Hidden Mysteries - Chapter 38 by Dr Joshua David Stone

The Huna Teachings of Hawaii "The Huna teachings are the clearest form of psychology and religion on the planet." UNIVERSAL MIND AS CHANNELED BY PAUL SOLOMON

I was first exposed to the Huna teaching by Paul Solomon who is the channel for the Universal Mind and whom people call the next Edgar Cayce. In Paul's channelings, the Universal Mind said that the clearest form of psychology and religion on the planet was the Huna teachings of Hawaii. I immediately went out and got everything I could find on the Huna teachings. The following is the essence and core of their teachings. One other remarkable occurrence that I came upon in my research for this book was the fact that the Egyptian teachings involved with becoming initiated into the Order of Melchizadek in the Third Dynasty were almost word for word the teachings of the Huna of Hawaii.

The Psychology and Teachings of the Kahuna

The Huna teachings are an ancient secret science that has come to Western man through the work of a man by the name of Max Freedom Long.

Max Freedom Long got his initial start in the teachings of Huna from a man named William Tufts Brigham. Brigham had spent 40 years living in Hawaii, trying to get at the secret of the Huna teachings. He was able to obtain much information, however, was never able to get at the core of the teachings.

At the age of 82, as synchronicity would have it, he and Max Freedom Long met. Mr. Long had heard of Mr. Brigham's interest in Huna, and had searched him out. Mr. Brigham knew after a short chat, that this was the man who would carry on his study and search for the substance of the Huna teachings that he was unable to find. Max Freedom Long studied the work of Brigham and did carry on his work and study. He, however, came across the same stumbling block that Brigham came to. The Huna teachings were an ancient teaching that was passed on by word of mouth. Every effort that Max Freedom Long made to get at the teachings, he was shunned. The few Kahunas left in Hawaii would not speak to him. For many years he was stuck at this impasse. In 1935 he had a breakthrough. Upon waking from a sleep, he had the insight to make a fresh translation of the recorded chants and prayers from the "root" words. The Hawaiian language is made of words built from short root words. The fresh translation from these root words was the key that unlocked the secret to how it is believed that the Kahunas did their magical feats. Max Freedom Long spent the next 40 years studying and working with the Huna teachings, until his death in 1971. It was at this time that the apprenticeship was passed on to a man by the name of Dr. E. Otha Wingo. It is Mr. Wingo who is head of the Huna Research Associates, and who is the author of the Twelve Lesson Huna Correspondence Course. The Correspondence Course is for the practical application of the Huna teachings. I have personally found the Correspondence Course to b quite helpful. The presentation I am about to make are hence the interpretations of Huna as understood by Max Freedom Long and Dr. E. Otha Wingo. I will refer to their interpretations in this chapter as the Huna teachings. The core and essence of the Huna teachings is that man is made up of three selves or minds. These can be most easily called the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the superconscious mind. It is the conscious mind which the Kahunas called the uhane or middle self. This middle self is the part of man that is conscious of his own existence, and has the ability to reason. It has also been given free will to create in life as it pleases, along with the low self. The subconscious mind was called the unihipili or low self. It is the part of us that presents the unconscious material to the conscious mind, so it may reason for or against it. The low self is the storehouse of all memory, and the seat of the emotions. Its form of mentation is considered to be that of animal level reasoning. The term low has no reference to rank of importance, rather only to the fact that it is below the level of consciousness of the middle self. And to the fact that its bodily center is! in the solar plexus rather than in the physical head region. The third part is the High Self, called the Aumakua by the Kahunas of old Hawaii. The High Self is the "older, utterly trustworthy parental self of spirit." This Higher Self lives at a higher plane of consciousness, outside of the physical body. It will not intervene in the affairs of one's life unless asked to do so. This is understood to be some