Picture yourself driving a car, which you have used, abused and neglected and then you have a breakdown. Seeing as you think you already know it all, you try everything to get the car started by yourself, running down the battery, poking in the engine, pushing it and eventually kicking the tires in frustration - becoming ever more frustrated in the process! With the giving up and realizing defeat by admitting to yourself that you can't get it started alone…….. comes the first feeling of relief and the knowledge that a power greater than self could help.

Calling on the help of a qualified mechanic and trusting in him to get your car started initiates 'belief in a power greater than self'.

Declaring to yourself that you are indeed helpless in your present situation and making a decision to hand your car over to a mechanic brings more relief and a stronger growing connection to a "Power greater than self" - developing faith!

The mechanic has got your car going again and you are on the move. Now you decide to take a good look at your vehicle and make a list of all its faults, defects and good points so that you no longer drive blind or in denial……….

Admitting to yourself and to your mechanic, the way you have abused your car whether it was deliberate or in ignorance causes you to learn from your past mistakes. Suddenly mistakes don't seem like failures, but more like teachers.

You are now wiser and more prepared to have all the necessary repairs carried out regularly before you get into a breakdown situation again.

Learn humility by asking the mechanic for help to carry out all the repairs regularly and remember where grandiosity or knowing it all got you at Step 1!

Consider your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors who have suffered as a result of your bad temper and unreliability due to the noisy, battered, neglected old car.


Continue to maintain and service your car daily - learning advanced techniques, which others might consider odd, but that you now know work well and bring peace of mind.

Ask and learn how to be receptive to being guided by those who know more about cars than you do.

Tell other people about the joys of having a good mechanic, someone you can really trust and how pleasant and easy your driving has become.


This twelve-step program is a process of personal transformation in which we are able to change our negative feelings about life into positive feelings. Remember it's not what people say or do to us that hurts us, it's our attitude to what they say and do and so it is with life generally. My own personal experience on working with this 12 step program was that I progressed through four stages of growth on what I now realise is a journey of the soul.

UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE, which is characterized by our actions under the influence of our obsessions, compulsions and attachments. Here we are very much in 'victim consciousness' taking everything personally, blaming others most of the time and our emotions are negative most of the time.

CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE which is characterized by the beginnings of reconnection to Spirit, when we discover that our primary obsession, compulsion, addiction or attachment was not the only problem we had. Here we are beginning to connect to higher aspects of self and discover GOD, but we are still fairly negative and blaming in our patterns of behavior.

CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE, which is characterized by continued and consistent efforts to incorporate Spiritual integration into our daily lives. Here we begin to experience self-responsibility and self acceptance. We begin to work through and transform negative emotions into positive feelings with no blaming. By identifying old negative habitual patterning we can substitute more positive patterns.

UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE which is characterized by our ability to practice integrated spirituality and all its principles without thought or effort. This leads to harmony and empowerment, where although we can see external negativity in life around us, we are unaffected by it. Now we are living in positive emotions all the time - this is self mastery.

Moving through Stages 1 to 3 requires humility, self honesty, dedication and commitment to higher ideals and values, a spiritual way of life through learning the process of co-creation. Moving into Stage 4 and staying there requires weeks, months and years of practice, acting 'as if' and devotion during which time eventually practice and acting as if suddenly becomes being………… Then you are there and you are creating heaven on earth in moment to moment conscious awareness.

1. As an 'apprentice' GOD on the path of Ascension and Initiation, I now fully 100% claim my own personal power and GOD's power in my life and stop giving my personal power and energy to outside situations, things or people and to the negative ego/fear based separative mind! My personal power and God's Power combined and blended in the service of unconditional Love is an unbeatable team!

2. We acknowledge that by choosing to consciously connect to ourselves and GOD in this way, we can be transformed and restored to wholeness.

3. "God = Man Minus Ego!" We make a commitment to align to this teaching 'consciously' 24 hours per day, seven days a week, no matter who or what or where.

4. As MSLA Lightworkers we undertake to make in writing an honest and courageous personal scrutiny or insight of ourselves. Further we commit to practising vigilance that all our energies, words-thoughts-feelings are continually aligned with Christ Consciousness.

5. At the Second Stage of MSLA Energy Mastery we openly share to ourselves and another in the group, our life lessons so far, exposing all our negative patterns and conditioning, as well as our GOD qualities.

6. Transmutation - we are entirely ready and committed to repattern and reprogram positive behaviour patterns using the MSLA Energy Mastery Techniques we have learned.

7. Humility - in deepest humility, we forgive self and others and ask to be forgiven. We learn to practice self-acceptance on a daily basis, again embracing the MSLA Energy Mastery Techniques we have learned.

8. Karmic debts - we list all persons to whom we are aware of having a karmic debt and become willing to redress the balance.

9. We enter the final stage of integrated MSLA Energy Mastery and affirm that we are actively addressing karmic balance with perception and discernment on a daily basis.

10. We commit to being ever vigilant in attaining God Realisation by consciously conquering the negative ego and fear based thinking on a moment by moment basis and consciously working towards attaining our 7 Planetary Initiations.

11. MSLA Lightworkers commit to developing the necessary self discipline to maintain daily conscious alignment to GOD, via prayer, meditation and recommended MSLA Energy Mastery processes.

12. Having developed MSLA Energy Mastery, as MSLA Lightworkers, we pledge to carry this message by example and practice these principles in all our thoughts, words and actions…

Copyright: Susan Anthony/Dr Joshua David Stone 2000

If you are interested in the 12 step program read page on MS- REM


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