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Dharma Talks by Living Buddha Lian Sheng excerpts from Achievement of Rainbow Light Body, Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang, True Buddha School


Excerpts from 'Mindfulness in Plain English' by Venerable Henepola Gunaratana

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Tibetan Incense comes from a centuries old formula of combining special medicinal and therapeutic substances (over 31 in total) derived from herbs, flowers and minerals that when burned, deliver an aroma which can help to soothe and calm a restless mind. Incense Holder also available


TIbetan Singing Bowls - Three Sizes - Made from seven base metals: Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver & Gold, these singing bowls are used by Tibetan monks for rituals, healing and meditation practices.


Tibetan Tingshaws (Cymbals) Available in three Pitches. Made from the same metals as the bowls - namely Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold, Tibetan Buddhists would prepare for meditation by using these Tingshaws.


Tibetan Singing Bells & Vajra's (Dorje's) These Singing Bells are also made of Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold. Not only can they be rung but also by rubbing a stick around the edge they produce a continuous harmonic sound.
















- New! Read Greg's experience and review with pics

-Steven Seagal is a Martial Arts Filmstar who is a recognised reincarnated Buddhist lama.

-His latest album Mojo Priest is being released 12/02/07- more info

-Read my review of Steven Seagal live - click here


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