Hands of light, By Barbarra Ann Brennan   (£15:99) - Learn about Healing, Auras and Chakras (UK / US)***** Must buy - amazing, definitely! Lots of pictures & information  


Cosmic Healing II      
  Hands-on Healing: A Practical Guide to the Healing Principles of Life Energy Jack Angelo (UK / US) - *****   Recommended reading for NFSH spiritual healers - shows alot about anatomy & physiology

Essential Reiki,

by Diane Stein - tells you everything about Reiki I, II & III (including secret symbols) (UK / US) - ***** must buy  





Cosmic Healing 1*****, by Mantak Chia -   Amazing book - Easy to read packed full of beautiful pictures, techniques, info. Based on Chi Kung healing - with colours, planets, advanced techniques etc. Get it now from - universal-tao.com or healing-tao.co.uk - well worth it! This system uses Five Element Theory & Meridian Balancing - slightly different to chakra systems,  
  Miracles Through Pranic Healing: (Formerly "Pranic Healing") Choa Kok Sui, Eric B. Robins (UK / US) - ***** good guide with lots of pic's showing specific movements and positions for specific ailments

Quantum-Touch : The Power to Heal by

Health by Bio-Energy and Mind: Everything You Need to Develop Your Ability to Feel and Assess Human Energy, and Perform Energy Healing and Balancing Michael Nudel, Eva Nudel Ph.D. (UK


Richard Gordon, Eleanor Barrow (UK / US) - **** Good guide - suitable for beginners & experienced healers - hand;s on - add's breathing to healing and explains healing in scientific easy to understand way. Also has sequence / treatment for each ailment /illness.
  How to Develop and Use Psychic Touch by Ted Andrews   (US / UK)  


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