Is God

All There Is?


Yogananda, the 20th century mystic and teacher from India, once asked his teacher 'What is God?'

Sri Yukteswar replied, "God is ever-new joy."


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Some Definitions of GOD

Connection with God

Other Side of the Coin - Atheism


It has been said that one of tha main things that puts people off the idea of God, is the name 'God' itself. Maybe people have suffered and feel let down by God, or maybe they feel that the general view of God as an old man with a beard does not fit in with their gut feeling.

'OM' or 'AUM' is a primordial sound of Creation - it exists constantly in creation (even within yourself)

- first there was the word and the word was God / Logos / Om (John 1:1)

Interestingly even though there are over a thousand names for God they all contain the natural breathing sound, ' ahh'. eg. Yahweh, Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna

God is difficult, perhaps even impossible to define using concepts and words - maybe He / She / It is beyond our comprehension? (See God is Unfathomable below).

I think only some facets of God can be named / labelled / or defined to a certain degree however there is a 'part' of God that cannot be grasped by the logical and conceptual mind.

Even though God cannot be fully known or understood rationally with our left brain - Mystics, Saint's, Yogi's, Sage's, Rishi's, Dervishes, Kabbalist's, Master's throughout the ages have all said the same thing - that we can truly experience Union and become one with the Consciousness / God / All there Is - if we still our minds and open our hearts (perhaps some scientists / sceptics may say with a pinch of help from our holistic intuitive feminine receptive right brain?)

How do you think of God?


God is Unfathomable

Many teach that God is Unfathomable - beyond rational mind

Some teach we can only say what God is not.


Tao Te Ching

Look at it you can not see it!
It's Name is Formless!
Listen to it you can not hear it!
It's name is soundless.
Grasp it but you cannot get it!
It's name is Incorporeal.

These three attributes are unfathomable,
Therefore they fuse into one.

It's upperside is not bright:
It's underside not dim.
Continually the unnameable moves on,
Until it returns beyond the realm of things.

We call it the formless Form, the imageless Image.
We call it the indefinable and unimaginable.

Confront it and you do not see it's face!
Follow it and you do not see it's back!
Yet equipped with this timeless Tao,
You can harness present realities.

To know the origins is initiation into the Tao.

- by Lao Tzu


Some Definitions


God is an Old Man on a Throne in Heaven
- Judging and Punishing Us
- God the Policeman

This view from the Old Testament implies that we are somewhat separate from God, much less powerful. Separate individuals of different sizes and attributes. This is the view that many people have / had. This is not hard to believe as we all have separate bodies so we feel separate. However this view will mean one will never be a part of God, part of one, unified.

Outdated Scriptures?

'" God is Love, Awareness and Playfulness. His disguise as the authoritarian God of the Jews is no longer needed. This is bound to upset those who value their old scriptures more than life, love and laughter. God is not in any scripture. No words from any dead prophet are relevant to the extraordinary events of the Great Change.

The problem for simple believers is their scriptures. They are so deeply conditioned to unquestioning belief that they have lost their intelligence. They seem to think God has given their religion a special message, strangely He has given different special instructions to every religion.

How can you be certain your scriptures are better than the others? Just because you believe they are? Grow up a little and try to understand: God is Love, Awareness and Playfulness.

If you insist on clinging to your scriptures you are in for a very sharp surprise. All immature believers in any religion are not prepared to face the light of God when it transforms all people. If you are a believer try to get the point of this book."

from 'New Dawn' by Maitreya Ishwara


Personally I feel that we are all part of / One with / Within God, part of the same Eternal Consciousness (& beyond). At some point we should realize what God is - experience God - the aim of Religion / life - to Unite with God.

Many see experiencing God as a state of consciousness rather than meeting a man / Woman on a throne. ie. Transcendental awareness - of Existence and Non-existence simultaneously.

God-realisation / Freedom is our natural birth right. Being at peace, feeling love and oneness is a natural, easy, innocent, pure state of being.


Scientific View

Scientists say that if there was an Observer, outside the Universe, then the observer would see past, present, and future at the same time. This fits in with God knowing the end at the beginning and so on, alpha & omega, etc. This also fits in with psychics - remote viewers transcending time & space.

Scientific research shows that all of us, humans, plants and everything are linked on a sub-atomic level and lower. That explains why psychics can move objects with power of their mind (Telekinesis)

If you look at a physical object through a very powerful microscope, all you will see is 99.999% space. Look deeper and deeper, past sub-atoms and even quarks. Eventually you come to a void. This is a void of energy - the Unified Field or Field of Pure Potentiality. This is where true creation comes from - it is where the unmanifest becomes the manifest.

