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Many Different Spellings - eg. Qabalah - but original spelling is KABBALAH

The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah; Paperback ~ Will Parfitt (EUROPE

The Kabbalah is a collection of teachings that date back to the ancient Egyptians and which offers an explanation of who we are, why we are here, and how we can make the best of ourselves and our lives. It has had a tremendous influence on Western thought - people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare used it and even the founding fathers of the United States were influenced by it.More recently, famous psychologists such as Freud and Jung were drawn to it and today, stars like Madonna, Jerry Hall and Kirk Douglas have all expressed their interest in the wisdom it has to offer.

The Kabbalah is a very straightforward and logical system to learn. It is also a very practical system and can be used for self-help and personal development, intellectual understanding and spiritual growth. Kabbalistic teachings can be easily and genuinely applied to all areas of your life for deeper understanding, problem solving and generally enhanced appreciation of whatever issues are currently on your mind. The teachings are summarized in a diagram called the Tree of Life which presents visually the information accessible through the Kabbalistic teachings and reveals incredible patterns of connections that explain previously misunderstood areas.The Kabbalah has successfully helped thousands of people over thousands of years to understand themselves and every aspect of their lives and is an indispensable source of wisdom and practical, relevant knowledge. The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah by Will Parfitt is the only book you will ever need to understand and use the Kabbalah effectively in your daily life.


This guide reveals the ancient mysteries of the "Tree of Life". It explains in straightforward terms how the Kabbalah can help you to: understand the connections between events, work from the heart as well as from your intellect, and open yourself to the resources of your own inner wisdom.



What is Qabalah?

Qabala is an ancient wisdom tradition and teaching that has been handed down orally for ages. It specifically refers to the tradition of Jewish mysticism. Qabalah reveals the essential framework, function, order of the cosmos and man, and points the way to harmonious living. "If we would know the inner nature of man by his outer nature; if we would understand his inner heaven by his outward aspect; if we would understand the inner nature of trees, herbs, roots, stones by their outward aspect, we must pursue our exploration of nature on the foundation of the Qabalah. For the Qabalah opens up access to the occult, to the mysteries; it enables us to read sealed epistles and books and likewise the inner nature of men."--Paracelsus True qabalists are Jewish scholars and mystics with vast learning in both the Talmud and the Torah.

Qabalism includes one of the only complete and comprehensive methods known for classifying the universe, both macrocosm and microcosm, the different levels of existence and the extensive hierarchies of angels and demons. The Tree of Life Qabalism is built around a diagram called the Tree of Life .The Tree of Life symbolizes the soul of man and the Universe. The above diagram contains 10 circles representing the Sephiroth(plural) or Sephirah (singular). The Sephiroth are numbered 1 through 10 and each represent an archetypal idea. Additionally they represent emanations from God and describe the process of creation. Just beyond the number 1 Sephirah, Kether or "Crown", are the 3 veils of negative existence. They are Ain, Ain-Soph, and Ain-Soph Aur. Known in English as Nothing, Infinity, and Limitless Light respectively. These describe the process of manifestation from "zip" prior to the existence of unity (Kether).

The Four Worlds

To throw even more information at you the "Tree of Life" exists in 4 stages or planes.

Olam Atziluth or The World of Nobility This is the highest and least material of the 4 worlds. Here each Sephirah is associated with a name of God peculiar to its nature.

Olam ha-Briah or The World of Creation here the Sephirah are associated with various archangels.

Olam ha-Yetzirah or The World of Formation here the Sephirah are associated with various orders of angels, such as the Cherubim and Seraphim.

Olam ha-Assiah or The World of Action defined as the lowest, grossest and the most material of these 4 worlds.

The 10 Sephiroth are connected by 22 paths. These correspond to the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Each path is associated with a planet, element and astrological sign.

Together the 10 Sephiroth and the 22 paths comprise the 32 Paths of Wisdom. This is a very basic and superficial explanation of the Tree of Life. But was put forth to give the reader a quick overview.

The Pillars

All of manifestation is based on duality; the right hand Pillar of Mercy represents the positive, spirit, masculine and active pole. The left hand Pillar of Severity represents the negative, matter, feminine and passive pole. This duality is in everything; there is a duality in the Tree as well as in every Sephirah. It is the principle of polarity. The middle Pillar represents Equilibrium or Consciousness.

The Lightning Flash

The Lightning Flash or Descent of Power is depicted in the diagram on the left. The structure of the Tree of Life is based on the emanations flowing down from the first Crown (Kether). After the initial spark of creation a sequence unfolds from the first container or Sephira (Kether) through 8 stages to resolve in the 10th Sephira, Malkuth or Kingdom at the bottom of the central pillar (Middle). Z'ev Ben Shimon Helevi states that, "The Sephiroth on the Tree might be regarded as a system of functions in a circuit through which flows a divine current. Each function creates not only phenomena, but transforms all the adjacent sub-circuits. Any Sephiroth can change the direction of flow, creating variable fields and actions. Power may be stepped up or down in all Sephiroth thereby modifying events, while the current returns to Source via the Earth of Malkuth."


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The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg With this new book, you can draw upon the ancient spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah to make positive changes in every area of your life. "The Power of Kabbalah shows you how to reveal the beauty of your spirit and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation." - Deepak Chopra

Kabbalistic Astrology If you ever wondered why things happen the way they do, Kabbalistic Astrology can answer your questions once and for all. What's more, Kabbalistic Astrology shows you how to stop reacting to the events of your life, and to start taking proactive steps toward creating the fulfilled life that is every person's inalienable right. In this groundbreaking book, you'll learn: Why destiny is not the same as predestination, What challenges you faced in your previous, incarnations,why you still need to overcome those challenges, what the creation of the universe can teach you about creating a richer life and the secrets to finding love, financial success, and spiritual fulfillment- not just in general but for you as a unique individual!

ISBN:1-57189-134-x Format: Hard cover Pub Date: October 2000 Pages: 208

Excerpt: Kabbalah offers the oldest and wisest application of astrononmy and astrology known to humankind. As practiced by the Kabbalist, the probing of planets and the study of stars is a true science through which we can understand and satisfy our own deepest needs and the needs of others. Unlike conventional astrology, which insists that everything we do is determined by the heavens, the Kabbalistic study of planets and star formation tells us that we are each born at the precise instant that is best suited to our special needs. Kabbalah teaches that we have many possible futures and that we can, through Kabbalistic wisdom, truly become masters of our destiny.

Table of contents:

Section One: Introduction
Section Two: Blueprint of a Human Soul
Section Three: The Moment "Before" Creation
Section Four: Spiritual Evolution
Section Five: Cracking the Code of the Soul
Section Six: Forgotten Influences
Section Seven: Monthly Soul Strategies


ASTROLOGY AND KABBALAH A Re-write of the Anatomy of Fate by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton) ISBN: 1 871989 07 8 -

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