Teleportation &
Quantum Physics

From TV program


A to B - without moving object physically through line A - B


3 probs with teleportation - energy

Transmit energy of the atoms - amount of energy 1000 mega atomic bombs

different route -analyse - store - send info - still problems - vast info mpre than all books written

quantum problem - old classical physics - doesn;t apply to Heisenburg uncertainty principle - prevent us from knowing all info needed to teleport info. -where individual atoms - can't know exact position and velocity at same time. In classical physics possible but not in quantum physics.

Impossible - too much energy, info, and can't find enough info at

entagled states - few peopl'Andrew Green tree

Big difference - classic - observe system - look at it stays the same

In quantum - when measure we effect results - eg. where tennis ball was - only way we can find out info is through throwing pingpong ball - fundamental limit to know where it is and speed - effecting it as measuring - constant interaction with observer and observed

atom - split in two directions - measure position of one, quantum mechanics - says other will be effected as well - because interconnected - two halves

when measure one part

photons particles of light - 10 km - other end changed instantly

Teleportation - already have been two experiments

Bangor Wales - Dr Samuel Braunstein - Lab in Rome


Italy -rome

Fax machine - scan - transport - other end fax receives - can't do it all the way down to quantum level -

sender and receiver Alice and Bob - share entaglement - even though separated they are correlated - measure one will have effect on other

2 spinning coins - when lay hand flat - see head or tail - but when spinning both

when Bob

randomness at quantum level

what is being scanned -is sum not measuring too accurately

entagled sheet turns into original paper

if take entagled pair - with two parts A -B

transport X - mix it up with A, - info will be sent to B on how to recreate pen, however energy / mattter is not transferred - that needs futuristic technology


75 years - teleportation equations very simple - undergraduate could have worked it out.


No chance people teleported for at least a hundred years.




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