Healing with the Power of Qigong

Qigong Healing


Qigong healing has been practised in China for many hundreds of years. China even has dedicated hospitals where specially monitored and trained Qigong healers use their skills to help heal all kinds of illnesses, including cancer.

So how does Qigong healing work and can anyone do it?

I am asked this question over and over by strangers and students alike. My answer is, "Yes, anyone can transmit energy, but whether their energy is healthy energy is another issue." When our bodies are healthy and full of Qi, then the energy we transmit will be healthy. However, when we are not healthy, then the energy used in healing will be negative energy and that can do more harm than good.

Master Michael Tse


Buqi is a non-contact therapy using taiji forces for healing of the self and others by removing negative or stagnant factors called binqi (binchee) from the body. Binqi is naturally expelled from the body but due to a combination of factors (called the Double Vicious Circle) binqi can accumulate and become stuck creating health problems.

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong I: Movements 1-5






Qigong therapy (buqi, buqi therapy, external qigong, external Qigong healing, external Qi healing, medical Qigong, Qi An Mo, Qigong healing, Qi healing, Qi Massage, wai Qi liao fa, Wai Qi Zhi Liao):

1. Purported medical application of short-distance psychokinesis. Qigong therapy is comparable to Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch. At most, it includes light touching. Its theory posits "healing Qi" and "diseased Qi." ("Buqi" means "spreading the Qi." "Wai Qi" means "external Qi" and refers to an alleged "shield" of chi at the surface of the body. "Wai Qi liao fa" means "curing with external Qi.")

2. Subject of Qigong Therapy and How to Use It (East & West Publications, Ltd.), by Linhai; a combination of "acupointing," "chiropractics," massage, physical therapy, Tuina, and "qi transmission."

Medical Qigong (Chi Kung) Therapy is a form of Chinese Energetic Medicine, and is one of the four foundational schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi in this context is translated to mean "Life Force Energy" and Gong is translated to mean "Acquired Skill." Medical Qigong therapy and prescriptions combine the use of breathwork with individual physical movements, creative visualization, and perceptual intention. The primary goal is to purge toxic emotions from within the body's tissues, eliminate energetic stagnation's, as well as strengthen and balance the internal organs and energetic fields.

International Institute of Medical QiGong

External Qi Healing or Waiqi Liaofa

An External Qi Healer uses gentle touch or non-contact treatment to reach the client's life energy (qi) and bring it to balance. It is different from western Therapeutic Touch in that it includes a sophisticated method of health assessment and a systematic training for the healer to increase the effectiveness of his or her treatment.

External Qi Healing (EQH) is valuable for health-care providers or anyone who wishes to deepen his or her understanding of healing energy and its effect on others. Scientific research has demonstrated that EQH is not dependent on the client's belief system or cultural bias; it is effective in vitro and in laboratory animals. Patients treated by EQH have less frequency of recurrence of disease than those treated by acupuncture. Yet, the system is easy for a Westerner to learn as it does not require knowledge of Chinese medicine.

The objectives of this course include:

learn self-healing exercises and meditations.
The healer must learn to take care of his/her own health so there will be no danger of either transmitting diseased qi or being depleted when working with the ill find a core of inner strength.

Create appropriate boundaries yet maintain compassion. open the body/mind to the universal well of healing power in Nature. By tapping a transpersonal source, the healer reaches an unlimited supply of qi.
learn the theory and practice of EQH, including methods of assessment, projecting specific forms of therapeutic qi, and how to integrate EQH into the healing/helping professions.



Standing Meditation (Zhan-Zhung)

Standing meditation is both energy gathering and energy circulating QiGong and is the most important QiGong excercise.

Standing meditation creates warm, healing hands and gives the practitioners a healing presence because standing meditation increases the strength and range of the body's bioelectric (Qi) field. It is the best way for a healer to prepre for adminstering massage therapy, theraputic touch

Qi Healing Program

Opening 3 times upper body only, followed by

The four static postures (see diagram), first week hold each position for 2 minutes, increase each week until you reach 5 minutes.