cosmic law the High Self must adhere to. The High Self has a higher form of mentation than the middle or low selves. It is the part of us that is supposed to give us our dreams, intuitions and premonitions through the subconscious self. Huna teaches that it is the High Self who constructs our future from the thoughts, hopes, and fears of the middle and low selves. The High Self is supposed to be able to see into the future as far as one's thoughts have been crystallized. As thoughts change daily in the life of the middle and low self, so does the future according to Huna teachings. Huna also teaches that communication with the High Self occurs quite naturally during sleep. It is in this contact at night time that most of the thoughts of one's day are supposedly averaged by the High Self and used in some mysterious mechanism to materialize conditions in the future. In the Huna teachings, all three selves have their proper part to perform in the life of each individual. Life, health, and happiness has to do with the integration, blending and harmonizing of these three selves. The other most basic teaching of Huna is that people are made up of 10 basic elements. To understand this concept it is necessary to understand the basic triad of Mind-Force-Matter. I have already mentioned the three levels or grades of consciousness, (Subconscious, Conscious, Superconscious). It was believed then that the basic vital force or energy in a person's body was divided into three voltages. The lowest voltage was that of the lower, or subconscious self. This same vital force or energy, when used by the middle self or conscious mind, was thought to be raised to a higher voltage. In the same way when this vital force was raised to the level of consciousness of the High Self, it was raised again to even a higher voltage yet. In summary, the basic vital force or energy of a person would change according to which mind or self was using that energy. The last element of this triad is that of matter. Huna teaches that each of the three selves has a shadow body or etheric body. An etheric or shadow body is a metaphysical body, that is thought to be an exact duplicate of everything that exists in the physical world. It is this energetic mold that holds any physical form together. It is believed that not only do our three selves have a shadow body, but also everything that has ever been created. The shadow body of the low self is said to be a mold of every tissue of the physical body. The low self shadow body, hence, looks exactly like the physical body except is metaphysical in form. Huna teaches that all memory is stored in this shadow body of the low self. The shadow body of the middle self is supposedly an energy body in the physical head region. The low and middle selves, hence, interpenetrate the physical body with their shadow bodies. The High Self has a shadow body also, however it does not interpenetrate the physical body. The High Self is supposed to be connected to the low self through an energy cord. This energy cord has been called the silver cord in other mystical teachings. I have so far mentioned 9 elements. The 10th element is the physical body, which is the vehicle or instrument in which the low self and middle self operate and live. Huna teaches that the high Self expresses all the divine qualities ...compassion, patience, love, forgiveness. It is the ideal to which we as middle selves are supposed to aspire. It is a step advanced in the mental powers and creative abilities. The Higher Self is also considered to be a combined community of spirits. They are considered to be individual in identity, and yet one with all other High Selves at the same time. The High Self is also considered to be a perfect blending of masculine and feminine. The High Self is hence an androgynous spirit or self. The shadow bodies of each of the three selves was said to be made of an "aka" substance. This aka substance has a sticky and elastic quality to it, and can stretch without breaking. This substance is also a perfect carrier and conductor of vital force. According to Huna teachings, the lower self shadow body is capable of changing shapes temporarily or permanently to form a connecting thread between the middle and High Self. A person who has a good relationship, and strong rapport with their lower and Higher Self have developed these aka threads into aka cords. It is upon these aka threads and/or cords that vital force and thought forms can travel. Every time we contact our lower self, Higher Self, any object, or person in the world we are sending out these aka