Forecasts by Maitreya predict that on a cellular level all the cells and atoms are linked by light. Thus light will be used to heal in the future.

Science is adjusting its views in many areas. Somethings are simply unexplained and not complex. It is our minds that complicate things. One should simply see things just how they are.

If you asked a scientists many years ago, do you belief in God, they'd say ' Of course not we are scientists'. Many modern scientists when asked the sam question, now say, of course 'We believe in God we are scientists.

We and everything physical in the universe is made of Star Dust - Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen - -originating from the Big Bang.

The deeper one looks the more one realizes some intelligence must be operating, in order to organize, govern, cultivate such an amazing existence - especially as delicate as our planet and the ecosystem. It is beyond a fluke.

Science is the a religion.

Become an inner scientist.

GOD = Collective Unconscious = Universal Mind


Hinduism & God

in Hinduism there are many paths to the one God - the Ulimate. The three aspects of God are Brahma the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer and Vishnu the Preserver.

All gods can be worshipped, as a doorway to the Ultimate reality.


God is like an Ocean, we are like Waves of the Ocean


In 'Magical Mind, Magical Body' Deepak Chopra suggested: Imagine that God is an Ocean, and we are waves floating in the ocean. We are an expression of God. A moment of our life would be a snap shot of one wave. So God is the infinite ocean, omnipotent, vast, powerful, universal life force energy etc. and we are not separate form that. God is our collective whole.

So by imagining it like this you can see that we are all part of God and we are all part of divinity. Maybe a Goal in life is to realize that?! - KNOW THYSELF


Conscious Intelligence is the Definition of God

God exists as transcendental awareness of existence and non-existence.

Advaita rests on the enlightened experience of conscious oneness that is common to all Buddhas. It understands that consciousness is all there is, both as the void of non-existence and all the multiplicity of life, simultaneously. The universe has a beginning and therefore an end. Only consciousness is eternal. The universe appears out of the void of consciousness. So the void must have the power and intelligence to design, create and sustain the universe. That is the definition of God.

Existence is the universe plus the energy, astral, and psychic realms. And the fifth body, Self or Being. None of these realms are eternal, they are created along with the universe and disappear with it, back to the void, when existence takes a rest.

The sixth body of pure awareness is the bridge between existence and the eternal void of the seventh body. Understanding all this helps with surrender. You can trust the infinite power and intelligence of the void to get it right, including your very special life and destiny. And it eliminates fuzzy thinking like "existence is eternal and self-created" and "only Buddhas are aware of consciousness". So yes, God does exist as eternal intelligent awareness, with the capacity to create and destroy existence.

Thank God for Osho The tendency of many spiritual teachings to emphasise absolute concepts can lead to subtle anti-life attitudes. When the ultimate reality is presented as the only reality, the other realms of existence are often dismissed as illusory and transitory. This absolutism misses the point that all realms of existence, including the material are equally divine. A rock is made from the essence of the void, as is a Buddha. The essence is consciousness. Its expressions are all creations of consciousness.

This universe is not eternal, but it is real, because it exists in space/time, independent of human observation; and because it is made of and by the ultimate reality of the void. Life is God. Osho understands this perfectly and his creation of Zorba the Buddha is totally and refreshingly pro-life. Dismissing the world as maya or transitory is unsophisticated and unhealthy.

We exist as embodied consciousness in a material world. Celebrating the pleasure and pathos of being human is the antidote for serious spiritual egos and their subtle anti-life attitudes. Thank God for Osho and his unique contribution to spirituality.

Above Extract from God's Vision by Maitreya Ishwara


Esoteric Philosphy, or Ageless Wisdom:

Esotericism postulates that God is the sum total of all laws, and all the energies governed by these laws which make up everything in the unmanifested to the manifested universe - all that we can and cannot see! (The Emergence Quarterly)

Man in turn is a spark of God, a spirit expressing itself through its Soul and a personality, composed of a mental body, physical body and emotional body. Each one of us is essentially divine, but most individuals recognize and demonstate this divinity only to a limited degree.

This is inline with the 'God is an Ocean and we are wave'


God is the Souce - The Nature Elements

God is the source of all existence. Water is similar to God - it serves all indiscrimately and has often been called Water of Life. Afterall we and the planet are two thirds water.

