"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly."

"We must learn to help those who deserve it, not just those who need it. Life responds to deserve not need."

"My mentor said, 'Let's go do it', not 'You go do it'.

How powerful when someone says, 'Let's!'"

"Good people are found not changed. Recently I read a headline that said, "We don't teach people to be nice. We simply hire nice people." Wow! What a clever short cut."

"Managers help people see themselves as they are; Leaders help people to see themselves better than they are."

"Learn to help people with more than just their jobs: help them with their lives."

Excerpted from The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn. Copyright 1994 Jim Rohn International. These quotes are by Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher. To subscribe to the Free Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine, go to


By Dr Joshua David Stone

The Bible says, "So what that you gain the whole world and you lose your own soul". One of the great tests of the spiritual path as disciples and initiates move into leadership is the 'test of power'. Will the power go to their head and will it become abused? It will if the person has not done their spiritual homework on learning how to control their negative ego within themselves.

Egotistical leadership promotes within the person the need for superiority and self inflation. True spiritual leaders could care less about this. They are more interested in group consciousness. They recognize the leadership they have been given, however they not only don't flaunt it but are also incredibly humble, grateful, and honored to have the opportunity to serve which is really what leadership is.

Leadership and Psychological Clarity

In my opinion the key to effective leadership is not really so much your level of initiation or light quotient level, but rather your level of psychological or psychospiritual clarity. You can have the most advanced light quotient on the planet or you can have passed all seven levels of initiation but if you are not in control of your negative ego, your emotional body, your subconscious mind, your desire body, and have not learned how to parent your inner child you will not be qualified to lead anything, for you have not learned how to lead yourself.

Clairvoyance or being a clairaudient voice channel does not qualify you for leadership in the slightest. If you want to come into true effective leadership at the highest possible level, then do your psychological homework. This means learn to own your power and never lose it.

Learn to:
maintain unconditional love at all times.
never give in to your negative ego.
be focused at all times and never lose your commitment.
integrate all twelve archetypes and not over or under identify with any of them.
balance and integrate the twelve rays.
integrate and balance all twelve astrological signs.
parent your inner child properly with firmness and love.
control your astral, emotional and desire body.
maintain self mastery and self discipline at all times.
become the master of where you keep your attention.
have absolute mastery over your physical diet so you are not run by your lower self appetites.
master and integrate your subpersonalities properly.
integrate your three minds.
balance your four bodies.
balance and integrate your seven chakras and each of their functions. integrate all ten sephiroth on the Tree of Life.
always maintain a good mental diet.
stay attuned to your Higher Self and Mighty l Am Presence at all times.
have preferences and never attachments.
look at everything that happens as a teaching lesson, an opportunity to grow and a spiritual test.
forgive at all times and not be judgmental.
transcend duality and remain even minded at all times.
be the cause of your life and not the effect.
be a master and never a victim.

These are the key qualities of leadership.

As a spiritual leader one must learn to love one's enemies as Christ said. One can hate the act or behavior to create the proper separation between the evil act and the son of God who consciously or unconsciously chose to do this.

Three Classic Types of Leadership Styles

Three classic styles of leadership are the dictatorial, democratic and laissez faire. The dictatorial is the authoritarian, or autocratic style of a Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini. It would also be the style of the communist countries such as China who use this same method, but as a group of people holding that power.

The democratic form of leadership is based on checks and balances and everyone having an equal vote. Laissez faire leadership style is to just let things flow with not a lot of control. Kind of like being too yin. The dictatorial style being too yang, and democratic being in the middle someplace.

More on Autocratic Versus Consensus Leadership

In reality a balance must be achieved between both of these leadership styles. The inner plane ashrams and different levels would not have leaders if there was not a need for them. There is nothing worse than an organization where everything is done completely by consensus. Nothing gets done because everything constantly has to get voted on. Here on Earth among non-actualized ascended beings this is hardly ever achieved. On the other side of the coin without some form of consensus or democratic process there is the danger of authoritarianism. In my opinion a balance or integration between the two of them is necessary. On the inner plane there is a leader, but there is also a core council of people that the leader works with so both leadership principles can work simultaneously.