threads. When contact is made between two persons, a long sticky thread is drawn out between them. Further contact adds other aka-threads, and these are braided together into aka-cords. This aka-cord results in a strong rapport between the two individuals. Telepathic communication, according to Huna, has to do with the traveling of vital force, and thought forms through these aka cords. This telepathic sending of thought forms and vital force, can occur between the middle, lower, and Higher Selves, and/or between two persons who have a strong aka-cord connection. Every thought we think was thought to have a shadow body around it also. In other words it is a thought 'form'. As a thought is formed it was said to be fastened by a thread of this aka substance to the threads that came before it. This concept is the explanation given for the association of ideas as known in modern psychology. In other words, as one's conscious mind holds any given thought, all other thoughts attached to the thought form pulled will follow suit. Another extremely important point in the Huna teachings is that of vital force or mana. Mana or vital force is the basic energy of all things. Huna teaches that mana or vital force is taken from the food and air by the low self and stored in the low self's body, also known as the shadow body. This vital force in the lower self's shadow body can be used for any thing the middle self wants. This mana, when used by the middle self is hence raised from the shadow body of the lower self to the physical head region of the middle self. The mana , when used as the life force of the middle self, is changed in some subtle way. This force, when raised like this, is called "the will", in modern psychology. When the middle self does not use this will power as it should, the lower self acts out and flirts from one activity to another without carrying out any suggestion or commands effectively. The lower self or subconscious self, in Huna, is thought to be like a child. It needs to be loved, and it needs to be treated firmly and in a disciplined manner. A real physical child if spoiled and not given any discipline will act out. It is the same with the lower self. This is why it s essential that the middle self raise the mana or vital force for use as will power. The middle self is the reasoning mind which is like the parent of the lower self, just as the Higher Self is the parent of the middle self. The three selves are hence levels and gradations of consciousness. The Kahunas believed that everything in the universe was in a state of evolution. This went for the elements, plants, insects, animals, lower selves, middle selves and Higher Selves. They saw the entire universe in levels and gradations of consciousness. The Kahunas believed that God was a triune being, just as people are triune beings. They believed that God was a trinity of levels of Spirit. They termed these three levels Ku, Kane, And Kanaloa. This concept of God correlates with other religions such as Christianity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and Hinduism (Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu). The Kahunas believed that the process of evolution was one of moving through these levels of consciousness, back to eventual at-one-ment with God the Creator, or Ku. In making prayers to the Higher Self, the process is very similar to the process between the lower self and middle self. Once the middle self has raised the vital force from the shadow body of the lower self to use as "will", it can do whatever it wants with this energy. This will can be used for physical exercise, or controlling the lower self, or thinking, or praying or whatever... The process of prayer to the Higher Self is the raising of the vital force or mana to the next voltage up from the middle self. The key issue here that is very unique to the Huna teachings, is that it is the low self that takes the thought form prayer to the Higher Self. If the low self has a complex of sin, guilt, unworthiness, or doubt, it will not deliver the prayer. The low self uses the mana or vital force that the middle self has raised, and sends that vital force up the aka-cord or silver cord, with the thought form prayers. Huna teaches that the High Self cannot manifest a person's prayers unless it receives the needed vital force or mana from the middle and low selves. It is essential according to Huna teaching hence, to accumulate a surcharge of vital force before beginning to pray to the Higher Self. A great deal of emphasis in the Huna teachings is given to how this is done.