Then the resting stance, foot massage and finish with hands over Dantien (5 minutes)

Position 1 - Stance of Power
Position 2 - Standing Post
Position 3 - Holding a Sphere
Position 4 - Hands Resting on Water

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The Qualities of Qi in Meridian diagnosis

One of the earliest known methods of diagnosis in Chinese medicine was reading the flow of Qi through the meridians and organs. This was done be sensing the energy flow with the hands, fingers, and eyes. This is still a major technique, and can be accomplished by holding a meridian end point at a given subject's finger or toe, and passing the free hand over the path of the meridian and the corresponding organ.

Any changes in the Qi flow indicate an imbalance in relation to the anatomic position where the change occurred, or in the organ. Some practitioners hold the right finger or toe of a female and the left hand or toe of the male. There are also practitioners who treat using methods similar to diagnosis with External Qi Gong.

The following qualities of Qi can be felt by the hands only with a little practice. The "feel" can then be translated into a communicable system which describes the condition of the individual areas. The following represents some of the information presented in an excellent class on Tui Na taught by Sifu Carl Totten at the Taoist Institute in North Hollywood, California. Many of these qualities of Qi listed below include the associated pathology to which they correspond. Many do not. For those that do not, we'll let you decide what they mean. -Al

Heat: From warm to hot, the knowledge of heat measures yang.

Cold: From cool to cold, the knowledge of cold measures yin.

Attracting-Magnetic-Pulling: When one senses that the energy is being drawn from one's hand into the subject's body, the following possibilities are indicated: The attracting field is the result of an energy deficiency which is draining energy from its surroundings in order to maintain balance.

The attracting field is overly strong, and it is draining energy from its surroundings. The examiner's personal energy is not centered or in balance, and, as a result, their energy is being drawn off. The examiner should then center their own energy.

Repulsing-Pushing Away: The subject's aura (external yang field) has been emotionally triggered by the presence of the examiner, and is pushing away. This could be indicative of a psychological disturbance, so as to suggest that the patient's body or mind does not want the examiner's hand or person close by. Internal energy from internal disturbance is affecting the external aura.

Recoiling: Injured, or alarmed, sensitive. The energy withdraws and tightens, then relaxes and approaches.

Tingling, electric: This indicates the intensity of both yin and yang.

Hot: With widely dispersed tingles indicates irritation. With tingles close together indicates pain. This energy should be approached carefully from a distance in that it could prove painful for the examiner to feel it in the hands. If the energy should flare into the hands, the examiner should relax their muscles and breath the energy into the ground. They should make no resistance to the passage of the energy. This is the energy of excess.

Cold: This indicates what is lacking, and its pain is the sharpest.

Smooth: Its flow is smooth on the surface, and on the interior.

Rough: Its flow is rough, irregular. It is rough on the surface and on the interior. Rough is insufficient, breaking up, diminishing.

Steady: Without variation.

Thick: Having density. Thin: Having little substance or reserve.

Solid: No variation in density. Hollow: Having the external appearance without the internal substance.

Slow: A diminished energy unless it is normal for the subject.

Fast: Usually indicating that which is excited, unstable, or out of control. To be fast is to burn up quickly.

Weak: Almost empty.

Strong: Enduring solidity.

Loose: Unattached, unstable.

Tight: Restricted, taut, as in strangled.

Sluggish: A normal energy which is slow. The beginning of disharmony.

Al Stone, L.Ac.

Qi Gong & Cancer


Increase Your Ability for Self Healing
(and how to heal and vaporize tumours / cysts)

Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng, a child prodigy from the ancient Wudang Mountains.


Since 1979, "the Chinese have cured hundreds of cancer victims through chi gong," and many thousands have used this practice to prolong their lives, reports Paul Dong, a journalist and chi gong practitioner and teacher based in Oakland, California.10 Dong, who was born in mainland China, went to China in 1984 to investigate chi gong. Case histories of recovered cancer patients are frequently reported in chi gong magazines. This physical-mental exercise has aided remissions in many lung cancer patients who found conventional Western therapies ineffective. On December 2, 1986, the New York Times reported that the twenty-six chi gong clinics in China had successes in treating some cardiac diseases, paralysis, and neurological disorders. The modern use of chi gong to treat cancer originated with Guo Lin (1906-1984), a Chinese painter who was afflicted with uterine cancer in 1949 and was treated by surgery. The cancer recurred in 1960, with metastasis to the bladder. After another operation, Guo Lin had another recurrence and doctors told her she had six months to live. Turning to ancient chi gong manuals left to her by her grandfather, a Taoist priest, she practiced chi gong two hours every day, and in six months, the cancer had abated. Convinced that chi gong was responsible for her recovery, Madame Guo, in 1970, began giving lessons in what she called New Chi Gong Therapy. By 1977, cancer patients from all over China were pouring into Beijing to take part in her chi gong therapy classes. Guo Lin reportedly helped hundreds of cancer sufferers attain remissions while prolonging the lives and easing the pain of thousands more.11

