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Thermo Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candles) is a pleasant and non-evasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.



A Brief History

This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis. However, the practice reached the modern world via the native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona (it's interesting to note that Hopi means peaceful people). Ear candles were used traditionally by Shaman healers. Ancient wall paintings show their importance in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies of the tribe. The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the Hopi Indians.

The magic of fire has fascinated people from the very beginning of time and Ear candles evoke a similar fascination having been used by many cultures since ancient times. The peoples of the Siberian prairies, Asia and native North and South American Indians mention Earcandles in their myths, with ancient rock paintings showing Earcandles being used at initiation rituals and medicinal ceremonies.

The Hopi, the oldest Pueblo people, who possess great medicinal knowledge and spirituality, brought this knowledge to Europe.


How do they work?

The healing properties of the Hopi Ear Candle has its foundation in two primary physical actions. Firstly, the slight under pressure (the chimney effect) inside the Ear Candle and the vibration of the rising air column serve to gently massage the ear drum and promote secretion in the frontal and paranasal sinuses. This has an immediate subjective effect of regulating ear pressure. Users often describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear/head area. Secondly, the locally applied warmth stimulates vascularization , invigorates the immune system and reinforces the flow of lymph. At the same time, important acupuncture points and reflex zones are stimulated.

Secretion flow is gently stimulated and the vapour collects and removes impurities or deposits. Most of these are carried away through the candle "chimney", although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear, or could even work their way up to the surface 24-48 hours after.

What are Hopi Ear Candles used for?

EarCandles are excellent in the treatment of nose and throat congestion, sinusitis, headaches, T.M.J. pain, tinnitus and otitis externa/tropical ear. Ideal relaxation treatment for stress or anxiety related symptoms. Softens earwax for easy removal.

Though results may vary from patient to patient, Hopi Candles have been found to be helpful with:

  • Excessive or compacted wax in the ears
  • Irritation in ears and sinuses
  • Pressure regulation in cases of : sinusitis / rhinitis / glue ear / colds / flu / headaches / migraine
  • Stimulation of local and reflex energy flow
  • Energetic revitalization in cases of hearing impairment
  • Relaxing and calming effect in cases of stress
  • Noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus

Remember, if in doubt, always contact your GP.

Are there any side effects or precautions?

As a precaution, it is advisable not to use Hopi candles :

  • If grommets are in place
  • If there is inflammation or infection
  • In the event of an allergic reaction to the contents.

Please note you should not use Hopi Ear Candles if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Perforation or lack of eardrum
  • Ventilation tubes, auricular drains (paracentesis) or grommets
  • Recent ear surgery
  • Auricular cysts
  • Acute mastoiditis
  • Otosclerosis
  • Otospongiosis (ankylosis of the stapes)
  • Ear tumour
  • Any condition of the ear for which you are currently receiving medical treatment, without consulting your prescribing doctor.

Where long-term conditions are being treated, the client sometimes experiences slight headaches and occasional popping shortly after the treatment.

However, most clients find the treatment relaxing and regularly describe a "slight relieved feeling" in the ears and head but also a relaxing and calming effect on the whole system.

What a typical Session entails

You are asked to lie comfortably and listen to relaxing music. The candle is then gently placed into the auditory canal, where it is lit. The candle is held it in a vertical position, keeping it steady and preventing any ash falling on to you. You will experience a pleasant crackling sound as the candle burns and a warm comfortable feeling. As the candle burns down, the residue ash (if it falls) will just turn to dust. The candle is then taken away while you lie there for a few moments before turning over to treat the other ear. Most clients find the whole experience very relaxing. Some fall asleep during treatment.

It is advised to have a second person to make sure that the ear candle is vertical during the session and to extinguish the candle safely at the end.

An alternative would be to sit on a chair with the candle held horizontally, however this may not be as relaxing.


Instructions for Use


Ear Candles are easy to use. Ensure that the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, so that the Ear Candle can display its full effect. The patient can contribute here by keeping his/her eyes closed. Before the therapy is started, ensure that there are no draughts in the room. Place a glass of water within reach, so that the remainder of the Ear Candle can be extinguished after it has burned down. As a precaution, the surrounding region of the head may be covered with a cloth. Take precise note of the following instructions and their sequence.

1. Lighting

Lie the patient down on his/her side in a comfortable position. Support the head slightly so that the auditory canal is in the vertical position. It is best to sit on a chair by the patient's head.

Now you can light the Ear Candle at the end without the printing. The EarCandle will continue to flame throughout the treatment.

2. Positioning

Fit the Ear Candle (not the burning end of course!) gently, but tightly into the auditory canal with a gentle twisting movement. If the candle fits properly, no mist should issue from between the Ear Candle and the ear. You can also cover the surrounding area with a cloth.

3. Therapy

Hold the Ear Candle loosely between the forefinger during the therapy. Do not squeeze tightly together! Keep the Ear Candle as vertical as possible. The patient will experience a pleasant crackling and rustling noise during the burning, in the final phase, the heat flow intensifies comfortingly and pleasantly.

4. Extinguishing

Leave the Ear Candle in place until it has burned down about 2/3 of its length, to 1cm above the printing/logo. Carefully remove the remainder of the Ear Candle and extinguish it in the glass of water.

5. Rest Period

After both ears have been treated, we recommend a subsequent rest of 10 to 15 minutes. This greatly assists the overall effect. The patient should remain lying down and can be comfortably covered with a blanket. Gently massage the ear, face and neck to enhance the effect.

6. Examine

Check the ear canal for any condensate residues. Remove these carefully with an ear cleaner or small wooden stick. Do not push the residue back into the ear. Do not use a cotton bud.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a list of some questions. Hopefully anything you might want to know is covered somewhere on this page. If it isn't, don't hesitate to contact us.

Does it help to have a treatment before taking a flight?

Yes - if you have no ear infection and if you suffer with ears or sinus problems, it is a good idea to have a treatment prior to your flight to get rid of any excess wax.

I suffer from a lot of ear wax and often have them syringed. Could I use these candles to help?

Yes you could. Many people who previously endured the discomfort of syringing now have a hopi treatment instead.

Can I treat myself?

As a safety precaution it is advised to have a second person to make sure that the ear candle is vertical during the session and to extinguish the candle safely at the end, especially as there is a risk of falling asleep.

What brands of Ear Candles do you stock?


What are the main differences with our three brands?

  • Biosun EarCandles are a well known trusted brand. Feature a cross shaped filter. Not the longest candles.
  • Otosan Ear Cones have a filter and flamestopper but are shorter . Buy these if you like tapered Ear Cones with lots of safety features.
  • Hopi Ear Candles are very effective & great value for money. Similar shape to Biosun Ear candles but longer and have a basic filter. (see pic below). Made for over 10 years in E.U. Highly recommended.

Biosun EarCandles (top) vs. Hopi Ear Candles (bottom)


Is there a book about Ear Candling & Hopi Ear Candles?

Yes, check out 'Hopi Candles' by Jili Hamilton, available here

Where can I buy some Ear Candles now?
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