As I mentioned before, a certain amount of vital force is created from the food we eat and the air we breathe. I will list now a number of ways the Huna have taught to accumulate this extra energy:

1. Asking and commanding the lower self to build up a surcharge of vital force for use in prayer.

2. Physical exercise

3. Deep Breathing - which causes more blood sugar to be burned. (main method)

4. Postures.

5. Nutritious food.

6. Visualizing vital force rising like a fountain of water, from the base of the spine up through the top of the head.

7. Mental attitude of gaining personal power and strength - (Attitude of preparing for a race).

8. Proper sleep and rest before hand.

9. Affirmations - spoken out loud - ("The Universal life force is flowing into me now ... I feel it").

In conjunction with the need for vital force to send to the Higher Self is the need for the "Clearing of the Path". The Clearing of the Path, is the removing of all thought forms that would sabotage the prayer. The thought forms that sabotage a prayer can occur on the conscious or subconscious mind level.

For example, if a person makes a prayer for healing, and then says when they are through that this isn't going to work, then they are obviously sabotaging their efforts with antithetical thought forms. What can also happen is that a person is consciously behind the prayer, however, the subconscious mind isn't. What may happen in this case is the lower self may deliver the prayer, but ruin it with thought forms of doubt or fear.

Another possibility is that the lower self will refuse to deliver the prayer at all because of its fixations of guilt and unworthiness. The relationship and understanding between the middle and low self is hence, essential, before one can even get the High Self effectively involved.

Huna teaches that the only sin there is, is that of Hurting Another Person. They believe that it is not possible to sin against God or the Higher Self.

To "Clear the path" according to Huna, one must make amends or balance out the hurts that were inflicted upon another. This can be done in an infinite number of ways as long as the lower self is convinced along with the middle self that amends is being made.

The use of some kind of "Physical Act" or "Stimulus" is usually more convincing to the lower self. Any act that is perceived of as a sacrifice or a service to others can be a help in balancing out these guilt complexes and feelings of unworthiness. The middle self and lower self must also be trained to know what truly is sinful in contrast to what is dogmatic traditional concepts of sin and religion.

Once the clearing of the path is achieved, the lower self can send the accumulated mana and thought form prayers right up the aka-cord (antakarana) to the Higher Self.

