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What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water which has been heated to the boiling point so that impurities are separated out from the water which itself becomes vapor or steam. This is then condensed back into pure liquid form. The impurities remain in the residue, which is simply thrown away. Distilled water contains no solids, minerals, or trace elements and has no taste - it is the purest form of water.

Distillation removes the debris, bacteria, and other contaminants. Dr. Banik describes distilled water as "the only water which is pure - the only water which is free from all impurities." Odorless, tasteless and colorless, distilled water contains no solid matter of any kind, no minerals - organic and inorganic - and is made solely of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. It can be used as a drinking water, for cooking, for electric irons and batteries and is pure enough to be used for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, prescriptions and baby formulas.

The Importance of Pure Water

Water is indispensable for all forms of life. Experts agree that we need six to eight glasses of water per day to maintain optimum health. The daily cleansing of wastes from each cell, the flushing of the alimentary canal, and the purifying of the blood are all dependant on our drinking water.

Our bodies lose water by various means - through the kidneys, through breathing, and through perspiration and sweat. Without sufficient water, food cannot be properly digested, absorbed and carried to all parts of the blood stream. Waste-bearing water (urine) is necessary to flush away the end products of metabolism. And without water to moisten the surface of the lungs, there can be no intake of oxygen or expulsion of carbon dioxide.

Allen E. Banik, O.D., in his book The Choice is Clear, calls water "nature's own liquid life line of health". But today, with problems of pollution, with poisonous additives in our tap water as well as the presence of inorganic minerals, good water is hard to come by. In today's polluted world, distilled water is the purest water. Since it assists in the elimination of many harmful substances, it has been recommended for detoxification and fasting programs and for helping clean out the cells, organs and fluids of the body.

Uses of Distilled Water

Provides your family with the purest drinking water, free from chemicals, impurities, pollutants and bad tastes. Clear ice cubes. Better tasting tea and coffee. Use it for all cooking and baking. Better juices and soups. Excellent for mixing powdered milk, juice mixes and dehydrated soups. Vegetables taste better, eliminates scale build-up on pots and tea kettles. Use it for all infant care. Excellent for low sodium diets or sensitive stomachs. Pure drinking water for your pets. Use it for canning fruits and vegetables. Wine-making. Mixing drinks. Watering your plants. Spraying house plants - no spotting on leaves. Brushing your teeth. Contact lenses. Steam irons, humidifiers, vaporizers.

Steam Distillation vs. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a filtration process whereby water is forced, under heavy pressure, through a synthetic, semi permeable membrane, while contaminants are held back. This is a filtration system. However, like all filtration processes, RO's effectiveness is dependent on a number of variables.

When the membrane is new, RO is 70-90 % effective in removing only certain contaminants. Because RO is essentially filtration, its effectiveness depends largely on the quality of the filters, and the frequency of filter cleaning or replacement. In addition, RO systems can be adversely affected by changing water pressure and extreme temperature, which can cause deterioration of the membrane.

The greatest disadvantage to RO is that this process is unable to remove bacteria from source water. Over time, clogging of the membrane pores occurs; iron, salts and bacteria accumulate on the membrane surface. This not only affects the performance of the RO system, but it can cause serious bacterial contamination of your water. RO systems also vary in their ability to remove chlorides, nitrates and viruses.

In comparison, steam distillation consistently and reliably removes a much broader spectrum of contaminants - over 99% of all bacteria, viruses, chemicals, metals and poisons are removed. Distillation is not affected by temperature, pressure, bacteria, varying quality of source water of other such environmental condition as RO is. RO is only filtration, Distillation means purification.


Is Distiller Water the Best? The Facts

Use the links below to compare Distillation, Reverse Osmosis and Activated Cardon Filters. On reading this information you will see why Distillation is the only way to produce "Pure" Drinking Water


Reverse Osmosis

Activated Carbon Filtration

Distillation. is the single-most effective water treatment method! A well-designed distiller will remove 99.9% of contaminants.

Distillation. is the only process that boils the water, which means that distillation kills bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants!!

Distillation. is the only process that collects the pure steam! The steam rises from the water, leaving virtually all other contaminants behind, then we cool the steam down into pure water!

Distillation. produces extremely consistent results! There is no drop in quality over time. Produces consistently high quality water glass after glass, day after day, and year after year.

Distillation. is extremely reliable!! Since there are no physical barriers to break down or fail, a good distiller is very reliable and has a very long lifespan!

Distillation. the quality of distilled water is not related to the quality of the source water! Will produce consistent quality regardless of the quality of the source water.

Distillation. offers absolute peace of mind! Consistently produces the highest quality drinking water available, something that no other process can honestly claim.

Distillation. is recommended by doctors & nutritionists Endorsed by top doctors and nutritionists in books such as Fit for Life, Fit for Life 2, Optimum Sports Nutrition, Nutrition for Endurance, Prescription for Nutritional Healing and many, many more.

Distillation. exactly duplicates Mother Nature's hydrologic cycle , nature's primary method of purifying water.


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