Leadership and Constructive Criticism

Another quality that is essential that a leader develop is the ability to receive constructive criticism. The two extremes of the polarity here are either being too hypersensitive to criticism which makes the leader dysfunctional or the other extreme of being too closed and walled off from feedback. The ideal is being open to feedback but not hypersensitive and/or victimized by it emotionally.

A true spiritual leader in whatever profession or field we are talking about must have detachment and a thick skin. In other words he/she has the ability to let things slide off them like water off a ducks back when it is negativity, but can allow in information through their screening process if there is a kernel of truth that needs to be heard.

One other danger I have seen among some leaders in the spiritual movement in a similar regard is to get your feedback from only people with the same imbalances. In other words if someone is over-identified with their emotional body, then they might have friends and key coworkers who are all the exact same type. As Jung might say their feedback will always be through the same lens. This could be true for a mental type, a spiritual type or earthly sensation function type. It is good to receive feedback from a wide variety of people. When a leader and an organization can't receive feedback this is known as a cult!

Leadership and the Issue of Impersonality It is essential for every person in the leadership field to develop the ability to be impersonal. With leadership often comes fame and the need to deal with large numbers of people. One cannot make personal relationships with everyone. Being impersonal does not mean unloving. On the other side of the coin some in the leadership field are too impersonal once they come into power and hence can come across as aloof, too detached or even harsh or impatient at times. This is not good either. There must be a balance that is achieved here. There is also a need to develop a quality which I have coined as impersonally personal.

One other last thought on leadership is in regards to delegating authority. It is possible to delegate too much authority. I think of presidents such as Ronald Reagan and maybe even Richard Nixon where this may have been true. The opposite of this is again that nothing will get done properly unless I do it. This is not good either, so a proper balance must be achieved.

Leadership and the Issue of Boundaries

An ideal spiritual leader must know how to set boundaries. Again when one moves into leadership one deals with a great many people. One must learn how to say no and not feel guilty. One must learn not to be a slave to the phone. One must set boundaries at times with one's time. Melchizedek one day told me that I would be dealing with a great many fourth dimensional types of people who are very well meaning, but would be pulling on my energies a great deal both outwardly and on the inner plane. Very often I receive some very bizarre letters and phone calls from some very disturbed people. Part of setting boundaries as a leader is to make good decisions in terms of who I spend my time trying to help.

This brings me to the next quality of being a good leader which is the issue of termination. Whether running a business or a spiritual ashram or a political team, there are people that come into the organization that are disruptive. Djwhal Khul has asked me on a number of occasions to very firmly but lovingly ask them to leave and not come back to class or to a given workshop. I have to admit it was not my favorite thing to do, but I knew it had to be done. I tried to do it as tactfully and gracefully as I could, but I also did it with full personal power and I knew this was important. These are sons and daughters of God that need to go elsewhere for help. Another example of this might be during a workshop where some strange and/or eccentric person is repeatedly causing problems for the rest of the group, or hogging the discussion. I am sure you all know what I mean. It is essential for an effective leader to step forward and stop this. This might be called tough love confrontation. The danger here is for this power not to go to the leader's head and manifest as impatience or negative anger or intolerance.

I remember one Wednesday night class where a women brought her baby, and the baby was disrupting the whole group in a pretty major way. I didn't do anything and later the group members told me that it was even more disruptive then I had assumed. I promised myself that I would never let something like that go like that again. On the other side of the coin I have also been at major workshops where I came in with a tough love stand and created a confrontation when I should have probably been a little more patient. I have learned from these experiences which have taught me to find the balance here.

Another aspect of boundaries is the issue of the selfish and selfless balance when moving into leadership. There is a great demand upon one's energies when one moves into leadership. This can lead to burn out if one is too much the workaholic or if one does not know how to say no. It is also a danger if one does not know how to be spiritually selfish. There is what is known as egotistical selfishness and spiritual selfishness. Spiritual selfishness is an essential quality for the spiritual leadership group to develop. Being selfless all the time is a prescription for burn out. At times one needs to be selfish and regenerate one's energies, sleep, eat and have fun.

