgrimages to Inca and Mayaworlds. Offers Star Elder Sessions and has been called a modern mystic and psycho-geographical healer, but Aluna considers herself simply a spiritual archaeologist. Aluna is author of Mayan Astrology and her articles and services have been accepted world-wide. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: - E-mail

.,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

If you missed reading it you can read the article and the responses at

MUCHO MAYAN MAGIC IN MEXICO - PALENQUE for Spring Equinox - March 2003
Need some PEACE and CLARITY in your life? Nothing comes close to spending time in Palenque within the
harmonizing effects of Spring Equinox! Information at

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Syncronisity would have it that this great article was sent to me. It is about responsibility for our thoughts and actions and how we can turn it all around just by changing our intent. Bravo ~ Matthew Webb! This directly hits the current issues with a huge wallop!

The Influence of Intentions on World Peace

Like wind in the leaves, the mutual feelings of crowds and nations stir us to action, and shape our daily lives. Collective emotions become the magnet to which we are attracted like iron filings. The depth of passion felt within each of us, is a part of the intensity of feelings in distant places without names the world over. In this way the "psychic internet" existed long before the electronic one. Our interconnectedness is a fact of life, from the most basic instinctual levels, to the most advanced intellectual and spiritual plateaus. The states of mind of each person, group and nation, set into motion the trends of action for the next moment, the next hour and even the next decade. Despair or delight, fear and love are contagious things, traveling from person to person in never-ending streams. They flow without international boundary and observe no cultural barriers, via the natural laws which cause the universe to function as it does..

Just as the quality of inner emotion and intention of a given person molds the events of their personal lives, so too do the collective feelings and intentions of humanity, continuously shape international relations. We cannot escape this fact of natural law, but we CAN take advantage of it for the betterment of our species. These facts reflect the fluid nature of is a very permeable medium. It is within our power to consciously hold those states of mind which create world peace, and thereby set into motion the psychic winds of change for the betterment of humanity. It is profoundly useful to finally realize, that what we do on the inside of our being, intimately effects the external, physical world, just as much as physical actions. Seeing this fully, the people of all nations will then be enabled to break the historical cycles of warfare that plague the globe today. They will use this self-realized power of intention and inner feeling, to create a world of progressive and mutual benefit.

The planetary condition we see before us is a mirror of our collective inner state. It is a reflection of both inner chaos and growing wisdom, which will test our evolutionary fitness to survive and grow beyond these primitive times. To go extinct or evolve will be determined by which intentions we choose to cultivate. The wars and civil strife going on RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT, are but the collective symptoms of the inner unrest within individuals the world over. This is the modern group mind reality, a fact that is far more pertinent than which political party, religion, philosophy or nation one may belong to.

Although the faces of generals and politicians may change, it is essentially the same phenomena of inner struggle we see today, that has been witnessed throughout history. Warlike intentions and artificial values give rise to international disaster. History repeats itself, because our own inner hostilities and dissatisfaction keep repeating themselves. To recognize this fact is the first and most critical step for world peace and peacefulness. The next step is to change our daily lives in accord with spiritual realization. How we live effects world change far more readily than any vote cast, petition signed or politician elected.

To truly progress we must stay focused upon spiritual good will, with the full knowledge that any irrationally held hostilities, are ultimately an intentional self-destructiveness. The body of humanity to which we belong is an indivisible collective, and we are its psychic cells and tissues.. For our own sake and self preservation, we must render aid to our neighbors and neighboring countries through such knowledge, with an enthusiasm born of spiritual understanding.

It is our task to INTEND progressive relations into place, KNOWING that there is simply no alternative for our survival and prosperity as a species. In this way love, clarity and progressive relations among nations and neighborhoods, will find their manifestation in world events. From Matthew Webb

There's only one living being, and want it or not, resist it or not,
effortlessly you are with God already....

The Power of Meditation, Prayer, and Focused Intent

Meditation has been proven to be of great benefit for both us as individuals and for the quality of the collective consciousness. Hundreds of city, state, and national studies have been published in scientific journals concluding that when 1/10th to 1% of the population is meditating, the quality of life improves for everyone-with crime, violence, war, illness, and all the other byproducts of accumulated social stress decreasing. The Princeton University Global Consciousness Project has also scientifically validated this phenomenon with their measurements of several large events of focused consciousness. The positive influence of mass meditation is proven and profound, and the simplest and singular most powerful activity we can do to positively impact the present, and the future.

As a famous Indian sage once said, "if just one tenth of one percent of humanity are focused together in transcendental consciousness, it creates the pilot light to ignite the divinity in all humanity." This is precisely the intention of LightShift 2000.

