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"The river has no shape, but it takes on the boundaries which it carves out for itself, so is the mind boundless, until it creates a prison for its own thoughts."

"A belief is just an idea that you hold to be true.Beliefs have been handed down to you. Doubt is attached to beliefs because you do not know them to be true."

"Beliefs restrict you, whereas knowing empowers you"

Dr Wayne Dyer, 101 Ways to transorm your life

Anais Nin: We don't see things as they are, We see things as we are.

"Belief is not solely intellectual, but a living dream with will, agreements, memory, pictures and a distinct emotional point of view. We see our world through the lens of what we believe and these beliefs dream our life for us whether we are awake or asleep.


One of the prerequisites a person must have before developing themselves spiritually is BELIEF. One must learn to believe in oneself. Belief is the greatest driving force for the spirit and is what is true to oneself, although it can be changed through a greater understanding of life on all levels.

Some people may believe that certain items, objects or spiritual energies give them strengths and power. It is not these things or energies that give them power, it is their own belief that does. Also, if one is being worshipped by many people and believed to be a god, he will be that god through the power of his disciples beliefs.
The majority of people do not realize that they possess a great power within themselves and therefore resort to other things to give them strength, such as anything from good luck charms to gods. But no matter if we believe in ourselves or other things, it is the power of our own belief that is being reflected back to us. The stronger the belief is, the greater the power and strength will be.
We all have the power within ourselves. Some of us, however, prefer to think that it would be easier to let others direct it rather than to search and develop it within themselves.


If one desires to find true belief, knowledge and answers, he will have to study the philosophies of many philosophers old and new, various religions, science, including genetics and ecology, spirituality and also oneself.
It is the in-depth study of all these combined through one's own morality, that allows a person with a quest for enlightenment to develop, acquire and create their own conclusions, knowledge and belief, which only then can become true to him/herself.

Human beings have a great power within, which allows them to create and or search for answers to what they do not understand. These answers are usually created through assumptions, various interpretations, or myths and are true and correct beyond a doubt to their believers. Belief, which is reality and truth to the individual, is a great power and mental energy, as well as a guiding force for the internal energy of the soul. When one limits their own beliefs while developing themselves physically, they will also do so spiritually, which in turn will limit their own internal energy. If one deeply believes in resurrection, one will change form and return to one's limited cycle. Even though there is a whole universe to be explored, which would allow one to develop further and further, still, some people prefer to limit themselves to resurrection. Just as others will limit themselves to a certain hell or a different religious heaven. Belief directs the spirit, soul or internal energy. Without belief your internal energy will become part of the vast energy that is circulated throughout the atmosphere. It is said: "having limited belief is better than having no belief." Your own spirit or entity, the essence of your life, evolves through the study and development of your own morality, ideals, emotions, wisdom, experience and knowledge. After spending your physical lifetime feeding your internal self all the wisdom, emotions, ideals, knowledge, experience and morality, would you be satisfied to let the essence of your life go to waste by having no belief in yourself? Without belief your energy will have no direction. All the studies and accumulations of your self knowledge will be in vain. Your energy would be incomplete without your entity, which is the essence of your life. Energy without direction will become part of the atmosphere. Belief is part of oneself and gives energy it's direction, allowing the soul, the essence of

Philosophy > http://www.bushido.org/~Seicho/spirit.htm - Free online book by Daniel L. Verkerke*** Seicho Jutsu
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Real transformation of the belief system cannot be accomplished by getting more knowledge or collecting more information. Real change in the beliefs comes from engaging the totality of the human being. We are so much more than just the mind. We are these human bodies with the senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. We have instinct and intuition. We are feeling beings (through emotion). We are spirit and we are through our perception, dreamers. In the mythology of the Toltecs, we are dreaming all the time - day and night and what we dream through is the filter of our beliefs."

Your inner reality* and how you live life is based on your set of values and beliefs and your thoughts. Your inner reality shapes your external reality.

Your beliefs structure your daily routine, how you interact with certain types of people and how you interpret life.

You become what you focus on.

Unfortunately what many people believe to be thinking is actually 'rearranging prejudices' (Einstein).

We have all had a good time in a crappy place, and we have all had a bad time at a in the perfect environment!

Beliefs can evolve as you've get older and wiser. [However some people never wise up! - not to worry they'll just reincarnate until they do!]

Some belief's are embedded deep in our sub-concious. These are the important ones that are difficult to change.

Your answer to questions like;

  • Is there a God?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Do I take this risk?
  • Do I work my ass off or not?
  • shall I trust this person?

will be affected by your beliefs.

Your answer to these questions will only really change if your fundamental underlying beliefs are changed / cleansed / eliminated.

These belief's would only change if you convinced yourself that there is a God or if Aliens landed: especially if you saw with your own eyes / inner eyes. Also hypnosis can change beliefs rapidly.

Beliefs hold us back

Unfortunately many deep beliefs are limiting. People limit their expectations and potential because beliefs that were learnt from early family life, are holding them back.


When fleas are trained for a flea circus. The fleas are kept in a container with a lid on top. Now the fleas keep banging their heads on the lid. After a while the fleas train themselves not to hit the lid. So when the fleas are performing in the circus they never jump too high or too far. The fleas' beliefs, reality and thus potential have been limited - previously they could jump for miles, now they can only jump a few inches.

I've heard about a book called, 'We're all doing time'. The book has helped many people find inner peace:

Prisoners know that they are in prison, they have hope that they will be released or escape sooner rather than later.