Extract by Paul Dong:

Besides one's own practice of chi gong, another method of treat-ing cancer is through the use of a chi gong expert who can provide relief by transmitting external chi from his body to that of the patient, thereby purportedly killing cancer cells. Dr. Feng Li-da, vice-president, General Hospital of the Chinese Navy, Beijing, and professor of immunology, Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has done many experiments in this area. She reported that by transmitting external chi for one minute, a chi gong expert can destroy 90 percent of colon and dysentery bacilli, and in ten minutes 60 percent of a flu virus. In sixty minutes, the rate of destroyed uterine cancer cells is also around 60 percent, and that of destroyed gastric cancer cells 25 percent. A twenty-gram tumor on a mouse disappeared within a five-week period of external chi treatment. A few of the experiments referred to above were reported in the follow-ing press release of November 28,1983, by the New China (Xinhua) News Agency:

A meeting for the evaluation and demonstration of the action of chi gong on certain bacteria had recently been held, presided over by Feng, Li Da, deputy superintendent of the Navy General Hospital and director of the Immunology Research Division. Test tubes filled respectively with coliform bacillus and dysentery bacteria, golden and white staphylococcus, and virus were handed over one by one to a chi gong master, who held each of the tubes firmly in his hand for a minute to release external energy (chi) at it. A projector displayed the image of each experimental sample on a screen. Under an electronic microscope, the bacteria were shown to be expanding, cracking, and dissolving, being killed by chi gong. From the immunological standpoint, Feng has thus demonstrated that chi energy is an objective reality. Furthermore, she has confirmed that chi gong is effective to a certain degree in treating B-hepatitis. There is also encouraging preliminary evidence of the therapeutic effect of chi gong with respect to the treatment of guinea pigs suffering from ascites ( an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen) caused by cancer. Dr. Feng declared that in mainland China chi gong has now advanced from the prescientific phase to a new epoch in which modern methods are employed in its study. The study of chi gong has been conducive to the development of immunology and other sciences. Another example: A Japanese cancer victim, Ansei Shonin, who had a tumor in the lower part of his head, deeply imbedded in his nasal cavity. Made a special trip from Japan to Beijing's General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army to undergo external chi treatment. A chi gong expert performed twelve days of external chi treatment, and as a result Ansei Shonin's tumor, as large as an egg, shrunk, and his pain was distinctly eased. Why external chi works toward strengthening of the cells and the immune responses of the body in the case of healing a disease, and appears to kill or otherwise interrupt and reverse the growth of cells (or bacteria) in the case of cancer (or the influencing of bacterial cultures) is not known. To the best of our knowledge, it is due to the different intent of the qi gong master. This may be similar to visual-ization or imaging therapy, as applied in Western alternative medical approaches. As part of the therapy, the determination is made in advance whether the patient will visualize growth of healthy or destruction of cancerous cells in his or her own body.

In conclusion, then, cancer victims apparently can achieve effective treatment by practicing chi gong as shown by Master Guo. But one might suggest that if the patient is too weak or for other reasons unable to practice chi gong regularly and vigorously, external chi should be tried as a cure or used as a supplement to chi gong. Finally, as described in the previous chapter regarding practices in the Bei Da Hei Clinic, combinations of "internal" and "external" chi with dietetic therapy and Western medical science may all be attempted when looking for a cure for cancer.