As the labyrinth of the LightShift logo depicts, we are all connected on the "innernet." Within this unity of Heart and Spirit focused on our pure inner light and love, we create massive waves of peace, love and compassion-touching the heart of all humanity and empowering peace on Earth. Your participation is essential to all of our success in this endeavor.

God bless you. Common be your prayer; Common be your goal; Common be your purpose; Common be your deliberation Common be your wishes, Your Hearts in Concord, Your intentions in concord, Perfect be the union among you.

-Rig Veda

World Peace Crystal Grids Placed at the North and South Pole

This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid as it lays on the snow at the North Pole.

This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid as it lays on the snow at the South Pole.

Use this these images to send Reiki for World Peace.

William Rand out them there - read more

Global Consciousness Is Being Measured

by William Lee Rand

A team of researchers headed by Roger Nelson of Princeton University has been conducting an experiment to measure the effects of focused global consciousness on random events. They have had some very interesting results.

Called the Global Consciousness Project, their experiment involves the use of 37 computers located around the world using random number generators to flip virtual coins. The experiment has been going on since 1998. Each computer flips 200 virtual coins at a time and the results of all computers are compared. The results are usually completely random with the virtual coin tosses come up heads or tails 50% of the time. However, when a global event takes place that focuses the attention of billions of people, the randomness of the coin tosses changes and they tend to go significantly more one way than another. In other words they become more coherent or non-random. This took place on September 11 when so many people worldwide were focused on the events of the World Trade Center disaster. This produced the strongest effect so far, but other events have coincided with changes in randomness too, including: each New Years Eve, the papal visti to Israel, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, a variety of global meditations, several major earthquakes, the funeral for Princess Diana and last years sinking of Russia's Kursk submarine. This seems to indicate that consciousness has an effect on other wise random events.

This is a profound scientific discovery as it tends to validate the basis of Reiki and other forms of spiritual healing. Of course anyone who has sent distant Reiki knows this is true from personal experience, but it is important that science is discovering ways to measure these effects. As more attention is focused on scientific studies of this type, they are bound to motivate larger groups of people to use Reiki and other kinds of healing. It is also possible that a better understanding of healing and prayer will develop. This is an important indication that a paradym shift is taking place which will usher in the age of consciousness which I have previously written about in "The Spirit of Reiki." Any scientific method that demonstrates a measureable connection between the mind and events in the physical world is revolutionary in nature and worthy of further study . The Global Consciousness Project will continue.

The Global Consciousness Project:

There have actually been over 200 scientific experiments in the area of spiritual healing. To learn more about this, click here:


Group events are more powerful - the total energy / awareness focused is greater that the sum of the parts / meditators

When groups get together a collective consciousness / level / being / vibe is created

DJ's, public speakers will tell you that when you have a large audience listening / participating / dancing in rhythm - it is like talking to one being;

Join in planetary / group meditations to send love, peace and energy to places / situations that need it most and to mother earth.

Dear Friend, The beautiful audio meditation attached is sent on behalf of Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. As you play the audio it will launch a webpage with a visual meditation to enjoy as you listen.

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Mantak Chia

Ken Kalb

Dr Joshua David Stone

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A Hopi Prayer for Peace -

For a brilliant metaphysical look at the year 2002, please see Ken Kalb's article, "LightShift 2002: The Alchemy of Synergy," at: Feel free to distribute this article.


We thank you for your past support and participation in the ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE PRAYER MEDITATION coordinated by the Honolulu Church of Light. The world as we knew it has ended, and the role of the Lightworker is especially crucial at this time. We hope that you and your spiritual family will be able to join us again in amplifying the light on the planet. Until then, we hold you in the Creator's Light. As always in love, Rev. Carol Morishige Honolulu Church of Light - ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE PRAYER MEDITATION "WE THE PEOPLE" Unite in Prayer and Meditation LIVE Internet Broadcast on "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling"

12 Noon Pacific
1:00 PM Mountain
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Greenwich Meridian Time

Global Times:

Please join Reverends Fred Sterling and Carol Morishige during this LIVE Internet Broadcast to unite in prayer and meditation. Through the power of the human voice, participants from around the world will tone (Ah.Om.Hu.) simultaneously to the notes of G#, E, A flat, C#, G# to create a vibrational frequency of love to heal Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. The heartbeat of Mother Earth and the sounds of whales and dolphins will accompany this sound healing. This is the latest of a series of global peace meditations coordinated by the Honolulu Church of Light.


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