However most of us (humans) are in a prison of our own but we don't even know it. So we stay locked in, but don't even realize our potential. Only a few have escaped from this prison.

'We are like flies in a big glass jar, bouncing off the walls, confused. All we need to realize is that the glass is just an illusion that we have collectively believed to be real and true' Greg Barclay

The glass is the illusion of separation - created by ego.

When a mother lifts a car to save her child - is it superhuman powers?

Now this is linked to Love. Because she felt the strong bond of love she was able to exceed normal expectations.

You can see that limiting beliefs need to be eliminated to increase potential and find your true self*. To find the truth* and true self one needs to stop being ignorant and get rid of dissillusions.

Ignorance comes from not knowing the your true nature and not knowing the nature of reality. Buddah

To change limiting beliefs, convince your subconcious, by either repeating positive affirmations in the morning and at night, meditating, and / or visualizing yourself as the new improved you with a new set of briefs, sorry I mean beliefs.

'If we ask where reality can be found, it is nowhere but in the direct experience of the inner knower' , Deepak Chopra


  • Opinion - Think maybe
  • Belief - Personal - nobody likes me
  • Conviction - more emotional
  • Disillusion - Over compensation

Experience and thus knowing is stronger than beliefs. Popular way of experience is through relationships.

Krishnamurti - Beliefs & Fear

Excerpts from Ojai 3rd Public Talk 23rd July 1949

Obviously, most of us accept or take on beliefs because, first of all, there is fear. We feel that, without a belief, we shall be lost. Then we use belief as a means of conduct, as a pattern, according to which we direct our lives. And also we think that, through belief, there can be collective action. So, in other words, we think that belief is necessary for action. And is that so? Is belief necessary for action? That is, belief being an idea, is ideation necessary for action? Which comes first: idea, or action? Surely, first there is action, which is either pleasurable or painful, and according to that we build up various theories. Action invariably comes first, does it not? And, when there is fear, when there is the desire to believe in order to act, then ideation comes in.

Now, if you consider, you will see that one of the reasons for the desire to accept a belief, is fear. Because, if we had no belief, what would happen to us? Wouldn't we be very frightened of what might happen? If we had no pattern of action, based on a belief - either in God, or in Communism, or in Socialism, or in Imperialism, or in some kind of religious formula, some dogma in which we are conditioned - we would feel utterly lost, wouldn't we? And is not this acceptance of a belief, the covering up of that fear - the fear of being really nothing, of being empty? After all, a cup is useful only when it is empty; and a mind that is filled with beliefs, with dogmas, with assertions, with quotations, is really an uncreative mind, it is merely a repetitive mind. And, to escape from that fear - that fear of emptiness, that fear of loneliness, that fear of stagnation, of not arriving, not succeeding, not achieving, not being something, not becoming something - is surely one of the reasons, is it not?, why we accept beliefs so eagerly and greedily. And, through acceptance of belief, do we understand ourselves? On the contrary. A belief, religious or political, obviously hinders the understanding of ourselves. It acts as a screen through which we are looking at ourselves. And, can we look at ourselves without beliefs? If we remove those beliefs, the many beliefs that one has, is there anything left to look at? If we have no beliefs with which the mind has identified itself, then the mind, without identification, is capable of looking at itself as it is - and then, surely, there is the beginning of the understanding of oneself. If one is afraid, if there is fear which is covered over by a belief; and if, in understanding beliefs, one comes face to face with fear, without the screen of beliefs - is it not possible then to be free from that reaction of fear? That is, to know one is afraid, and to stay there, without any escape? To be with what is, is surely much more significant, much more worthwhile, than to escape from what is, through a belief.

.....So, to understand belief, not superficially but profoundly, one must find out why the mind attaches itself to various forms of beliefs, why beliefs have become so significant in our lives: belief about death, about life, about what happens after death; beliefs asserting that there is God or there is no God; that there is reality or there is no reality; and various political beliefs. Are these beliefs not all indicative of our own sense of inward poverty, and, do they not reveal a process of escape, or act as a defence? And in studying our beliefs, do we not begin to know ourselves as we are, not only at the upper levels of our mind, of our consciousness, but deeper down? So, the more one studies oneself in relationship to something else, such as beliefs, the more the mind becomes quiet, without false regimentation, without compulsion. The more the mind knows itself, the more quiet it is, obviously. The more you know something, the more you are familiar with it, the more the mind becomes quiet. And the mind must be really quiet, not made quiet. Surely, there is a vast difference between a mind that is made quiet, and a mind that is quiet. You can compel a mind by circumstances, by various disciplines, tricks, and so on, to be quiet. But that is not quietude, that is not peace; that is death. But a mind that is quiet because it understands the various forms of fear, and because it understands itself - such a mind is creative, such a mind is renewing itself constantly. It is only the mind that is self-enclosed by its own fears and beliefs, that stagnates. But a mind that understands its relationship to the values about it - not imposing a standard of values, but understanding what is - surely, such a mind becomes quiet, is quiet.

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full article:

  • http://www.kfa.org/teachings_fear.htm Krishnamurti On Fear
    Without self-knowledge, we cannot go beyond the self-projected illusions of the mind. Self-knowledge, as we explained, implies not only the action of relationship between one individual and another, but also the action of relationship with society; and there can be no complete, harmonious society, without this knowledge.

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