Leadership and the Know It All

One of the other dangers of moving into leadership is becoming over-identified with the wise one archetype. This is called being a 'know it all'. It is essential for an effective leader to first be able to make mistakes and secondly not to feel a need to have all the answers. Even the Masters on the inner plane don't claim to have all knowledge. As a matter of fact the Mahatma told me that it was customary for Ascended Masters to pass on the answering of questions above one's level to the Masters at that level even if the Ascended Master thinks they know the answer. This speaks just to this issue I am bringing up here. To try and be a know it all is a manifestation of the negative ego. I actually respect people when they say they don't know. I find it rather refreshing.

Leadership and the Issue of Mystics, Occultists, and Manifesters

The ultimate ideal is for every leader to develop the ability to become a mystic, occultist and manifester. This is very rare for someone to be well developed in all three. This principle, however is one of the most important for running an effective organization. The mystics are kind of like the visionaries or channels. The occultists are the ones well developed in the understanding of what the vision means and how to formulate a plan to achieve it. The manifesters know how to physically manifest and build the vision and plan. It is essential for every person in the leadership field to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in this regard and to gather around themselves those people who can help embody these principles.

Another aspect of this leadership concept is to have a good balance in terms of ray development. The Masters guided Mikio into my life to help me personally with the manifestation of the Wesak celebrations. It is not that I couldn't do it alone for I have in previous years, however Mikio had put on martial arts events for 5000 people and this freed up my energies to do other things. When an occultist tries to do the job of a mystic there is going to be problems. If the mystic tries to do the job of the occultist there is going to be problems. If either one tries to do the work of the manifester and is not developed at this skill there is going to be greater problems still. This is why a great many spiritual organizations don't work for they don't have the proper balance of all three. Gather around you those people that are gifted in these areas. It is not a short coming to recognize this but an asset. I don't think there are but a handful of people on Earth who are truly gift! ed at the highest level in all three. Many may think they are but not at the highest potential of each. This is another example of the importance of group consciousness.

Leadership and a Universal, and Eclectic Focus

This is a subject that is very dear to my heart. It has to do with the importance of the spiritual leaders developing a universal and eclectic focus in their work. I personally feel that one of the biggest reasons my books and workshops have been so successful is because of this approach. My books honor all spiritual teachers, all religions, all spiritual texts, mystery schools, all spiritual paths and synthesizes them into one spiritual path. I do this even though I work out of Djwhal Khul's and Kuthumi's ashram. I could be just focused on Theosophy, Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Foundation information but I am not. I am well versed and well studied and read in all of them. I represent all Masters both planetary and cosmic. This is also why I am overlighted by Melchizedek and Lord Maitreya in my work. Thousands of people are attracted because of the feeling of "inclusiveness" that is created not 'exclusiveness'. The feeling and thought is created that we are all on the same team. The unity of diversity.

Leadership and Cooperation

This is another Christ quality that is essential to develop to become a true leader among men and women. I like working with other people and I find doing so to be one of the great accelerators of the ascension path. The first principle here is the importance of cooperating rather than competing. This is a hard lesson for many lightworkers to learn. People even compete over their level of initiation. When you truly move into group consciousness a great deal of this can be released.

To cooperate with others one must have a thick skin and practice patience a lot. One must also be able to practice humility and turn the other cheek. One must also be able to communicate when necessary to keep things clear. One must keep the greater work of the ashram as more important than the pettiness of the personal sensitivities of the ego and personality. This level cannot be completely ignored but it can be given a lesser priority. Detachment is another quality that must be developed. Also understanding of the psychodynamics among team members allows one to not get one's buttons pushed as much. The principle is the choosing of love and peace instead of conflict, fear, attack and war. I am a peace maker and I choose to remain on good terms with everybody at all costs, not for them but for my own inner peace. I will confront people when I need to, however I will always do it in the most lo! ving and respectful way I can while still getting my point across. I also try and be a love-finder instead of a fault finder and see the best within people and not be intolerant of people's faults including my own.

From Manual For Planetary Leadership - see below

'To serve is to rule'

Cooperation is the key here. Learning that responsibility means being able to respond to a situation... to work with what is. Working closely with others--giving and taking--is in order and will provide the needed ingredient.


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