Modern and Safe Way to Ear Candle

For centuries ear candling has been performed with the patient lying down. The ear candle is inserted into the ear canal and angled upwards, away from being perpendicular to the ear. Many people still use and prefer this method as they do follow the correct and proper procedures for placing the ear candle into the ear.

Through extensive testing and evaluation a new method has been determined whereby the person is seated in a chair with their head in a straight up position.

The ear candle is gently inserted into the ear canal horizontally and then angled upward at about a 20 degree angle. This procedure is every bit as effective as the traditional method and it is many times more safe. As the candle burns, the wax coating can melt and drip down the inside of the candle. In the lying down position, if the candle is not held at an angle and is allowed to point straight down into the ear canal debris from the candle could possibly fall into the ear. In the seated position there is a much less chance of this happening. Always have someone perform the procedure for you.


Make certain the person has read the instructions fully and is paying attention to the ear candle as it burns, cutting off the ash every inch or so into a bowl of water until the candle reaches 4 inches in length. At which time extinguish the candle in the bowl of water.




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