The last step in this process before this can be accomplished is to create a proper thought form prayer. Huna teaches that thoughts are like seeds.They believed that in some strange unknown way, the Higher Self uses the thoughts we think, to create our future. The action of prayer was a way of sending new thought forms to the Higher Self for an action that is desired for materialization, in and on the earth plane. In making prayers the Kahunas stressed the importance of preparing very carefully the thought form seeds one wishes to create. The one rule was that what asks for does not hurt others, and that it is a reasonable request of something that is sincerely needed for self or others. It is suggested that the exact wording of the prayer be written out on paper, so an exact picture of what is desired can be visualized. It is also essential that the prayer be worded in the positive rather than negative language. Huna teaches that a prayer for healing should be worded in a way where what is seen is the finished product or healed result. This is in contrast to saying a prayer where the illness or injury is mentioned. An example of a poor prayer, according to Huna, would be saying, "Heal my injured leg." Mentioning the injured leg, according to Huna, is presenting a negative seed thoughtform. A better way to say this would be, "I ask that my leg be healed so that I may run and jump and walk to my hearts content with perfect ease and balance and comfort." In this example the thought form seed does not mention the injury, but rather the visualization of the healed result. The visualization of the thought forms desired is a way of strengthening the seed thoughts that are sent to the Higher Self. In summary, the Huna prayer method begins with first "Clearing the path". This means the removing of any negative thought forms in the middle and/or low self that would prevent the low self from taking the thought form prayer to the Higher Self. Step two is the creating of the exact thought form prayer, and writing it out on paper, while developing a strong visualization of the healed result. Step three is the building up of an accumulation of vital force in the shadow body of the lower self for the use of the middle self when the prayer action begins. When these three steps are achieved the prayer is to be formed by wording it aloud three times over, using the will to impress the prayer on the low self, and to build strong thought form clusters. The prayer, when thus made, is held in mind and the low self is ordered to reach out and take to the High Self (Soul). When an answering electric tingle is felt, the prayer is recalled or even spoken again aloud so that it can be sent to the High Self with the extra supply of vital force needed to materialize the thought forms of the prayer into immediate or future events. The ending or closing portion of the prayer should be made definite. Otherwise there is the danger of mixing a jumble of contaminated thoughts into the prepared thought form seed picture. The Kahunas would end their prayer with the words, "The prayer takes flight. Let the rain of blessings fall." This is an important point, because, as I said previously, the Higher Self can and will only manifest what we ask it to. The statement of "Let the rain of blessings fall", is the request for the prayer to be answered. The formal ending of a prayer can be delayed 15 seconds to a minute, to allow the low self to do its work of sending the vital force and thoughtform prayer up the aka-cord (antakarana). During this time it is essential that the middle self relax, so as to not call the low self immediately back to begin another task. Once the prayer is definitely completed, it should be let go of, to the keeping of the High Self. All that is then needed on the middle and low self level is the "faith and trust" that the prayer will be answered as requested. Any other thoughts besides this would be a sabotage to the prayer procedure. How the prayer will be answered should be left to the workings of the High Selves. Another extremely important point according to Huna teachings, is for the middle self, or person asking for the prayer, to do everything humanly possible to help manifest the prayer. The middle self and lower self have to continue doing their part in the process of living. Just because a prayer is made doesn't mean a person can just go and sit in their room and wait for the prayer to manifest. The middle and low self must continue to do their part to manifest the prayer' without negative thinking. Another point is to not speak of the prayer with any persons who would add doubt or negative suggestion to the manifestation of the prayer. Huna teaches that if a prayer is made for the healing of another, this individual must be cleansed of all negative complexes as a preliminary act, otherwise his low self will prevent the healing. The last point in this discussion of the Huna prayer method, is to be prepared to make the prayer action in the exact same manner daily, until the desired result is accomplished. The phenomena of instant healing by the High Self, according to Huna, involves the shadow or etheric body of the low self. As stated before, the shadow body of the low self is a perfect metaphysical mold of the physical body. A bone may break in the physical body, however, the blue print or perfect mold in the etheric will not be affected. The shadowy mold is affected by what happens in the physical, however, the perfect mold can never be destroyed. The process of instant healing is one in which the mold is emptied of broken or diseased tissues and is refilled with basic substances to conform to the uninjured mold. This is done by the High Self in some unknown way and manner, once it is asked for and the path cleared, and the needed vital force is given to make the change. Huna teaches that this same process is what accounts for the phenomena of apports. This usually refers to the moving of physical objects over long distances by disincarnate spirits. The explanation the Huna teaching gives is that the disincarnate spirit somehow obtains an accumulation of extra vital force, and uses this vital force to dematerialize the physical object into its etheric or shadowy form. Then moving the object to the desired place, and materializing it back into physical earthly form. Huna teaches that it is also possible for the High Self to control such things as the weather, animals, insects, plant life, and/or anything on this third dimensional plane of reality. The phenomena of spirits materializing at a seance is thought to occur by the spirit using the vital force of the medium and the group to form themselves into denser matter. Another interesting anecdote on this issue of vital force and its uses by the Kahuna has to do with times of war in Hawaii. The Kahuna would take a 'stick' and fill it full of vital force and throw it at the oncoming enemy. When the stick would touch the person, they would be knocked immediately unconscious. The process of psychometry, according to Huna, is the ordering of a low self to follow the aka threads of an object back to its owner. This owner may be on the other side of the world, or in the astral plane. It apparently does not matter to the low self. The thoughts and memories and appearances would be noted, and then are brought back and given to the middle self. The low self shadow body, as I said before, is an exact metaphysical duplicate of the physical body. The low self hence has five inner senses, just as the physical body has five outer senses. The low self can be taught and trained to go and get information that it would be impossible for middle self to get. The phenomena of astral travel is when the low self, or, the low self and the middle self, leave the physical body for a period of time and travel in the astral frequency. The Hunas taught that every person does this every night in their sleep, however, they just don't remember when they wake up. It was believed that after physical death, the person would make a thoughtform world of 'purgatory' in which they would live as in a dream, all such things they needed to live out. The last point I would like to discuss in relationship to Huna, is that of their concept of 'normal living'. The point being that the integration of the three selves was the goal. The Kahunas believed that each living thing was in its intended stage of evolution, and there was sufficient time for all to grow upward. They believed that family life was good and that all normal living was good. They did not preach a doctrine of asceticism or self denial. They believed that the low self was just as important in the workings of life as was the High Self. They believed that God could not be reached by going straight up, but rather by living properly and normally on the earth with one's fellowman!!!



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Many Thanks to Dr Joshua David Stone

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