Likewise the Sun is our source of physical life. without the Sun there would be no life.

Similarly Wood, Wind, Fire, Earth and Water serve all and are in all. These are the elements of life. We and everything physical in the universe is made of Star Dust - Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen -originating from the Big Bang.

Thus we should revere and respect our environment, because we are respecting our Selves and our Source. It is not immature, undeveloped, immature to respect our environment - it is in fact natural and mature!

So it is easy and clear to see why the Sun and Nature has been revered and respected for so many aeons. It is our primal nature. We are Star People,



Most teachers & masters agree that some of the the ultimate realizations are:

'God is All there is'
'I am not separate from That'
'I am That I am'


and the realization of Emptiness / Selflessness is also one of the most profound.


God is All There is - Advaita - 'Not Two'

When one realizes: God is all there is, everything changes. It means there is no one other than you. You are the whole, including all the unconscious, ignorant people. This means your sense of self expands to include everyone and everything. It means other people are also God. It means you are the world. Separation from existence is the human reality. To understand Advaita is to be free from separation. To miss the point is the hell of the ego.

Maitreya Ishwara

God consciousness is a state of being available to all - in fact it is our birthright.
Freedom from the prison of ego.


Our Connection To God

To experience a connection with God is to go to the Source. Source of light is the Sun. Source of Life is God. The source is the silent, pure potentiality.

You just have to access this state of higher conciousness, enlightenment, inner peace, through meditation

MOVING ON TO PERFECTION:The Gospel of the Dawn. Here are some excerpts:

"...we all have a connection with God. This connection exists despite what you believe. Your bond with God can't be denied any more than your bond with your mother. Whether you honor her or not; whether you even know her or not, your mother is your mother. Such is the bond between you and God."

"The human soul is the Supreme Consciousness in individualized form that, at some point, has been reduced to a state of total innocence, at which point the journey began; the quest for self-knowledge. That is the name of the game of life: Know Thyself."

"The drama of human history has been nothing more than the outplay of the growing process of Man's soul. Up to this point, what we've witnessed is our collective childhood, as characterized by our selfishness, our greed and our emotional and intellectual immaturity as they pertain to our relationship with our universe, our planet and each other."

"The Supreme Consciousness knows and is neither deceived nor disturbed. It is not subject to human emotions and is not compelled to coerce us one way or the other. We have total freedom. We have been free to defy the natural order and we are free to adhere to it at any time. It's up to you."

Becoming One With God

Nearer than the Nearest:

'Children, you may search for God everywhere, but you won't find Him because He is closer to you than you could ever imagine. He appears to be far away, only for as long as you remain, ignorant. Remove your ignorance, wake up and be aware; then you will realize that God is 'nearer than the nearest.' Amma, Awaken Children

God equals Man minus ego
Sai Baba

Because a spark of God is within us all we can access and develop this connection - but not with any grasping, anxious seeking but simply by being relaxed, at peace, centered. We have to 'Become One' with others and nature and ';Just Be One'. Not separate from any -thing.

This also means living moment to moment, with pure awareness of awareness and devotion to others / GOD.

Self Mastered - conscious of words, thoughts and actions, moment to moment -

With Buddha Nature / Christ Consciousness attitude instead of negative ego attitude

The Infinite Power of the Self

Mother Amma once said,

'Once you are established in the state of no-mind, no one can do anything to you, unless you consciously let them do it. You can allow something to happen or not to happen. Whether it happens or not, you remain a witness - completely untouched and unpeturbed, ever established in the state of supreme detachment.

Suppose someone wants to harm you or even kill you. They cannot lift a finger against you if you do not permit it. As long as your sankalpa (resolve) is there, nothing they do can affect you. They will in some mysterious way always fail. Finally they might reach the conclusion that something, some divine power, is protecting you. But this power is the infinite power of the Self, it is not some power that comes from outside. The source of this power is within you. You become that infinite power.

When you are egoless you are everything. The entire universe is with an enlightened being. Even the animals, trees, mountains and rivers, and the sun and the moon and the stars are on the side of the Self-Realized soul - because in that state you are ego less. When you bow down before all existence, in utter humility, the universe (existence) bows doen to you and serves you. But remember that you can also command them to turn against you, because, either way you are not affected."

Awaken Children Volume VII

see pages on God Realization, Twelve Steps to Self Mastery / God Realisation and Awareness


The Scientific view can fit with the 'God is like an Ocean, we are like Waves' view of life. Which also fits with the Esoteric view and the view offered in the book,'New Dawn'.