In the 1950s, when the institute was established, Mr Liu Guizhen made use of Neiyang Gong in clinic and scientific research formally and achieved obvious effects. So he was praised & awarded by the Public Health Ministry . Through the past 40 years'clinic practice & scientific research, it was proved that Neiyang Gong was an excellent & effective Qigong method.

1. Clinic treatment class: We use medical Qigong accompanied with Qigong acupoint pressing & massage,Qigong acupuncture,Qigong scraping,Qigong holo-graphic therapy and Chinese herbs to treat patients from April 15th to November 15th every year. One course of treatment is 15 days. The fee including lodging fee,teaching fee & treatment fee is $680 . The restaurants in the institute provide Chinese food & western food as well. 2. Medical Qigong teaching class: The subjests in the class are Qigong methods, Qigong clinic ,traditional Chinese medicine,acupuncture & massage.The course of study is 20 days. The fee including teaching fee & lodging fee is $700.It will begin on August 15,2000. Please contact with Mr Feng Yijian. Address:Beidaihe Qigong Rehabilitation Hospital of Hebei Province,P.R.CHINA(198 Dong Jing Road ,Beidaihe) Post Code: 066100 Telephone:0335-4044557 Fax : 0335-4043852

Shaolin Neijing Yizhi Chan: Used for developing energy for healing and martial arts use. From the Henan Shaolin Temple.

Lin Kong Jing Qigong: A standing meditation Buddhist method of the Hsing-i school of internal martial arts made famous by Wang Xiang Zhai.

External Qi Healing: A standing meditation method of the shaolin temple used expressly for healing pains and injuries with qi.

Yellow Emperor's Classic

An introduction to the earliest classic of Chinese medical literature. You will learn the concepts and principles regarding the relationship of man and the universe and the concept of Unity of Opposites in the classic "Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen" and "Ling Shu". We will select for study the most profound sayings, which will guide your clinical practice. Emphasis will be laid on Nineteen Categories of Pathogenesis, Treatment Principles, How to Keep Fit, etc. Prerequisite:

L Shang Han Lun Classic

This classic was written 1,700 years ago. It is the Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by the Damage of Cold. We will explore and apply the method of Six Channel Pattern Identification. We will also demonstrate how effectively the Shang Han Lun formulae can integrate with Western Medicine to effectively treat critical patients.

Wen Bing Classic & Golden Cabinet Classic

An extensive study of the Febrile Diseases caused by the Damage of Heat and miscellaneous non-febrile diseases with the clinical application of the ancient formulas from the "Golden Cabinet". This course includes the study of patterns of bacterial/viral infectious diseases, pathogenic factors of the Wei, Qi, Ying, Xue, and San Jiao Patterns.

Meridian Theory

An introductory course emphasizing the theory of Meridians, the internal and external courses of the Twelve Meridians, Eight Extra Meridians, the Collateral, and the Muscle/Tendon Meridians.


This course presents the theory of acupoints, their locations, characteristics, and classifications. It offers a study of the acupoints of the major Meridians with topographical and deep anatomy as it relates to their locations.

Sick qi (bingqi, xieqi and xie) The word binqi has been found in the Shang Hanlun by Zhang Chongjing who says "Bingqi is xieqi". (The term xieqi is sometimes simplified to xie). The word xie(xieqi) stems from the Huandi Neijin which explains that if the body has enough zheng, then xie cannot attack. Xie attacks the body because it does not have enough qi(i.e. zhengqi). These two sentences led to the development of an important theory of TCM which is called 'Zheng xie run' or 'the theory of healthy qi and sick qi'.

Up to the present day TCM practitioners often use this theory in treating patients: in the case of insufficient healthy qim reinforce or tonify (bu), in the case of too much sick qi, expel or purge (xie). Six different kinds of xieqi - liuyin In the Huandi Neijin, six different kinds of xieqi are discussed. In the chapter Jiu Tong Ren it is written 'Any disease of people stems from Feng, Han, Shi, Zhao and Hou'. Different chapters of the Huandi Neijin use different terms to refer to these six different kinds of xieqi: liuyin, liuxie and liuqi are used to refer to these six chinese words. The literal translation of liuyin and liuxie is 'six external causes of disease', i.e. six meteorological phenomena, namely wind, cold, damp, summer-heat, dryness and fire.

