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This is a manually updated list which ironically is out of date, not all changes are listed here as most updates have been in our online store over the past several years.


NEWS & UPDATES - Feb 2015:


Cancer Link page updated

Alternative Cancer Therapy Page updated



NEWS & UPDATES - January 2014:


24 Jan 2014

Added and updated video clips to

- Telekinesis / Pyrokinesis / Aerokinesis / Atmokinesis videos added
- Gurus - Tibetan Yogi Video added
- Qi / Chi / Life Force / Prana
- Qi-gong / Qigong / Chi kung

- Qi-gong / Qigong / Chi kung Healing Cancer, Cysts, Tumours

Updated internal links on lots of pages


11 January 2014

New online store is live here:




NEWS & UPDATES - January 2012:

- NEW!! Range of Energy Dots by Phi-harmonics added
- Knork - Knife and Fork in One added
- Cathedral Cove Macadamia Nut Cooking Oil
- Bottled Distilled Water prices lower than ever


October 2011


Previous Updated Pages - 2009

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New Products added to our
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Pages Updated

Our Forum: http://sortlifeout.co.uk/phpbb3/



November - December 2005


Meaningoflife.i12.com - Bandwidth

- meaningoflife.i12.com - Due to a lot of page hits, this website often exceeds the bandwidth and is down. We have tried to increaes bandwidth but cannot get a reply from the host. So please bookmark http://www.sortlifeout.co.uk as it is a mirror.

Sortlifeout.co.uk Changes Servers - 22/11/05
- Sortlifeout.co.uk has moved to another server due to excessive downtime. Hopefully this server will be more reliable and stable. (Same hosts)

Shop Updates:

- Thumbnailing function added to Shop - Should improve page loading speeds and image dimensions in the store
- Shop updated to latest secure version

New Products added to shop:


May 05

Opened our New UK Online Health & Beauty Shop

We have a new Sort Life Out Online Store


Body Care
Ear Candles
EMF Protection  
Healthy Home  
Himalayan Salt  
Light Therapy  
Magnetic Therapy
Salt Lamps
Water Therapy

Lots more to be added and updated over the coming weeks and months!

Sort Life Out Online Store - Main page


Most updates in past couple of months have been here:

Products added:


Forum Updates
Post New Threads / Add Comments

There are a lot of Hot Topics that we as humans on this planet are currently facing.
We want to encourage readers to participate and chat in our Online Forum

Hot Topics

New Forum Categories & Topics

Please comment or add related articles, information, links etc

Asia Tsunami Earthquake

Tsunami Related Stories , Links and Info:
Sortlifeout.co.uk Forum



(updated 25th Jan'05)

New Forum Categories

Hot Topics

Lots more: Join our Forum Now


Dec 2004


(updated 19th Dec '04)


As Advertised:

Crystal Salt Products added - 10th Dec

Crystal Salt & Water Articles:

(updated Dec 1st '04)

New Telephone Ordering Service - Available Now

You can now make your order with Debit or Credit Card over the phone:

Tel: +44 (0) 845 226 9377 (afternoons / evenings, Mon - Fri only)

Fax: +44 (0) 845 226 9388 (24 hr)

More Info:

Contact Details, Terms & Conditions, Payment Options, Full Range of Products


(updated 29th Nov '04)


(updated 29th Nov '04)


As Advertised:

(updated 22nd Nov '04)

Takionic ® Products New - 22nd Nov

Magnet Therapy New - 15th Nov

(updated 15th Nov '04)

New Health & Hygiene Products
Available from 'Sort Life Out'


Recently Advertised:

Magnet Therapy New

EMF Protection New

Natural Light Therapy Units & Lightboxes New

Ear Candles New Brands added


TIbetan Supplies

Ear Candles & Beeswax Products

Healthy Body & Home

Battery Operated

Latest Shop update 15th Nov.

(updated 18th Oct '04)




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