God is inside us all if you like it or not! Learn to love and appreciate everything beautiful in life. eg. people, nature, trees, birds, landscapes, plants etc. Even if someone is not beautiful, even abnoxious & annoying, see something beautiful in it, and be detached from your ego impulses, temptations & drives.

The secret - How you perceive God is how you will experience God


You will Find The God You look for - 'Seek and You Shall Find'

According to Deepak Chopra in 'How to Know God', the way we define God is how we will experience and perceive God. If we believe that God punishes and Judges us then that is what we will perceive and experience.

So is't it better, more fun and wiser to belief that God is

God is Awareness, Love and Playfulness

God = Unconditional Love = acceptance, understanding, respect,
giving without expecting to receive

God is your friend - See Divine / Buddha / Goddess in all

Mother Teresa. ' I simply see Jesus Christ in every day in all of his distressing disguises'

God is Life, Physical Life is characterized by Change,

Would you rather believe there is a G-d / higher being , believe your life has a meaning / purpose, make most of your life, but when you die you realise there is no higher being - (rather you wouldn't realize because there'd be nothing)

Or would you prefer to believe that there is no God, we are tiny specs of flesh, in a lonely tiny planet, in a massive Universe, become a depressed violent alcholic, and when you die you realise there is one and you get sent to hell! with a fat Karmic Debt!!

God is your Friend. We are all friends of God.

Well maybe it makes no difference if you believe in God or not, so long as you experience Silent Awareness through meditation and are socially responsible, ethical, moral and being good in life.

Self mastered means knowing your True Self and being True to Your True Self

Know and develop yourself, then forget and release your self and realize that you have no identity other than 'I am That I am' or or 'I am Love' or 'We are One' or 'I am'

Being conscious of Words, Thoughts and Actions , moment to moment - centered with inner peace and wisdom.





God "Godhead, God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, The Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer, I Am That I Am, First Cause. All that is. Unmanifest and Manifest Creator. Impersonal and Personal. Spirit, God/Goddess, Father and Mother of all Creation. We live and move and have our being in Him, Heavenly Father, Diety, Creator and Ruler of the Infinite Universe, Supreme Being, The All Mighty, Eternal, Infinite, All Powerful, All Loving, All Knowing. Supreme Consciousness. The Mighty I Am Presence, the Monad, the Higher Self, the Soul. The Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. God's Personality can be known by understanding the Seven Rays, Seven Chakras, Twelve signs of the Zodiac, the Twelve Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, the Twelve Archetypes. God is Love and Love is God! Universal Mind, Universal Soul.

We are made in His Image and Likeness. He can be understood by understanding that the microcosm is like the macrocosm. As within, so without! By understanding the atom we get a glimpse of God. Limitless, Infinity, the Absolute. That which is egoless! God equals man minus ego! Infinitely expanding. Oneness, Unity and Harmony. God Consciousness. That which is lacking in seperation, fear, selfishness and lower self thinking, feeling and desire. God is Light! God is total positivity. God is perfection! Self mastery, personal power, unconditional love, wisdom, active intelligence, beauty, new age science, devotion, freedom, divine order, divine justice, joy, patience, inner peace, compassion, forgiveness, nonjudgmentalness, tolerant, evenminded, equanimity, bliss, Spiritual ecstasy, nonattachment, preference, Spiritual lessons, guiltlessness, invulnerability, goodness, selflessness, goodwill, humbleness, humility, merciful, holiness, righteousness, gratitude, loving kindness, dedication, commitment, perseverance, realization, synthesis, comprehension, reverence, sanctification, charity, flawless character, transcendence of negative ego duality, service, appropriateness, civility, courteousness, cleanliness, virtue, simplicity, detachment, Spiritual idealism, surrender, obedience, acceptance, nonresistance, self-discipline, moderation, inclusiveness, timing, centeredness, calmness, efficient perception of reality, joyous vigilance, cooperation, self-love, self-worth, responsibility, learning by grace, harmlessness, defenselessness, faith, trust, integrity, purity, conscience, ethics, morals, saintliness.