Therefore they are also called liuqi meaning six meteorological phenomena. Another chapter of the Huandi Neijin, Feng Ren, states: 'Wind governs the one hundred diseases', meaning that wind is the most important cause of disease. The chapter Jie Kong Ba Feng says "wise men take shelter from the wind as they take shelter from fired arrows or stones". The same article explains how wind, according to its direction, provokes illness in different organs or different areas of the body. Based on this theory I made the following scheme:


Masters and seminars in UK

5 Element Qigong Healing - - Master Tse http://www.qimagazine.co.uk/setup.htm

Mantak Chia - Cosmic Chi Kung - healing-tao.co.uk


related books:

Tuina or Chinese Massage is becoming more and more popular. This book is based on over thirty years of clinical experience and gives details of the elementary required for Tuina. It then goes onto describe the techniques used and finally goes onto the treatment of certain problems.

The Way to Locate Acupoints by Yang Jiasan

A very popular book which has finally been reprinted and is once again available. It is very clear and detailed, giving the location of the aculocation points and channels. Unlike other books that used simple diagrams, this book shows the actual human body and the points and channels in relation to it.

http://www.bambootemple.com/shaolinbrand/sx080003.htm QG 102 Health and Healing For the 21st Century Price: $5.00 QG 102 Contents Doc Fai Wong On Qi Mantak Chia Original Chi - Sexual Qi Dr. Yang Jwing Ming Master Bow Sim Mark

Dr. Effie Chow & The East West Healing Academy Inside China

Key To Longevity Mt. Wudang Sexual Hygiene And Qi 5 Elements of Nutrition

QG 202

Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy A Comprehensive Clinical Text Price $150.00 Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson http://www.qigongmedicine.com/default.asp

Empty Force by Paul Dong and Thomas Raffil Uitg. Element Books inc. ISBN 1-85230-783-8

EMPTY FORCE The Power of Chi for Self-Defence and Energy Healing Paul Dong & Thomas Raffill The empty force, the highest martial arts skill in China, is an extraordinary technique which utilises the power of the body's vital energy or chi. This book reveals the secret of the empty force to the general reader for the very first time, and explains how martial arts masters use its power to defend themselves against opponents without making physical contact. This practical guide includes fascinating accounts and stories about the empty force. 6" x 9" 140 pages Illustrated 9.99

CHINESE QIGONG THERAPY Qigong, one of the legacies in the treasure house of Chinese medicine, has a history of three thousand years. It is an effective means of medical treatment as well as health protection with distinctive national features. It plays an active role in preventing and treating diseases, protecting and strengthening health, resisting premature senility and prolonging life. 264 pages Illustrated 6.99

CHINESE QIGONG OUTGOING QI THERAPY Bi Yongsheng While medical Qigong is an important and curative means of traditional Chinese medicine, outgoing Qi therapy is a wonder of it. Owing to the miraculous curative effect, the practice has been widely accepted. The physiological effect produced by outgoing Qi on the human body has aroused the attention of scientists worldwide. 467 pages Illustrated 10.99

QI GONG THERAPY The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy Tzu Kuo Shih Maintaining Health, Enhancing Vitality & Attaining Longevity through Qi Gong Therapy In his first volume of a new series on the role of Qi Gong in Chinese healing, you will find: an overview of Qi Gong theory and practice the place of Qi Gong in Traditional Chinese Medicine how Qi Gong improves the nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, endocrine system, appetite, and digestion a history of Qi Gong through quotations from traditional Chinese literature, philosophy, and medical works the principles of maintaining health, enhancing vitality, and attaining longevity the relationship between Qi Gong and acupuncture, meditation, breathing exercises, physical postures, and movements numerous charts and diagrams of acupuncture points and meridians a rich array of classical Chinese paintings depicting how nature manifests the harmony that is the goal of Qi Gong 7" x 10" 90 pages Diagrams 12.99

QIGONG EMPOWERMENT A Guide to Medical Taoist Buddhist Wushu Energy Cultivation Qigong Empowerment is the most unique and complete volume ever written in the English language on qigong (Chi Kung). This volume consists of five books which covers: Traditional Chinese Medical theories and qi cultivation methods. Taoist methods to foster Essence, Qi, and Spirit. Buddhist Esoteric Abilities of the Body, Speech, and Mind. Emitting, Absorbing, and Healing Qigong. Wushu (martial arts) Iron Shirt training. Qigong Empowerment includes nearly a half century of Master Liang's qigong studies, experiences, and legendary travels through China. It is a volume that you can refer to over and over again for all your energy studies. 348 pages, 180mm x 255mm, illustrated, 29.99

Above five books available from - http://www.kunzhi.com/catconts.htm

Recommended Books on Healing

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Medical Qigong Energy Techniques and Qi Emitting Methods This fifth in a series of ten videos was developed in order to teach the Medical Qigong students the various hand postures and Qi emitting methods effectively used for Qi manipulation in the Medical Qigong clinic. This Video contains the following Medical Qigong treatment techniques and Qi emitting methods:

Controlling Energy Projection, Hand Postures for Energy Extension and Qi Manipulation, the Extended Fan Palm, the Sword Fingers Technique, One Finger Skill, the Invisible Needle Technique, the Five Thunder Fingers Technique, the Dragon's Mouth Palm, the Kneading Tiger Palm, Energy Extension, Guidance and Regulation Techniques, Guiding Linear Flow of Energy, Pushing, Pulling and Leading Energy, Circling and Spiraling Energy, Energetic Cupping, Guiding the Flow of Stationary Qi, Shaking and Vibrating Energy, Emitting Hot and Cold Energy, Emitting Qi of the Five Element Organs, and Five Element Channels.


Chinese Medicine Booksellers



(Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences , Beijing 100005,
China Center of Talented Persons,
Chinese Academy of Human Body Sciences.

Beijing, China Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Center, Qinhuangdao, 066307, China)

Beijing University,
Qinghua University,
Nanjing University,
1st Army Medical University,
Tokyo Medical University,
Tokyo Electro-engineering University ,
Higher Energy institute,
Physics institute, etc

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During his courses, especially the Taiji 37 course, Dr. Shen Hongxun likes to play with his students. Very often he is behind the student (or several students) and without them knowing it, he pulls them, pushes them, and makes them jump or roll. Moreover, he can apply this force with high precision. The picture shown here was taken during the Taiji 37 course in England in 1994. Dr. Shen propelled the student backward toward the exit door. To prevent the student falling over the doorstep, Dr. Shen then pulled him back. The picture shows the moment when the student is pulled back and is hanging in mid air.

If we want to send out a strong empty force, we must also be strongly rooted because then we can use the earth force. Its vibration force can rise in the body, meet the energy force in the belly and together rise further, through the spine, and, at the height of the shoulder blades, divide and move via the arms to the hands and be sent out to the patient's body. The use of empty force demands the co-ordination of the whole organism. Empty force can only be applied when all bodily forces are concentrated into one direction. The force to do this also demands many nutritious substances. As Dr. Shen Hongxun puts it: 'Empty force is not empty'.


The force of any body movement can connect to the dantian and hence activate the energy system, even so with the force of breathing, thinking, etc. The earth has a force that can influence the dantian through the legs. All these forces emit a different frequency. These frequencies can find resonance with the hidden frequency of the straight abdominal muscles, amplifying the vibration in that area. This vibration spreads out to neighbouring parts, and even throughout the whole body. For beginners this can take some time, but during the Taijiwuxigong lessons the teacher transmits vibration force to help activate the dantian.

We have found three techniques that can activate the dantian. Firstly, deep breathing, because it creates a pressure on the diaphragm that can excite the dantian area; secondly mental concentration on the dantian area. Finally, the most important technique, the lowering of the centre of gravity into the dantian, a Chinese way of saying is 'the centre of gravity kisses the dantian'.

This last method makes it possible for the body to connect with the earth force and hence giving strong reactions. With more practice, the dantian force gets stronger and will then slowly link to the movement of the body. When the force develops, it can rush upwards into the central channel and remove emotional information. Different positions can send this force through different channels and activate the small circulation and the left/right circulation.

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Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng, a child prodigy from the ancient Wudang Mountains. www.WudangTao.com



http://www.chinaqigong.net/english/qgsk.htm QiGong Masters, Founders, Teachers

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