God is incarnate in all people, animals, plants and mineral kingdoms. Able to split consciousness into infinite forms and breathe them out into creation and breathe them back in again. The in-breath and out-breath of God! Aum. The essence behind the form. Perfect Balance and Integration! The Tao! Adonai! Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Or, Kether, The Atma, The Eternal Self, The Lord's Mystical Body, The Comforter! The Still Small Voice Within. Reflected in the Melchizedek/Christ /Buddha/Spiritual Consciousness. The Void. The Eternal Now. The Holy Instant! Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent! Enlightenment, Redemption, Transfiguration, Graduation, Resurrection, Translation, Samadhi, Ascension, Rapture, Salvation. 352 Levels of Initiation. Om Tat Sat. YHWH, JEHOVAH, BRAHMA, ALLAH, RA, THE TETRAGRAMATON. Hu, So Ham, Ham Sa. All Energy! All Time and Space! The Seven Heavens! Known through His Four Faces (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Material). All Knowing, All Seeing. The Redeemer, Circular or Spiral in Nature. The Quickener, The One, The Eternal One, The Supreme Guru, I Am, The Supreme Oversoul, Lord, the Logos, The Supreme Buddha, The Light and the Sound, The Voice of the Dove, The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Lord of Love, Source, The Self-Existent One, The Unnamed One, Revelation, Awe, The Divine Lover, The Refuge, The Eternal Light, The Ancient, Recent and Future of Days, The Higher Way, The Lord God of Hosts, The Living Ever Lasting Light, The Exalted One, The Provider, The Annointer, The Indweller, The Deliverer, The Alpha and Omega, The Great Spirit, The Force, The Holy Name, The Infinite Way, The Immortal One, The Protector, The Compassionate One, The Sublime, The Great One, The Wise One, The Restorer, The First, The Guide, The Everlasting, The Originator, The Merciful One, The Supreme Hierophant, The Everything, The Nothingness, The Supreme Who is One but Whose Names are Many. That which is Unfathomable."


Dr Joshua David Stone ADONAI IN THE LOVE AND LIGHT OF GOD AND THE MASTERS! MUCH LOVE, DR. JOSHUA DAVID STONE The Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy 28951 Malibu Rancho Rd. Agoura Hills, California 91301 USA Ph: (818) 706-8458 Fax: (818) 706-8540

Copyright 2000 - Dr Joshua David Stone: From his Books

"The Ascension Names and Terms Glossary" and "The Full Spectrum Prism Bible: Wisdom Quotes of the Masters of all Religions and all Spiritual Paths!"



The Other Side of the Coin:

Reasons for being an Atheist

Intellectual Reasons for Atheism
Most atheists would offer some of the following as their reason for deciding that God doesn't exist:

Non-Intellectual Reasons for Atheism

Many people are atheists not because they've reasoned things out like that, but because of the way they were brought up or educated, or because they have simply adopted the beliefs of the culture in which they grew up. It's the same for many believers. So someone raised in Communist China is likely to have no belief in God, because they rarely if ever, meet a believer, and because the education system and pressure from the people they meet make being an atheist the natural thing to do. Other people are atheists because they just feel that atheism is right. In the same way, many people of faith hold their beliefs because they just seem right to them. The important thing is at some points in our live to re-evaluate the situation - check our belief's and assumptions - as they may be blocking us in some way


Weakness of the proofs that God Exists

There are a number of traditional ways of proving that God exists. None of them convince atheists. Here they are:

Note for Philosophers
The arguments and counter-arguments are presented here in a vastly over-simplified way. Anyone interested in the meat of the debate should look in a philosophy text book.

The Argument from Design
The universe is such a beautiful and orderly thing that it must have been designed. Only God could have designed it. Therefore since the universe exists, God must exist.

Actually the universe is not particularly beautiful and orderly. And even if it was, why should there be a designer? And modern science shows that most of the natural things we think of as designed are just the products of processes like evolution.

The "Ontological" Argument
We think of God as a perfect being. If God didn't exist he wouldn't be perfect. God is perfect, therefore God exists.

But the Atheist replies:

Most atheists think this argument is so feeble they don't bother dealing with it.
Professional philosophers usually reject it on the grounds that existence is not a property of beings.

The First Cause Argument
Everything that happens has a cause. Therefore the universe must have had a cause. That cause must have been God. Therefore since the universe exists, God must exist in order to have caused it to exist.

The Atheist replies:

Then what caused God? (And what caused the cause of God, and so on.) And if God didn't need a cause, then maybe the universe didn't need a cause either. If God was already perfect before he created the universe, why did he create it? How did it` benefit him? Why would he bother? And if the universe was caused, perhaps something other than God caused it? Sorry, but I'm still not convinced.

from - Link no longer available


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